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You have decided to go on holiday in Voronezh? The camp "Taiga" at your service! Vacation planning is responsible. And it is not always possible to figure out where to travel to enjoy maximum comfort at affordable prices. Many prefer to camp. It is a modern form of entertainment for the whole family. Therefore, they are interested in tourists. Offer Tayga? Whether it is interesting and well? What are the pros and cons of this vacation spot you should pay attention in the first place?Voronezh hostel taiga


All people like to relax. But not everyone knows how to do best. Some people prefer medical sanatoriums, and other trips. Someone prefer the regular camp site. If you want to relax by breathing the fresh forest air, go to Voronezh. The camp "Taiga" - a place where you promise a lovely leisure time. There is a hotel and private houses. This tourist site is perfect for a family holiday. Older people there is little - only active and love camping stay in "the forest". Mixed forest, beautiful river and a piece of civilization with the comfort that is needed for today's holiday!


What city can boast that its territory is the camp "Taiga"? Voronezh! How to get to this area? It should be noted immediately that the Park hotel is located in the Voronezh region, not far from the city, in the woods. If you look at the map, you have to first get to the village Malloc. And then to drive North-East approximately 3 kilometres. And there you will see the cottage.taiga Tucson tourist center

But that's not all. Have recreation there is still a legal address. It is possible to contact the leadership of the organization. The office address of the camp site: Russia, Voronezh, street Krasnokamennaya, house 35. Here it is necessary to send their complaints and suggestions. Some are confused and frightened by the presence of multiple addresses. Should not be afraid. It's quite normal. Now I understand where is the camp "Taiga" (Voronezh). How to get here? Also not a secret. Now let's understand what are the key points you should pay attention to decide on the conformity of hotel your requirements.


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For Example, how is the relationship with this organization. This is an important point. After all, many there is not enough information on the website. Want to book a room, find out some specific information. To offer a place of rest, near a city called Voronezh, - the camp "Taiga"? First, the official website and the feedback form. Not the most successful, but quite convenient option. Tourists claim that you will answer, but will have to wait a few days. For fast connection, the official website of the organization no good.taiga Voronezh hostel prices

Secondly, you can write e-mail. Also not the most successful variant, requiring a long wait for a response. Thirdly, for tourists working telephone. Thanks to her, you can book the rooms or the restaurant for your event/vacation. Just call in "the Taiga" at: +7-905-051-37-78 and +7-473-228-45-21. You can book rooms and holiday houses. But book a restaurant in the Park hotel, please call: +7-905-051-34-41 and +7-473-228-45-24. This separation of functionality many visitors happy - the operators know exactly what purpose you called. To contact "Taiga" at any time. This is no problem.


Are You tired of the city of Voronezh? The camp "Taiga" at your service! What it can offer to its visitors? A distinctive feature of this institution is the presence of the hotel chain and individual lodges. The hotel has 15 rooms and log cabins - 14 pieces on site. You can choose the type of accommodation that you like best.taiga hostel Voronezh how to get

Visitors indicate that the recreation center "Taiga" (Voronezh region) is a comfortable place with nicely appointed rooms. The rooms and huts have everything you need for a pleasant stay. The rooms have toilet and bath accessories, hair dryer, shower. Double beds, wardrobes, telephone, cabinets for things - it's all there in the standard double rooms in "the forest". And in the apartment of "Luxe" several rooms - living room, hallway and bedroom.

In houses the situation is not worse. There is a separate fridge, safe, beds and drawers-cabinets for storage. Telephone and TV are also available. Meet one-story log cabins with a veranda and two-storey (5 bedrooms and living room). All of this is happy customers - how can a small company to relax and a great family! Complaints about rooms no.

The Area

The Park hotel "Taiga" (Russia, Voronezh region) is a place that brings pleasure to all guests. Many say that this is the tourist base in a picturesque location in the mixed forest, among pines and oaks. Nice fresh air, silence and tranquility - that's what clients of the institution. Nearby there is a beach and a river - if the weather is fine and you can go there to swim and sunbathe.taiga hostelVoronezh how to get

Some suggest that the coast near Usmanka, where he built "Taiga" is not the most picturesque place. But it's better than a vacation near the city. By the way, Voronezh you can get here in about an hour. And it pleases. In principle, the place of construction of the hotel no complaints. This is not a hotel on the beach, but the nature here is still good. You can relax in a mixed forest.


Comfortable, but rather expensive holiday offers Tayga, Voronezh. Hostel prices is quite high. this is especially true of the cost of the hotel rooms. After all, the shortcomings of the Park hotel too, and substantial. But about them a little later. The cost of rooms and houses is determined by the day of your holiday and the "star" of the home. The weekend will have to pay more.

The average standard hotel room costs from Monday to Thursday inclusive 4 000 rubles, the rest - in 4 500. The Executive Suite respectively is 5 500 and 6 000. Rent one-story frame will be the guest at 6 000 and 7 000. Not very cheap. Many point to the fact that the recreation center "Taiga" (Voronezh region), it is a costly pleasure. Not the fanciest vacation, but the wallet is hitting he can. For this reason, not always flattering comments are found in this database.

Leisure and entertainment

But the organization of the activities here are wonderful. You will be able to find something to their liking. Fans can go to offers the real Russian bath. Prefer to stay on the air? No problem - grills with pavilions for your service! The beach near the "Taiga" is another advantage of this hotel.

You can Also use a beauty salon, hairdressing services and even makeup artist. For children, organize cooking lessons. Hire you can rent a boat, Bicycle, scooter, rollers, catamaran. If you want to play table tennis, to invite the chef and waiter for service, use of sports equipment and play Billiards.

recreation taiga Voronezh oblast

What if you have children? Visitors say that they will do. It is much like. Has been said that "the forest" organized children's cooking classes. But this is only at 18:00 on Saturdays. The rest of the time the kids can play on the beach or areas on the site. Entertainment clearly do not have. And it does not leave tourists indifferent.


"Taiga" (Voronezh) - a camp site that offers a variety of food. But it upsets many. Administrators promise a rich and varied food, but, judging by the numerous reviews, this is an obvious embellishment of reality. The food here is pretty tasty, but not too fancy. Some can't get enough.

Most of the misunderstandings in terms of nutrition occurs in people who organize 'Taiga' any events (e.g., weddings). Restaurant room big, beautiful, pleasing to be in. The food is also delicious, but the menu is relatively sparse. Therefore, we can understand some confusion and dissatisfaction of visitors. Such a nice place to stay - and the lack of thought-out menu! It frustrates many kids. But this disadvantage is not so terrible to abandon a visit to a place called "Taiga". Voronezh, near which the camp site is located, is a beautiful city. So be sure to visit it with a small tour.

Silence or not?

But the drawback may seem to you a weighty. The thing is that the camp site is located in a quiet and peaceful place in a picturesque forest, close to river and beach. Only here to enjoy the peace does not always work. It is noted that the hotel area is not too big - the cabins are located very close. And in their fullness all are each other to hear. So will be noisy.Park hotel taiga Russia Voronezh oblast

It is for this reason (with the exception of incidents with meals) is expressed negativity towards this place. You are tired of noisy Voronezh? The camp "Taiga" features. But if you want to fully experience the peace and tranquility, try to go here off-season, when there are few people. Only then you will be able to enjoy fully all the features of the organization. Although, as practice shows, a lot of noise here is only during organized events: weddings, corporate events and so on.

As you can see, "Taiga" (the Park hotel, Voronezh) reviews and receives various. But mostly they are positive. This place is a real gift for the tourists who want to rest in a wooded area with all the amenities!

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