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A Business card is an integral part of doing business. Every entrepreneur who wants to his company knew all the business partners, should have it. Of course, you can show a creative approach – to change the format of the business card, to decorate it in different colors, draw on it catchy pictures. However, it is better to leave that for your advertising campaign to a target audience. When it comes to business card, your goal – to briefly and clearly give the main information that can be useful to your partner or client to contact you. It is better to follow standard format for business cards and on business form content.

Standard format


Many people who do not do business, I believe that the format is absolutely free – you can make these business cards, what you want. However, in reality it is not so. After all, there are certain standards that should be observed – although, of course, no one is forcing you to do it. So, if you do business in Russia, the format should be: 9 to 5 centimeters. This is a typical size that is used everywhere, so you should stick with it. First, your business card will look neat and familiar to all clients and partners. Second, most people put the card in the cardholder which has a certain size. And he just fits business cards, nine to five centimeters. So you should not neglect regulations. Of course, they are not required, but there is a certain business culture, and the standard business card size is one of the rules of etiquette.


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business card word format

If you want to print yourself a business card, then you should contact a specialized firm, which for a small fee, quickly, effectively and efficiently provide you with the appropriate service. Often needed feature on a computer card format-Word-document. Then you will be able to make the desired number of cards of standard size.

There is, however, another format, which you will not have any difficulties. If you go on a business trip to Europe, you will need business cards a little different format. Their length should be slightly less – 8.5 inches and width a bit more-5.5 inches. Similar settings exist in most firms engaged in the production of business cards, so you can easily apply for the service. Again, all you will need – business card templates in Word format.

Custom format

business card templates in word format

As mentioned earlier, the standard format is just a standard of decency, there are no set rules by which your business card should have a specific size. However, you should understand that the production and distribution of custom business cards associated with several problems. In any firm engaged in printing card, it is not the right machine settings and machines for cutting. Therefore, you definitely require an additional fee for the trouble. When the cards are complete, you will greatly lose their efficiency as they won't fit in standard business card holder or will fall out of it, so the likelihood that the customer or partner lose your card, greatly increased.

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