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The Hotel "Alexandria" (Vityazevo) - this is a beautiful beach hotel complex in the famous resort village near Anapa. It was built in an ecologically clean and beautiful area. The complex consists of two hotels under the name ‘Alexandria’ and ‘Akhtuba”. Vityazevo has a wonderful, relaxing climate. It is especially healing for children's health. There are a lot of Sunny days, it is safe to swim. Wide beaches, shallow waters and clean air-all these factors, taken together, attract many tourists. And one of them does not want this all to rest with comfort?

Alexandria Vityazevo

Location and area

The Hotel "Alexandria" (Vityazevo) is not directly on the beach. Its location can be called, rather, the second line from the sea. However, it is in the coastal zone. The hotel offers excellent views of the sea and fine sand beaches. The complex has two beautifully landscaped green areas, recreation rooms, and gazebos. At the main building ‘Alexandria’ column in order to wash the feet of sand. Behind all this watching, guarding, it is very clean. Given that almost all hotels of Anapa, even the most modern, the area is a stone or concrete platform is a big plus. Between the sea and the hotel there is a Bazaar, which is very convenient if you want to buy the products. Not far from the hotel, a water Park and Dolphinarium, which is famous for Vityazevo. The hotel the ‘Alexandria’ is located between the waterfront Paralia, built in the Greek style, and the street Light, so if you want you can choose several ways to the sea. Also on site is not very loud, thanks again location.


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Vityazevo Alexandria hotel


In all eight buildings of the complex ‘Alexandria-Akhtuba" (Vityazevo) is 88 rooms. Hotels are not very large, rather homely. 23 rooms belong to the category of “standard”, 8 – “Suite”. There are also superior rooms, Studio different comfort and apartments. Five buildings belong to the hotel the ‘Alexandria" and three – to “Akhtuba”. The hotel offers small, budget rooms with an area of ten square meters. Almost all the rooms for guests with bathrooms with good doors, not curtains, refrigerators and televisions. Everywhere there are air conditioners with split-system, of the towel. We can say that “Suite” from “economy” will only differ in the area. Baby cots in the room put free. On the Windows-a mosquito net. In most of the rooms have kettles, but some guests complain that the plastic cups need to ask the administration. If you wish to the balcony put a table and chairs. Doing a cleanse when you order at your convenient time.

Alexandria Akhtuba Vityazevo


And how to feed tourists in this hotel complex in Vityazevo? The hotel "Alexandria" offers services of the dining room and bar. Prepare delicious and homey, the portions are large. In summer the cafe is very tasty, toasted “soul” kebabs. Besides, if you want diversity or do not wish to associate themselves with the food in the hotel, in the village there are many cafes with not too expensive food. Borscht, stewed vegetables, different side dishes, stuffed peppers, fried fish, meatballs and fruit drinks – all very well prepared and at affordable prices.

Vityazevo hotel Alexandria


The Complex ‘Alexandria" (Vityazevo) carries its guests for free to the train station and the airport. You are greeted with a sign and help carry your stuff to transport. On-site built two playgrounds. For kids the animation works. Programs for children lasts for two hours. There are dances, outdoor games. Children have a lot of fun. For games and other entertainment between the buildings of the hotel there is a special artificial turf. Besides, the kids are always supervised. It turns out that coming here on vacation, if you pass offspring to the camp and you can relax. The staff are polite, respect tourists. At the reception you can solve any problem. Valuables and papers can be free to put in the safe.

Vityazevo Alexandria reviews


As a rule, tourists go for the sun and sea baths in Vityazevo. Goodies ‘Alexandria" in this case, it is a very good choice. The building is located a hundred meters from the sea. The beach here is good. The entrance to the water is very shallow. You need to pass a few tens of meters, the depth was up to his chest. Therefore for children it is suitable, and the parents have nothing to worry about. Besides, the beach is very wide, and there is always a place, even near the water. Here offers plenty of entertainment – bananas, boating, “the pill”, boat trips. The beach is equipped – there are sunbeds, toilets. But all of these services are paid. In addition, on site ‘Alexandria" (Vityazevo) there are four pools. One of them – kids. They are clean, but with cool water, without heating. Campers write, to swim in them pleasant.

Vityazevo, ‘Alexandria": feedback

Guests of this hotel complex like its location, views, several pools, allowing you to avoid stampede in case of bad weather or sea state. For leisure in Russia this is one of those features that is very well balanced in the category of “price-quality». Polite, good administration and staff, always ready to help, to give, to fulfill the request. Of course, this is not Turkey or Egypt, but for the health of children at the time. Campers write that if you choose a holiday in Vityazevo, hotel ‘Alexandria’ is the best option. It gives a feeling of comfort and security, and is very close to the beach. No wonder many promise to be back again and recommend the complex to their friends.

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