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Denis Rozhkov - Russian actor of theatre and cinema, which became widely known after the release of the TV series "Capercaillie". For a time he was leading the program "Culinary duel". Although the most recognized role of Antoshina, this is the work of an artist is not limited. Let's learn how he came into the acting profession, as developed creatively Denis Rozhkov.

Biography, early years

According to the actor, his life is unremarkable and hardly different from the stories of ordinary people (his peers), but we present the known data. He was born July 3, 1976 in Moscow, Soviet family. Denis Rozhkov biographyDenis Igorevich Rozhkov successfully graduated from high school № 1058 in 1993. After the release tried to get into GITIS, but the attempt failed. But in the competition of readers young man was noticed by the Director of the theater-Studio "Mirror" at the Center detsko-youthful creativity "North Tushino" Ganesh N. P. It determined the future of Dennis as an actor. Took it to the Studio, where he played on the Small stage while doing the School-Studio of MKHAT preparatory courses. There horns showed themselves from the best side and was accepted as a permanent listener in the Studio of Oleg Tabakov. After the release of the Studio in 1998, Denis started cooperation with a number of theatre projects, and then comes to work in the Russian realistic theatre.

Creative activity

Actor Denis Rozhkov

As noted by Denis Rozhkov, his biography is not full of special events. But in the creative activities he has achieved some success. For example, first played Lena in the play "Eugene Onegin" and Alyosha in "the Brothers Karamazov" in Russian realistic theatre, then Tragedian in "Pure truth," Philip Carmichael "In mountains my heart" and nick in "day of the hamster, or Russian happiness" in the "Debut-centre" at the Central house of the actor. These works do not fully meet Denis, and he took odd jobs. In the movie debut was his role in the series "Blind", where he played the digger in two small episodes. Then received a cameo role of Lemon in the series Next. Some proposals to act in films did not, and could already think Denis Rozhkov: "Biography as an actor can on this end!" But then luck turned to him and gave a gift - the role of Denis Antoshina, senior inspector of traffic police, in the TV series "Capercaillie". This character did Rozhkova famous because he appeared on television for several years, and then also "divided" on the new series with participation of audience favorite actors.


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Movie Roles

the private life of Denis Rozhkov

Actor Denis Rozhkov appeared not only in the TV series "Capercaillie", but participated in Christmas concerts with Maxim Averin three consecutive years (2009 to 2011). After this sensational role they were played the following characters: Alexei Rudakov in the series "strange wings" Andrey Frolov, in "Another district" and the police captain Denis Antoshin in the TV series "Karpov" and "Pyatnitsky". The actor himself notes that still wants to play in a feature film, but overall he was pleased with his creative biography.

Personal life of Denis Rozhkov

Though the actor gives a lot of energy, acting in serials, he finds the time for family. And he says it's more important to him than his career. He has been married for 11 years Irina Rozhkova, the makeup artist, who works in the Old theatre, along with Dennis. They have a son Ivan, who recently celebrated the first round date - 10 years. To see the "real" work of the actor in the Old theater, where he participated in performances of "Tea ceremony" and "In mountains my heart". In the future would like to play a lot of roles that would give him the opportunity to feel new, to get used to the images of heroes from different eras: to feel what they lived, what they cared about and what daily deeds they committed. In General, the same as the actor is now quite popular Denis Rozhkov, biography which you are now known.

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