Athens: the beaches with a touch of antiquity


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A Holiday in Greece is a great way to combine sightseeing with a dip in the turquoise warm waters of the Mediterranean, the Aegean and Ionian seas. If this is your goal, then ancient Athens, the beaches which are famous throughout the world for its clean and beautiful, will give you many unforgettable moments.

When is the best time to relax in Athens?

Greece is suitable for year-round recreation, but if you prefer to spend time on the beach, worth the wait the summer months. It is believed that the high season begins in may, at this time, the weather in Athens is wonderful, the air temperature reaches a pleasant twenty-five degrees Celsius. Heat brings stupefying heat, and the cool breeze blows nice tourists eager to walk before bedtime.

In Winter Greece is also quite attractive, snow on the coast is rare, and the weather in Athens can only be happy. The thermometer does not fall below ten degrees Celsius. This allows you to enjoy the sea air and take long walks, sightseeing of the beautiful Greek capital.

Athens beaches

Beaches of Athens: features

Athens is considered the perfect place for a beach holiday. Judge for yourself, here three hundred days of sunshine a year and hundreds of beaches that are incredible beauty.

All the beach areas are divided into wild and private. First in Athens and in the suburbs of a huge amount. They are located in a secluded Bay surrounded by pristine nature. Sometimes around these recreation areas can be found the ruins of temples or monasteries, which are available for inspection five days a week.


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Private beaches in the capital of Greece is fully equipped. Of course, you will have to pay an entrance fee, but you never see this level of service that provide Athens. The beaches are in private hands are not only sunbeds and umbrellas, but also a lot of opportunities that can diversify the rest. Wishing to try the famous Greek cuisine get the food directly to your sun lounger from the nearest restaurant. Also there is a service of refreshing drinks.

Exquisite beaches of Athens

Athens is well known for its Metropolitan area, in which you can relax in close proximity to the capital. Most areas are within twenty miles from the ancient town and private beaches with many attractions.

Glyfada is a luxury town on the coast of the Saronic Gulf. From Athens it is just fourteen kilometres away, than successfully used by tourists who prefer a slow day beach vacation, and in the evenings want to experience entertainment in the capital.

Weather in Athens

The Suburb is famous for its beaches, most of them awarded the highest rating for cleanliness and livability. Since the beginning of the century almost all the beaches of Glyfada was given to private traders. It is possible to increase contributions to the local budget and to raise the level of tourist services. Even those travelers who place their holiday choose Athens, Glyfada's beach is not bypassed. Everyone wants to relax on the sandy shore with shallow water.

From the center of Athens to Glyfada there are several public transport routes, they cover the distance in thirty minutes. In addition to the suburbs can be reached by taxi or using the hotel Shuttle service.

Votsalakia beach between two bays

Many tourists arriving to Athens, be sure to dedicate one day to inspect the Piraeus. It is only ten kilometers from the capital, but is considered an independent city. Almost all Piraeus is a huge port, characterized by beauty and perfect coincidence with the historical face of the capital. Attractions here are many, they are difficult to see in one day. But beaches are clearly not enough.

Votsalakia beach

Tourists can only recommend the beach of Votsalakia. It is located within the port and is free. The beach is ideally located in the lagoon between the two picturesque bays and stands out with amazing clarity of the water, which is not characteristic of the port area.

Due to its proximity to the infrastructure of the port can be time to sunbathe and visit some museums. Prices in local dining will be pleasantly surprised by the cheapness of food, and excellent taste.

Glyfada Athens

All the tour operators always hype up things to do in Athens. The beaches located within the city limits, can provide a full range of services and amenities to satisfy the most discerning traveler.

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