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The Notre-Dame Cathedral, aka the Cathedral of Notre Dame – the Roman Catholic Church in the Grand Duchy. Its founders are considered to be the Jesuits, who, first in the city built his College, and then decided to acquire the temple. In 1613 they founded the first stone, and 10 years later the Church was consecrated and opened.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame-Cathedral: a construction history

The Construction was designed by the architect Jean du Block. During the next 150 after the construction years, the Jesuits visited the Church and prayed here. But in the mid-1700s years the influence of the brotherhood on the economy and politics of Europe began to cause concern. Therefore, representatives of the society were expelled from the territory of a European state.

In 1773 the temple give the miraculous image, called ‘Virgin-Comforter”. In fact, he was the reason that the Church was given the name Notre Dame. But it was only in 1848. It was first called the Church of St. Nicholas and St. Theresa, as in 1778-m Maria Theresia (Austrian Empress) gives Notre Dame the city, so the Church became a parish. Well, the title of the Cathedral was assigned to him only in 1870. did Pope Pius IX after it was consecrated.

Architectural style: the meeting of two eras

The Notre-Dame Cathedral (Luxembourg) is a striking example of late Gothic architecture, which also contains a lot of elements of the architecture of the Renaissance-the Renaissance. Thanks to this unusual merger, the building looks especially charming. This is a rare example of the late Gothic Church with Renaissance elements not only in Europe but throughout the world.


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Notre-Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg

External appearance and the interior: description of the Luxembourg Notre-Dame

Inside and outside the Notre-Dame Cathedral looks very impressive. In this Gothic austerity is softened by elements of the Renaissance. And complete General picture of the decorations in the Moorish style used in the regeneration of the rich choirs. The temple is crowned with three towers, two of which were built in the period of large-scale reconstruction (the years 1935-1938) – Eastern and Central. The West exists since the Foundation of the Cathedral. She was part of the Jesuit Church. Then and now plays the role of the bell tower.

Outside in everything looked through the Sims and manner of construction, and narrow arched Windows, and some decorative elements. When you look at it from the street, it seems that the temple is small. But this view is changing, it is only necessary to get inside. Parishioners expect spacious rooms with vaulted ceilings. Luxurious interior deserves special attention. Notre Dame-Cathedral like briefly moved from the middle Ages. It seems that in large halls will knights, accompanied by beautiful ladies. Here you can see the impressive size of the column of Arabesque, a wide variety of sculptures, in a confessional in the neo-Gothic design. Brightness add to all this wonderful stained glass Windows depicting biblical scenes.

The Image of the virgin Mary, mentioned above, is located in the southern area. It is an object of pilgrimage. It was to see him every year there is huge number of traveling pilgrims. You should pay attention to the richly decorated choir and the painting of the nave. There is also an underground room with a vaulted ceiling that is intended to reverence the relics of the saints and burial, in other words, the crypt. In it lie the remains of the Dukes of Luxembourg, and at the entrance you can see a huge bronze lions, acting as a kind of protection. Also in this room holds the sarcophagus of count of Luxembourg and king of Bohemia John the Blind.

Notre-Dame photo

Notre-Dame: interesting facts

The Temple is almost 400 years old. All this time he faithfully performs its direct “duty”. This is probably the main fact, such churches can be seen infrequently. The most important feature in historical terms, because the Church was going through changes and important events of the state along with the city. It was visited by more than one hundred generations: the walls still keep the memory of all once here people.

It is Also interesting to know that the Cathedral is a Holy place of pilgrimage for Roman Catholics that come to the image of the virgin, in order to enlist their support, ask for patronage. Every fifth Sunday of Easter the image of our lady is taken around the city. It is noteworthy that the route is followed by people, has been preserved since the middle Ages.

Notre Dame-Cathedral interesting facts

Address of the Cathedral

The temple Is located at the address: 4 Place de Clairefontaine, Luxembourg. The Cathedral is open every day. Entrance, as in all other churches, free. Notre Dame, a photo of which was presented in this article, is one of the main attractions is small but lovely and such an unusual state. To visit him – “And” for every tourist, because only here you can see the beautiful merging of two eras andenjoy a festive, enchanting sounds of bodies.

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