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If you have used the services of high class and are planning a vacation in hospitable Turkey, your option can become Maxx Royal Kemer Resort 5*.

max Royal Kemer


The hotel is on the beach, six kilometres from the centre of Kemer. Distance to airport in Antalya is 60 km.

Photo description

Maxx Royal Kemer Resort 5* opened in 2014. It covers an area of 160 thousand square meters. The hotel complex is built in a modern style and boasts a beautiful area with many pine trees and a private beach.

Housing Fund of the hotel's 291 guest rooms that are located in several buildings. All apartments are spacious, have stylish design and are equipped with everything necessary for even the most discerning guests.

On the territory of the “Max Royal” there are several large pools, water Park, bars, restaurants serving different cuisines, pastry shop, Spa, fitness center, Playground, mini club with special programs for children of different age groups and much more. The day entertainment staff and offers evening entertainment. This hotel is an excellent choice for a respectable audience, seeking a quiet and comfortable stay with top-class service.maxx royal kemer resort 5

Maxx Royal Kemer: the reviews of travelers from the Russian Federation

As you know, modern tourists are mostly very careful about planning a trip to a particular country. A very important point is the choice of accommodation for your stay. Because from it depends largely on the quality of rest. So today, travelers not only learn description pleasurable hotels and counsel with the employees of travel agencies, but also try to read reviews other people have already visited the place. This approach provides a more complete and close to reality the idea of what will be expected of you during the holidays. After all, nobody wants to be disappointed, arriving at a long-awaited overseas holiday and spending a lot of money on booking hotels and tickets. In this regard, we decided to simplify them for you and offer to find generalized review of our compatriots regarding their recent stay in a five star hotel “Max Royal" (Kemer, Turkey). Several looking ahead, I note that the vast majority of tourists, their choice was very satisfied. According to them, this hotel really worth the money spent and corresponds to its category. But now we know about everything in detail.maxx royal kemer


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The Number of rooms

Judging by the comments of travelers, proposed hotel Maxx Royal Kemer Resort 5* apartment almost all were very satisfied. So, according to our compatriots, the rooms here are very spacious, stylishly decorated, with quality furniture and modern appliances. Design of the shower is separated from the living room frosted glass. While guests have the opportunity to choose one of the options – either to raise the curtain separating the room from the shower, or to omit it. The rooms offer beautiful views of the sea or the pretty hotel grounds. As noted by the city, the apartment has a sufficient number of cabinets, so you will be able to put all brought things and suitcases. Tourists liked that the TV has a USB slot. So you can, for example, include children recorded on the stick animation. Big plus the hotel felt and available throughout the hotel fast enough wireless Internet.

Each room has a spacious balcony. There was a table and several chairs that can be turned into beds. So guests have the opportunity to sunbathe on their own balcony or terrace.maxx royal kemer resort


The Quality of cleaning in a five star hotel “Max Royal" (Kemer), our compatriots in the majority were highly satisfied. So, according to them, the cleaners here do an excellent job with their responsibilities. So the rooms are always very clean. Also the maids do not forget to replenish the contents of the Minibar and stocks bath and toiletries. In addition, daily change of towels and bed linen. As in several other hotels in five star categories, the assumption here is cleaning twice a day. So, during the day the maids wipe dust, vacuum, wash floors, etc. And in the evening they prepare a room for sleeping guests – make the bed, leave the kids chocolate, etc. At the same time, as noted by the city, in front of the apartment there are two buttons – “clean” and “do not disturb”. When leaving the room, you can click on the first button, and by the time you return everything will be already removed.maxx royal kemer resort spa


As noted by our fellow citizens, a big plus of this hotel is the fact that the rooms here occupy almost immediately after arrival, regardless ofwhich you will sooner or later check-out time. In addition, if you have booked a room in Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa, at the airport you will be provided with a personal transfer service. Upon arrival at the hotel you will be asked to take in chocolate bar where you will taste a soft drink, tea or coffee and delicious handmade chocolates. In this time you will be asked to complete the questionnaire. Then if you wish to conduct a short tour of the hotel complex. Then depending on arrival time you will be able to go to a restaurant for Breakfast, lunch or dinner, or go straight to your room.


Judging by the comments of our fellow citizens, travelers, traveling for the first time in Maxx Royal Kemer Resort 5*, as a rule, come to the delight of its territory and design. According to them, here all is thought over to trifles. The result of the work of talented architects and designers complement the magnificent nature with a cozy lagoons, turquoise sea, many pine trees, the scent of which fills the air. On site there is a lot of beautiful places where you can enjoy a pleasant walk or a great memory about the rest.

hotel maxx royal kemer


As to the operation of restaurants «Max Royal" (Kemer), here the opinions of the tourists dispersed. So, the fact that the food in this hotel complex organized in a special way: the buffet is offered only Breakfast, lunch and dinner, visitors do order a La carte. In General, for most guests this was not a problem. Some dissatisfaction was expressed only by tourists with young children. According to them, is sometimes not very convenient for 15-25 minutes waiting for order with kapriznaya a baby. In this regard, it would be more convenient to take a quick vending of food from the buffet, reducing the time of lunch or dinner. Therefore, the hotel hope hotel management will listen to their comments and organizes buffet throughout the day at least in one of the restaurants.

Otherwise, the quality of food here travellers were very satisfied. According to them, there is always plenty to choose from, starting with dishes of meat, fish, poultry and ending with a variety of appetizers, salads, caviar. Besides, guests always have the opportunity to eat delicious pastries, sweets, handmade chocolate, ice cream and fresh fruit. The restaurant has a separate children's table with cereals, soups and other dishes for the younger guests. The guests of the hotel have the opportunity to taste the dishes of different cuisines-Turkish, Japanese, Italian, international, etc. According to them, it is very convenient that the restaurants are all located in one place, as if forming a small street. In addition, the pools, the restaurant offers fast food. Many happy served French fries, pizza, burgers, etc. here. In General, as noted by the hotel in any place of the hotel have the opportunity to call the waiter and ask him to bring a dish, snack or drink right to where you currently are.maxx royal kemer reviews

Beach holidays

This item, judging by the reviews, also left quite an overwhelming number of tourists who stayed at the Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa 5* (Turkey). So, according to them, in the territory of the hotel complex has several beaches, located in cozy bays. Part of it is sand and part pebble. In the first case, tourists loved the white clean sand. Here happy vacationing families with children. As for the sunset in the water, the bottom, all the beaches are pebbly. However, sharp rocks here, so you can easily do without special shoes. By the way, thanks to the pebbles in the sea water is very clean and transparent.

According to residents, the beach has comfortable sun beds with sun umbrellas. For an additional fee you can rent a large tent. The beach itself is very close to residential buildings. So, to the shore you will have to walk more than 200 meters on the territory of the hotel complex.


In Addition to the beach, you can spend a good time on the territory of the hotel complex. So, there are several pools of different depths. One of them has water slides. There is also a salt water pool. Outside there is a terrace for sunbathing. According to our compatriots, sunbeds always available in abundance as by the pools and on the beach. So no need to take a sunbed early in the morning, in this hotel there.

In the main pool during the day is animation. Here it is, in the opinion of the majority of tourists, very unobtrusive. So, since “Max Royal" (Kemer) is designed more for a relaxing holiday, loud music and constant shouting of the animators here are not to confuse guests. But guests always have the opportunity to enjoy yoga, aerobics, gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, basketball, gym.

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