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This overview describes the actors and cast of the series “cube” - serial television movie created by the production center of Sergei Zhigunov. The main roles were played by: Alexey Makarov, Alexander Lykov, Ekaterina Nikitina, Labush Mitya, Yulia Takshina. The main character – police officer Andrew Gubankov, a former military intelligence officer. Divorced wife after her infidelity. Trying to find his friend – Eric, who has been kidnapped by unknown persons. Time of action – modernity. The scene – Moscow.

Cuba TV series actors and roles


The Series “cube” (2016), the plot of which was invented by the writers Igor Ter-Karapetov, Alan Khurumov and Maria Waksman, tells the story of Andrew Kubankova – a military intelligence officer who served in the infantry regiment. He resigned from the army after the betrayal of the spouse, lover which turned out to be the commander of Andrew. The main character goes to Sredneuralsk – the city where he spent his childhood and youth. By the time unlucky in his personal life Andrew is addicted to alcohol.

To find yourself Again, it helps familiarity with Erica. Unfortunately for the main character of this story, the girl he had a crush on, shortly after they began their romantic relationship kidnapped. Andrew, nicknamed Cuba and brother of the missing girl Alex decide to look for Erica. After a while they go on the trail of criminals. The operation to liberate the stolen passes. The leaders of the local police, admiring the professional qualities of Andrew, offer to do them to the service. The main character agrees. Shortly thereafter, Andrew Gubankov, whom friends know as someone honest and fair, is sent on his first mission in a new quality.


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series Cuba 2016

Series “cube”: actors, roles. Interesting facts

In this review about actors and the roles of the series “cube” the paper also tells about the filming of this movie. In an interview with one of the Directors of the film Andrey Scherbinin has told that the actor Alexey Makarov, who played in this cinematic lead role, very often he performed stunts, even when he is strictly forbidden.

He Said also about a mysterious event which the cast and crew had to endure. According to him, during the filming of the scenes that took place in an abandoned building, something crackled, rattled, and when the work was almost completed on the actors suddenly collapsed false ceiling after someone had thrown a phrase that should stop testing the patience of the Ghost live here. Fortunately, no one was hurt, although in the room, the ceiling of which collapsed, was some people. According to the Director, the Ghost didn't want to hurt anybody, but just decided to give the hint that violated his peace, filmmakers “dwelling”.

Some of the scenes, which in the story take place in summer, removed in late autumn. The actors, dressed in summer is easy, I had to speak the text in front of the camera and show the emotions of his characters, while not showing the mind that they are very cold. Shivering the artists involved in these scenes, then had to be immediately served with hot tea, to bring them into a normal physical and emotional state.

Alexey Makarov series Cuba

The Performers. Alexey Makarov

In this article about actors and the roles of the series “cube” you first need to talk about those who performed the main roles. Alexey Makarov, embodied on the screen of the hero of Cuba was born on 15 Feb 1972 in Omsk (USSR). Played in 81 cinematic project. First came on the set in 1995, when she played the role of Gypsy in the TV series crime genre “On the corner near the Patriarchal”. In the late 1990-ies the actor of the series “cube” Alexey Makarov portrayed Boris Csuhanov in the Russian drama "Voroshilov sharpshooter" Mikhail Ulyanov in a leading role. In 2016, appeared as the lead actor in the TV series “part of the universe” on life of employees of the space industry. Then played in the melodrama of the full-length format “Is your son”.

In this story the main character – the wealthy, who despise family values, will have to revise their views on life, after one of his former passions brings with him to his apartment, as she claims, his son. Actor Zodiac sign-Aquarius. Four times he was married. The father of one child. The growth of the actor – 190.

Ekaterina Nikitina series Cuba

The Performers. Ekaterina Nikitina

The Actress of the TV series “cube” Ekaterina Nikitina, who plays Surovoi, was born on 18 July 1977 in the city of Moscow in a creative family. As an actress participated in the creation of 42 film projects. As a schoolgirl, played his first film role, starring in the film “the world”. A graduate of VGIK, a student of Anatoly Romashina. Gained fame after participating in large-scale cinematic project “Emperor”. In 2000 he performed the role of the second plan in the Russian TV series of the detective genre "Turkish March". In 2017, was included in the cast of the drama serial format "urban jungle", depicting the heroine's stepmother.

This is the story of the friends agreed to overtake the car, in which compartment is located a stolen cargo. Dreaming to earn easy money the main characters then are in big trouble. Shortly before that, the actress played the role in the mini-series Dmitry Barshchevsky “the Boulevard ring” - melodrama about a former member of folk dance Ensemble of Igor Moiseyev, the desire to quench the thirst of motherhood and to find a family leads to children's home. Actress Zodiac sign-Cancer. The rise of Catherine Nikitina – 171.

In conclusion

Detective series “cube” (2016) with episodes lasting 45 minutes debuted on television in early February, 2017. Series “cube” will be of interest to fans of Russian TV series crime genre and creativity actors Alexey Makarova and Ekaterina Nikitina.


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