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All publishers work with clear rules of design books. They are General and shall be executed by all authors. In order to independently organize the work, you must be aware of a certain set of rules. In this article we will look at what the design of books, what you need to know as well as find out how to make a book of their own.

making books

Why to make a book

The Book is a commodity like any other object. We look at its cover and appearance, and then determined whether we will read it, it is pleasant to hold in hands, is it comfortable. It is believed that appearance guided books wrong. The cover can not be judged. But we do. And that our work has interested a potential reader, will have to try and bring typography to the beautiful and interesting design. If you do not make the cover properly printed and will be dead weight to stand on the shelves in bookstores, it is not attracting buyers. Due to the lack of quality cover many publishers simply will not undertake to print the book. In this case, the author usually offer design services of printing products. But it is possible and to arrange the books as it is himself a writer.

samples of design books

What is included in the stages of design

There are several mandatory items that must be spelled out in the places intended for them. In addition, there is the standards of printing for the cover and body of the book itself. So, the mandatory steps include the following elements: select the format of the printed product, the selection of fonts for your text, design the book cover, the appearance of reversal, and the location and design of the illustrations in the text. This kind of layout can be created electronically, and then printed it live edition. At the time of processing are created of a composite part, the question about how will be the text band, the folios, footnotes, charts, and illustrations what the style of headers, footers, and half-titles.


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design book cover

General guidelines

The cover Design of the book is one of the most important components of a print product. Its appearance depends on the author's ideas and can be quite different. However, you should pay special attention to this, particularly noticeable part of the book. Very often, the cover is made from simple construction paper. If you use a more rigid material, such a cover is called a cover. The main element of the cover of woven material, to which are glued the endpapers of the book, headband and gauze valves. Top may be worn dust jacket with the extra valves. It serves to protect the publication, and may also contain additional advertising. Some of the most expensive instances (e.g., gifts) to invest in a special cardboard case. This greatly raises the price of cover, so use rarely and only for certain books. All information reflected on the cover elements, should help to identify the book and to coincide with its contents and the output.

the design of the pages of a book

The Design of books: the first page

The First page must tell the reader the names of all authors. They must match the names on the title page. It is advisable to place no more than three names. If the book is issued officially by any organization, this should be its name. Rules of registration books required to specify on the first page the title of the work. If the piece belongs to a series, you must specify its name and the sequence number of the given part.

the rules of books

The design of the spine of the book

Information on the spine point in the case, if its thickness is greater than nine millimeters. On the spine indicate the author's name (or multiple names), book title and number of the volume. For dictionaries and reference books uses the following rule: on the counterfoil are marked first and last letters of the alphabet, which is located in this volume. Information printed in this order in the direction from top to bottom. If the thickness of the book more forty millimeters, these data can be arranged horizontally.

the design of the book with their hands

Making the fourth page of the book

On this page is a barcode represented by the publication. In addition here can be listed the authors of the book series, can be represented by a table of contents and search the contents of the book and the entire series. On the fourth page may also be information about the publishing house, which published the printed materials.

book design photo

The Rules of item numbering

To understand how to number the items, you should understand, which types of numbering exist.

  • Continuous numbering. With this technique all elements are assigned a sequential number in accordance with its location. Fit it is,if the item is not a very large number. For example, figure 1, figure 2 and so on.
  • Page numbering. In this method, items are given a double number consisting of the ordinal page number, and the dot is the element number. Used, if contains a large quantity of formulas and tables. For example: 36.1, 36.2, 43.1.
  • Structural numbering is assigned according to the sections. For example, table 1.1, table 3.1.

Note that the point of creating the numbering of the objects exists in the following circumstances:

  • Do you need a reliable search method when references to one and the same element can appear in the text several times.
  • Needed method for finding information on a large number of text.
  • Mapping the structural elements in the text that are posted on different plots in the book.

Design of the internal content

The Signature is a technical element of the publication. It is designed to help when folding, press, forming blocks, the final check. It must be located on the left. The beginning chapters should be separated with a large white indent and use letters. Small pictures should be placed in the text so that the margins from the top and bottom edge equal to one to two or three to five. High and long illustrations should be placed in the middle of the strip. The electronic books should be on every printed sheet must have a signature that contains the sequence number of the sheet and a key word. This word is often the name of the author. The title sheet must match for all parameters the General style and contents of the book. The space between the title and the name of the publisher should not appear too empty. In this place you can place a stamp or emblem of the publishing house. The page on which the output needs to be at the end of the book. The headings in the title are typed without periods.

Book Design with your hands

In order to arrange the book properly, you have to spend a lot of time. The design of the pages of a book and its appearance can be entrusted to the designers of the printing organizations. But for this pleasure will have to pay quite a considerable amount, especially for novice writers. After reviewing the design rules, all these operations can be done independently. Enough to know the principles of graphic editors, and formatting rules. For future implementation it is important factors such as the design of books. Photos about how this process is presented in this article. In order to understand the rules of formatting text you can see the work by Jan tschichold. In his book he collected a lot of tips on how to make the content of the book is not only instructive but also pleasing to the eye of the reader. He was a true master of the art of design books. Was awarded the Gold medal of the American Institute of graphic arts and have made significant contributions to typography and design literature.

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