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It is Unlikely that will soon become known to the General public, who is the owner of hotel Royal in Vityazevo. Investors in Russia try to not widely advertise themselves. Moreover, when the object is erected on site, the level of competition which is extremely high.

Vityazevo hotel Royal

He grew up in the heart of Anapa, the sunniest town of Russia, in just a year and now it looks so organically in the landscape of the street Grebensky, as if everything was predetermined in advance. Royal became the closest to the Central beach of the hotel complex. We can only guess how much it was worth to its owners. So is it any wonder that the Internet is not mentioned, who is its owner?


A 5-minute walk from the beach and 15 minutes walk from the beach Golden Bay built hotel "Royal" (Anapa, Vityazevo). Its building was completed in 2013. From the Windows of the building offers a picturesque view of the sea, the aquatic Park and municipal stadium.

The hotel provides relatively cheap transfer service to the hotel complex. Distance from Anapa train station to hotel 8 km and the airport 18 km.

The location of the hotel is ideal for exploring the local city life. Downtown is removed from the hotel just 300 meters.


Relating to the municipal component of the resort of Anapa - Vityazevo the hotel "Royal" became a decoration of the seaside town. The first floor of the hotel building is a public area. Here is a reception, restaurant. On the second, third and fourth floor of the hotel is its rooms. On the fifth floor there is a recreation area with pool and bar. The pool is open and heated. Its length is 12 m, width 6 m and depth of 1, 7 m.


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Directly outside of the hotel is owned by her guarded Parking. Reception provide services in washing and Ironing clothes of guests, the provision of rental of household appliances and equipment.

hotel Royal Vityazevo

Hotel Guests also get proper rest, taking advantage of city and resort infrastructure. Especially useful here feels the youth: in the evening the waterfront becomes the heart of the nightlife of the city. Reviews mention the café bar "Eurasia" disco club "Steamer" disco "sunrise" night clubs "Dancy” and “Mabee" dance floor “Fever”


Blend in with the landscape of the resort town of the five-floor hotel "Royal" in Vityazevo. Photos of its facade showcases modern shapes and glazing. The project seamlessly merged high-tech and modern: strict horizontal and vertical surfaces and elements, which creates the effect of asymmetry.

The Facade of the ground floor is made in a classic prestigious granite, but modern facing, and, for each signature tile. It contains the logo of the hotel complex. To make the building of prestige in the entrance implements the classical pseudoarcana, which, of course, decorated the hotel Royal in Vityazevo. While speaking about the implementation of his project, it is worth mentioning one more nuance. When facing glazing and the floors designers have also managed not to fall into the trap of monotony, and to realize the principles of asymmetrical beauty of art Nouveau.

Overview of the rooms in the hotel "Royal" (Vityazevo)

Various requests in respect of accommodation included in the hotel "Royal". Starting with an overview of the rooms, it should be said about their single design project, where the advance was taken into account color scheme, it was assumed and planned the harmonious placement of furniture and proper organization of lighting, enhanced by the effect of mirrors. The architects here have shown non-trivial, creative approach.

hotel Royal Vityazevo reviews

Each room has a wardrobe, bed, tables, chairs, fridge, TV, air conditioning. And the furniture and appliances in the rooms are placed and linked with each other in harmony and provide guests a comfortable stay. Large interior alternate with small, they combine color and shape. The lighting is soft, do not strain your eyes, do not cast sharp shadows, though bright enough.

Beach holidays

In the modern Anapa, Vityazevo and in the hotel Royal is the closest hotel complex to the beach area. Therefore, beach lovers, who wish to obtain maximum service and proximity to the sea, arrived in the Sunny city of Russia, of course, choose to stay at this accommodation.

the Royal hotel Anapa Vityazevo

If the guest decides to rest on the Central beach, his wish can only be welcome. Place of rest is prefer it is in the area of the pier, where the area is maintained as clean and Tina, inherent in many beaches of Anapa, cleaned regularly. The Central beach is quite comfortable. It has numerous changing rooms and lockers. There are numerous grocery outlets.

Guests can relax in any place of the beach in a rented beach with sunshades and sun loungers pay. Tourists wishing to get even more comfort, an alternative to the Central beach with free entrance can be paid to club beach "Gold coast», which looks and servesguests impeccably. However, to him to go away for 15 minutes.


Very efficient your diet the hotel Royal in Vityazevo. Reviews on its restaurant are very positive. The hotel provides only the meals of their guests, providing them with only Breakfast held in the restaurant at the buffet. Cook in "the Piano" really delicious dishes of Russian and Caucasian cuisine from local chefs not just gratefully mentioned in the customer reviews.

Main-course menu are simultaneously present several types of meat and fish products. Side dishes: potatoes, pasta, steamed vegetables consistently increased to the maximum of taste proper preparation and selection of spices. Travelers are offered a variety of fruits and pastries in the range. Tired of the monotony selection of cheeses and cold meats.

royal Royal hotel Vityazevo

This is a hotel catering only Breakfast, not the Board, is justified by the specific infrastructure of the resort Anapa. The fact that the beach area, and the city in General has a highly developed system of public catering, and it's not expensive. The hotel is recommended in their reviews of institutions Chalet, Chillout, "Avignon”, “Lublo café”, “Poseidon”, “Prague", "Stanley Kubrick”, “Natyurlih”.

Therefore, guests of the hotel Royal, not away from the beach, delicious and varied dinner, which they do. Well, in the evening, gourmets every day find some original menus, cheap restaurants, chosen according to your taste. It can be pricey, on the waterfront or at least a cozy cafe on one of the city streets. And dinner most of the guests (according to their reviews) in the canteens of Anapa. It offers sumptuous food, prepared with fresh products that are very inexpensive.


A Variety of sightseeing tours offers Royal. Royal hotel (Vityazevo). Program sightseeing demonstrates a flexible approach and pricing, and the organization of the cultural program.

hotel Royal Vityazevo photo

Most importantly, the tour price is not sky-high, and the margin (over the price of city travel agencies 10-15%) is more than compensated by the comfort and organization of events.

Speaking about the range of excursions, you should mention:

  • Visit the water Park "Olympia".
  • Sea fishing.
  • Diving in Anapa.
  • A Tour on a pirate boat.
  • Bus tour of the city.
  • Visit the mud volcano Tizdar.
  • Visit the valley Neberdzhay

Motorists wishing to explore the local coast, you will find many secluded beach and interesting places such as local wild beach. Here, they can discover a new beach because the overall length of the suburban is suitable for swimming of the coast - 40 km!


Judging by the reviews, shoppers favorably recommend Vityazevo, hotel "Royal" as a starting point for shopping. It is referred to the proximity of the hotel complex (300 m) to the city centre. It is really convenient.

The Main shopping area of the city is the shopping center «Red square". In the review also refers to the shopping center «Labyrinth», «South», «Adaptors”, “rainbow”, “Three pillars" of the “Star”, “Olympus”, “Passage”. The list goes on and on. In short, shoppers will not be disappointed with the variety of the local retail.

hotel Royal in Vityazevo review of room

Fans of “purely Anapa Souvenirs” we can recommend t-shirt ‘Anapa forever!" Adyghe spices, witty crafts from sea shells and stones, mineral water “anapskaya”, walnut jam local recipe, fragrant juniper wood carvings.


A Pleasant place to relax on the Black sea is the hotel "Royal" in Vityazevo. His grooming, comfort and staff attitude to his work has earned him good fame. Experienced in rest at sea coasts, the Russians consistently give it a high rating-8.5 out of 10.

Guests write in reviews that there is not save on comfort of tourists. In the hotel complex worthy of organized life, food, sightseeing tourists. To requests and the requests of the guests the staff reacts immediately. The hotel has a friendly attitude to the guests, they feel like family. Negative reviews about this hotel are almost there. People here see only advantages, among which include:

  • Lovely location;
  • Very comfortable rooms;
  • Tidying up;
  • Breakfast;
  • Friendly staff.

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