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For many, a holiday is not just lying in a lounge chair, but also activity: excursions, sporting events. In the first place there is skiing, snowboarding and other snow fun, you only need to find a suitable ski resort. Ural will be one of the first choices, given the proximity and level of service. Every year the region is gaining popularity among fans of skiing. This is partly due to the dynamic development of infrastructure in the Ural mountains. Even the President of the Russian Federation visited exactly the Ural resort for skiing.

All year round

The Region attractive for all choices of places to stay and food, as well as a set of services here is slightly inferior to the fine Krasnaya Polyana near Sochi, or the countries of near and far abroad. It should be noted that due to the geographical features of the snow here is not less than six months, so the ski season begins in November and lasts until may. Often you can find reviews from those who conquered the slopes of the Ural mountains in October.

Fans of just beautiful mountains or relaxing walks are increasingly choosing the region in the summer months when the number of tourists is the best, and people at the resort is not as much as in winter. In the warm period it will be interesting to try white water rafting or visit the caves. In the evening you can relax in the sauna or enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants. According to the local statistics, tourists visiting these scenic spots, becoming larger from year to year.


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List of the Ural resorts

What you need to know when choosing a domestic ski area? Ural is geographically located in 4 regions of Russia, this is: Perm Krai ("Gubakha", "Polazna", "Tuchman"), Sverdlovsk region ("mill", "Stork", "White Mountain", "Ruler", "Stizhok", "Warm Mountain", "Mountain Blade", "Flux", Uktus), Chelyabinsk oblast (the"Moscow", "zaviyaliha", "Eurasia", "razor", "Sun Valley", "rider"), Republic Of Bashkortostan ("Mratkino", "Abzakovo", "Bath"). Depending on the location of the ski season lasts from November-December to April-may.

We will turn our attention to the most popular places for lovers of Alpine skiing, that "Abzakovo", "Bath", "zaviyaliha", "Sun valley", "rider", "Adzhigardak", "Eurasia" and "Gubakha". If you consider all the ski resorts in the Urals, the rating of the following complexes would be the most high, which is confirmed by the feedback been on them skiers.

ski resorts of the Urals reviews

“Falcon” – the Ural Switzerland

This is one of the most popular and fastest growing of the Ural resorts. “Falcon” is located in the South of the Republic of Bashkortostan, near the city of Beloretsk. Most convenient to get here from Magnitogorsk, where regular trains, and planes fly from Moscow and St. Petersburg. On the slopes by 15 runs with a total length of about 20 kilometers, the longest has a length of over 3 km and Maximum elevation of 300 meters, the highest peak located at an altitude of 819 metres above sea level.

The resort uses modern equipment to align tracks, there are about 20 snow cannons to maintain the trails in perfect condition for skating, if the weather disappoint. By the beginning of the descents take ski lifts and chair lifts. Especially for children and beginners ski art features two slides with minimal elevation change. The presence of light allows you to ride at night. Close has all the necessary infrastructure, namely: hotels, equipment rental, infirmary for first aid, Parking for transport, numerous cafes and shops. Note that the resort frequently adopts various international competitions, and on such days accommodation must be booked in advance. Fortunately, the choice of housing is one of the biggest. In General, those who are going on vacation to the ski resorts of the Urals, with accommodation problems practically do not exist.

ski-resorts of the Urals rating

"Bath" – the resort at the lake

The Resort is "Bath" (complex «metallurg-Magnitogorsk») is also a very popular holiday destination for lovers of skiing. The name of the resort because of the location near the lake yakty-Kul, more popularly known as Bath lake. Located 30 kilometers from the resort "Abzakovo". A feature of this resort is the presence of the most modern and Austrian high-speed lift, which consists of 64 booths, each of which can accommodate up to 8 people with equipment designed to help you conquer the snow-covered Urals.

"Bath" – ski resort, boasting five slopes of varying difficulty, with a total length of almost 10 kilometers. The elevation difference is not more than 450 meters, but have a separate track with a jump, primarily of interest to snowboarders. On the slopes there are 46 snow cannons to maintain snow cover needed for a comfortable ride. Après-ski is also quite diverse, there are all necessary not only for skiing, but also for entertainment. Often, skiers start to ski in "Abzakovo", and then for a few days move to "Bath" to diversify your vacation. This tour is easy to combine, because the resorts are located close by.

Ural bathski resort

"zaviyaliha" – young competitor of the neighbouring resorts

Another fast developing resort in the Urals is "zaviyaliha", opened in 2000. The resort is located in the Chelyabinsk region, near the town of trekhgornyy, which is BUT. The nearest railway station-elm, the best way to get from Ufa or Chelyabinsk, the distance will be about 200 kilometers. If you take the other ski resorts in the Urals, "zaviyaliha" is one of the youngest, but very quickly built up.

For driving formed 7 routes with a length of 16 kilometers, with a maximum height difference of 430 meters. "Zavyaliha" installed new lifting equipment made in Austria. The lifts are quite easy and fast moving, so the slopes are practically no queues. Especially the resort will be interesting for snowboarders, as it is here conducted training of the national team of Russia on this sport, and held the competition for the Cup of Russia, which attracts more guests to the ski resort. Ural extends the list of accepted sports competitions annually. Such fast development and rich program of events cause a lot of positive feedback about the resort.

ski resorts in the Urals zaviyaliha

Sun Valley – the perfect solution for families with children

The Resort "Sun Valley" – another interesting place for ski lovers. It is located in the Chelyabinsk region, near the town of Miass where there is a railway station. The main slopes are located on the mountain Known only resort 11 tracks with a total length of 11 kilometers. All the slopes have lighting, so, like some other ski resorts of the Urals, "Sun Valley" allows you to ride at night.

the Feature of this resort is the constant elevation changes of the trails, which appear unusual or jumps, counter-slopes. The elevation is 230 meters, which is good for those who are just starting to ski. In the "Solar Valley" is a children's ski club for the little ones, collecting positive reviews from satisfied parents. There are also regularly hold various Championships and competition for the Cup of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region.

ski resorts of sun valley Ural

"Ryder" – centre for the training of a new generation of skiers

Next to the "Solar Valley" is one of the newest ski resorts in the Ural mountains – "the rider", which began to receive its first guests in 2009.Over the years, these slopes become quite popular thanks to modern equipment and a good location. From the city of Miass, in particular from the train station, to the lifts by the trolleybuses and taxis.

A Feature of this resort is the presence of artificial turf, special simulators, air bags, snowboard Park, and other professional devices, which will be primarily interesting for experienced athletes. There is a separate centre of preparation of children for participation in the competition. Just to get here it will be very difficult – you need to register and get a plastic card with access. This can be done both online and on the spot, but the skiers in their reviews suggest to solve the issue with a pass in advance.

"Adzhigardak" – resort to modest rest

"Adzhigardak" is located at the Western features of the Chelyabinsk region, near the town of Asha, which has a railway station. The resort has 10 slopes for skiing of different complexity, elevation does not exceed 350 meters. Ski center offers a ski school with instructors for adults and children. On the slopes there is a special snowboard Park, there are trails for night skiing. It is worth noting that artificial snow is almost never used. Due to the location of the snow on the slopes lies the longest, if you take for comparison with other ski resorts in the Urals. Guest reviews, often skiers, say that the track "Adzhigardak" is not inferior in its complexity and beauty, the more popular resorts.

ski resorts of the Urals accommodation

Eurasia & ndash; a newcomer with big plans

The Resort "Eurasia" has opened its doors to visitors in late 2011. It is located near the mountain Kopaniec, near the city of Zlatoust, where there is a railway station. Yet available for skiing are just two tracks with a total length of 1.6 kilometers, but soon promise to open two more, including for children. In plans also building of the first in the Urals tubing tracks. About this resort yet very few responses, mostly they contain hopes for the continued development, as the current selection of tracks and most of entertainment is not enough.

"Gubakha" – a great option for vacations in any season

The Resort is located in the Perm region, near the eponymous village of Gubakha. You can get here either by bus from the Permian (about 200 kilometers to the North), and on the train. For ski lovers there are a total of 17 trails of varying difficulty (including children) with a total length of about 10 kilometers. The launch will deliver one of the five lifts, the maximum differenceelevation – 310 meters.

"Gubakha" of interest to fans of freeride and riding under the stars. In the reviews many people write that they love to get out on the track that is in the evenings when the slopes are empty. It is worth noting that the skiing here is only possible until April. In the summer months the resort is also not empty: attracts lovers of river rafting and spelunking, as there are 25 caves. For some reason, "Gubakha" is not too hyped, but guests praise the uncluttered slopes and the lifts.

ski resort Ural

If you love skiing but don't want to get lost in the crowd rolling, select a less popular ski resort. Ural also offers the following locations: Beloretsk, Beloretsk, zinc, Kachkanar, ashatli, AK-yort and others.

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