Scandinavia: a visit to the Northern gods!


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On Earth there is pretty interesting, but the Scandinavian countries have always stood apart - a vacation in Scandinavia is something special, unique, bright. Intrepid explorers the Vikings believed in their own Nordic gods-warriors, fairy-tale trolls, elves and dwarves. And looking at the fjords of Norway, cut like a sword harsh deity in a stone monolith, on the beautiful waterfalls and mirror lake, in the vast taiga areas and glittering peaks, I believe that this is a magical land worthy of the gods.

Tours to Scandinavia popular at any time of the year and among people of different preferences. Romantics come here to take part in the sailing regatta, to enjoy the soft light of the white nights or watch the mysterious Northern lights. And picturesque villages, ancient fortresses, inviting travellers lighthouses, coastal dunes and valleys will win the beloved's heart better than the most expensive jewelry.

Tireless adventurers can go kayaking, discover rafting, to experience the power and beauty of thundering waterfalls, to conquer the best snow slopes.

Fans of quiet rest will receive a special treat from regular life of the Scandinavians, and turn away from the bustle of big cities, to feel the harmony and enjoy the pristine nature can be settled in one of the cottages with a sauna. Do not forget about this type of holiday as Norway.

But the most popular tours – tour. You are waiting for the legendary estates and castles, ancient cities, famous landmarks, mysteries of ancient cultures and modern museums.

Recreation Opportunities in Scandinavia are endless. You can choose a group tour, and book the individual becoming a Director of your own journey. For example, fans of unusual and fish dishes can arrange a gastronomic journey, and families with children to spend unforgettable days in children's amusement parks. 

Tours to Scandinavia created in order to feel the positive energy of untouched nature, to feel the special spirit of the Northern countries and to fall in love with the homeland of the Norse gods!

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