The functions of advertising and its effect


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Advertising has become an integral part of our lives. We encounter it in any field. Thanks to advertising we can learn about the novelties and peculiarities of goods and services. The famous phrase “advertisement – the motor trade” consistent with the importance that it carries. Consider in more detail the functions of advertising and the effect that it has.

The Producers of goods and services seeking to profit from their activities. To this end, developed marketing strategy and determine the range of people who will be interested in this product or service. Marketing strategy includes several directions. One of them is the promotion of sales of goods or services. It includes advertising, as one of methods of increasing sales.

The purpose of advertising may be different: growing sales, promotion activities of the company or relationship with the company.

Depending on the impact distinguish functions of advertising.

The Informative function involves alerting companies about products and services. It tells about the features and properties of the product, and also about where it can be purchased. This is the main function of advertising. Many consumers appreciate information that provides a complete picture of the product. This saves them time and money. Since ancient times, many manufacturers (artisans) did it indicate that help buyers to identify the right product. Today this feature are brands, logos and trademarks. Bringing information to the consumer is relevant today.


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Psychological feature has an impact on the mindset of the consumer. It shapes their concept of prestige, social status and, as a result, preferences in the choice of goods. Advertising in this case talks about what is the status of this purchase. She speaks about raising the standard of living or self-improvement (in the case of acquisition). In this case, advertising is still the engine of the introduction of new inventions and accelerates technological progress.

But at the same time, in addition to educational information, the advertisement must call to make a purchase or to any other action. It is the function of advertising. Bringing to the consumer the necessary information, it should encourage him or to arouse his desire to purchase the product or service. In this case, we can say that all the basic functions of ad work.

In Addition there is a commercial advertising and social advertising. It is designed to protect children, seniors, people with disabilities and society. In addition, the social advertising calls for the protection of the environment, animals, etc. It is a way to promote social values among the population. Social advertising have the following divisions:

  1. Socialization. This promotion of social values, norms of life and behavior in society. She becomes the guide of man in the modern community.
  2. The Engine of progress. In this case, the advertised new technical developments that improve the life of society. It may not be direct advertising, and the attitude of people to the changes. To some extent, this educational function. We can say that the functions of advertising are related to each other.
  3. Assistance in development of society. This feature formed a mass model of behavior, shared values, norms, which are fixed in the minds of people.

From all this it can be noted that the role of advertising in society is quite high. It is not only important for each individual producer but to the country as a whole. Functions of advertising lies not only in conveying information to the consumer and its prompting to any actions, but are a tool for the development of society and economy.

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