The Colosseum in Rome. The ancient stadium


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The Colosseum in Rome... the Scope and outlines of this Grand structure, which, by the way, it will soon be two thousand years, and still make a strong impression on all who see it. The name of this attraction has received a little bit later. Ironically, it originates from the column of Nero that stood nearby. The memory of the eccentric Nero, as conceived by Vespasian was intended to overshadow in the minds of the Romans, the new amphitheater. Hard to believe, but the Colosseum in Rome was built in just eight years. Manually, via primitive mechanisms of levers and blocks. Delivery marble and granite monoliths from the quarries, located 30 kilometers from the capital of a great Empire in the Tivoli.the Colosseum

The Colosseum in Rome. Architectural features and brief history

Still affects the accuracy of engineering calculations of the building. In the building of the Coliseum achieved a combination of external ease with the reliability of the entire bearing structure. The system of the arched slab distributes the load around the perimeter. All major modern stadiums of the world, from Brazil to China inclusive, built on the same principles as the Colosseum in Rome. But in 72 BC so far no one looked. The Emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus just wanted to make Romans a pleasant, and at the same time build up the land, with a pond, recently belonged to Nero. It was on the site of the reservoir was laid  the arena of the Colosseum. The opening of the Flavian Amphitheatre - it is then officially called the structure - took place in the 80th year, and was marked by stage performances, which included Gladiator fights, and animal baiting. On this stage found their painful deaths of many early Christians, who in Rome were persecuted in the first and second centuries. where is the Colosseum in Rome

The Gladiators shed blood for three and a half centuries until such a spectacle was banned in the year 405 West Roman Emperor Honorius. After that the arena was only carried out animal baiting. Often, the Coliseum served as a fortress for warring clans in internecine wars (in the middle ages). Over time, the amphitheatre was abandoned and destroyed. It was badly damaged by the earthquake in the mid-fourteenth century. Not less damage to the ancient monument have caused influential Roman personality of the feudal era, rastalkivaya the remnants of the once powerful design of the amphitheatre building materials for private houses and administrative buildings.

the Colosseum in Rome address

The Colosseum in Rome, how to find it

But closer to new times Roman authorities began to appreciate the architectural heritage of ancient times and attended to the preservation of what's left of it. The worldwide fame of the monument was forced to respect him. Question about where is the Colosseum in Rome, all interested visitors. And this, among other things, was also an enormous commercial potential. Today, the amphitheater is partially restored and renovated, accepted technical measures to prevent further destruction of structures. Sometimes on the stage are his operas and dramatic productions. Important administrative gesture: at the post office was formalized and received registration of the Colosseum. In Rome, the address entered in the official mail registry. You can write letters.

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