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If you arrive to Belarus for tourism or business purposes, pay attention to this option of accommodation, such as hotel "Slavic". Minsk is a large and beautiful city, and a well-selected hotel will only complement the range of experiences.

hotel Slavyanskaya Minsk

Brief description of the hotel

If you want to relax after a long sightseeing or working day, then you will love the hotel "Slavic". Minsk attracts many tourists and business people, this hotel will appeal to those who appreciate quality service. Here you will find a friendly staff and many services including private Parking, wireless Internet and other features.

As for the rooms, it is one of the most enjoyable moments, which attracts tourists in the hotel "Slavic" (Minsk). The photo shows that everything here is decorated in a modern minimalist style. It retains the atmosphere of home comfort, with warm tones. Also here is a list of the necessary amenities.

If you are interested in high quality food, then this service also offers a hotel "Slavic" (Minsk). Restaurant this hotel offers Breakfast and dinner buffet, as well as comprehensive Lunches. The rest of the time you can make orders on the menu with delivery to the room. Here can also be arranged banquets and coffee breaks.

hotel Slavyanskaya, Minsk address

Hotel "Slavic" (Minsk): address

The Hotel is situated in the capital of Belarus at street Narochansky, 6. It's about a 10 minute walk from the forest with beautiful nature and clean air. Also nearby reservoir, where you can also admire the spectacular scenery. Very close (5 minute walk) is a huge water Park. With regard to international airport, it is distant from the hotel about 40 kilometers, but the train station is less than 25 minutes.

Slavyanskaya hotel Minsk reviews of guests

Guest apartment

In this hotel you will have the following categories of apartments:

  • One-room "twin" involves placing a pair of single beds. It is worth considering that it may be the check in one guest (second guest will not be instilled unless absolutely necessary). There is a complete set of amenities necessary for a comfortable stay.
  • From the previous category apartment "double" are different in that the location is on the large double bed. Also, the room has a more impressive area.


Apartment category "Lux" consist of two spacious rooms, one of which serves as a bedroom and the second living room. It is worth noting that, in addition to a large bed, there is also a folding upholstered furniture, which can be used for additional guests.


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hotel Slavyanskaya Minsk restaurant

What are the amenities provided in the apartment

The Hotel "Slavic" (Minsk) offers to its guests the following facilities in the apartments:

  • Bathroom which is a bathroom with WC (there is a window for ventilation);
  • Comfortable orthopaedic soft furnishings;
  • A modern TV with a wide LCD screen, which is connected to the satellite antenna;
  • Individual air conditioning system, which will help you to establish a comfortable climate in your room;
  • Wireless Internet access high speed, access to which is provided to the guests without additional charges;
  • Fridge to maintain freshness of the purchased products;
  • A landline telephone is not only to communicate with the reception, but also to make international and long distance calls;
  • Bathroom has a Hairdryer, cosmetics and bath accessories.

Slavyanskaya hotel Minsk reviews

Infrastructural facilities of the hotel

The Hotel "Slavic" (Minsk) has developed infrastructure, which includes the following objects:

  • Bar invites you to enjoy a drink under the sounds of relaxing music;
  • In the restaurant you have a wide range of national and international dishes with the option of delivery in the room;
  • Complimentary wireless Internet access covers the entire territory of the hotel;
  • At the exit of the building is a private car Park providing free access to all guests;
  • Reception Desk is open around the clock and because at any time you can request or consultation;
  • For bulky suitcases are;
  • Near the reception there is an ATM where you can cash out your plastic card;
  • Laundry room in your stained clothes will quickly lead to the proper form;
  • In the conference hall has all the conditions for holding seminars, meetings and other business events;
  • You can use the services of masters Barber shop;
  • The Banquet hallhotel your festive events will be held at the highest level;
  • On site amenities include a gift shop.

Slavyanskaya hotel Minsk rating

Hotel "Slavic" (Minsk) - rating services

Based On the feedback of guests, features and services of this hotel can be rated with the following rating:

  • The infrastructure of the hotel has received 4.8 points. Here is a very convenient entrance to the Parking area. Also commendable is the work of the security service. With regard to the livability of the surrounding areas, there is some criticism. Also not very convenient is the bar and restaurant (closed too early).
  • The service at the hotel was evaluated on a solid 4. The main disadvantage is that there is almost no entertainment. In addition, the front Desk employees are slow. However, all staff very polite, smiling and friendly.
  • For the comfort of the rooms were exhibited the total rating of 4.5. Particularly impressive vivid design and high quality furniture and modern appliances. As for sound insulation, you can put a fat minus because of the strong audibility between the rooms.
  • With regard to children, then this matter to the hotel and did not care, but because at this point honored two. No animation, no game rooms or playgrounds, no special children's menu.
  • With regard to the location, it deserves a 3 rating. Shops and cafes in the area very much, but as for entertainment and close to attractions, until they get far enough.

hotel Slavyanskaya Minsk photo

Positive feedback

Many tourists choose this accommodation option as the hotel "Slavic" (Minsk). Reviews of the hotel indicate that the facility has many positive characteristics:

  • Perfect cleanliness in rooms (everything efficiently removed even in remote places);
  • The hotel is quite conveniently located, easy to find, even if you're new in town;
  • The staff is very polite, friendly and helpful;
  • Beautiful, pleasant interior, designed in modern minimalist style;
  • Beautiful view from the Windows on the upper floors;
  • Convenient layout of the rooms;
  • On each floor there is a cooler with drinking water (both hot and cold).

Negative feedback

Not only advantages but also significant drawbacks is the hotel "Slavic" (Minsk). Reviews of guests are characterized by the following negative comments:

  • Sometimes at the reception there is confusion, but because you can settle into the room, where someone lives (or Vice versa - someone settled in your room);
  • Fairly modest buffet for the hotel of such a high level; set meals are quite modest and uniform;
  • Very strong communication between the rooms;
  • The lack of mini-bar;
  • High enough the prices in the restaurant;
  • No electric kettle in the room;
  • Most of the channels broadcast economic news (entertainment almost none);
  • Safety Deposit box only available at reception.

Overall impression

If you have arrived with tourist or business purpose in Minsk, feel free to choose for your accommodation the hotel "Slavic". It offers comfortable conditions for accommodation and high service level. A feature of the hotel can be considered a perfect cleanliness in the rooms. But if we talk about the shortcomings, it is worth noting not very hearty breakfasts (both buffet and complex), as well as over-inflated prices for accommodation.

Speaking of location, it should be noted that it seems very good for nature lovers. If you want to get quick access to infrastructure, tourist and business objects, then this option you most likely will not work.

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