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The Planting of fruit trees is just the first step towards cultivation and production of quality crops. It is known that every plant in any garden requires care and maintenance. Mandatory procedure in the care of the garden carrying out spraying.

DNOC treatment plants

This event will save trees from insect pests, in addition, will allow to avoid many diseases. Effective prevention against diseases and pests plantations is the processing of their special preparations-insecticides and fungicides. To the most effective of those fungicide "DNOC".

DNOC treatment plants reviews


The First thing to say about this product: it is allowed for use exclusively in commercial orchards and vineyards. The tool is strongly recommended for use in suburban areas and in backyard viticulture.

Virtual space is teeming with indignation of the users against the owners of websites that promote drug and containing information on how is carried out using fungicide “DNOC” treatment plants. Reviews “call” to the conscience of producers and sellers require to abandon the drug, how it poisoned people, threatened in the absence of reaction to appeal to the Prosecutor.

According to other users, this tool can be used, but with care. Some gardeners give the information, which they learned from the literature, describing “DNOC”

· application of funds is allowed at a distance from the housing is not less than 1 km;

· it can be 1 time in 3 years.

Still Others emphasize that the list of medicines for retail trade, the name “DNOC” is missing, and ask about how to be gardeners, to use or not?

“DNOC”: treatment plants, manual, reviews

There is another category of users. Many gardeners to this drug are loyal. They are willing to talk to the networks about what really is a very toxic fungicide “DNOC" of the treatment plant preparation should be made with great caution and only in large individual gardens (past the state farm and collective farm), which are located in border towns. But it is not a secret that now all sorts of pests and pathogens (scale insects, coccidae, brown rot, shot-hole disease, kokkomikoza) proliferated as never before. To protect the trees from diseases and the devastating effects of pests and save a crop, you have to use, because of its undeniable effectiveness, fungicide “DNOC”.


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DNOC application

Process plants, the tool should only be carried out in commercial orchards. Fortunately, instructions are always available.

Users accept that the situation with fungicide is quite ambivalent: on the one hand, everyone understands that it is very poisonous, on the other – how to be the owners of the gardens? To apply the poison, at least periodically, to account for those who have no desire to lose the crops and trees themselves.

In General, fair warning brothers in the hobby about the dangers, the gardeners provide each make the decision independently. Many are willing to share experience in the private gardens of the fungicide “DNOC”: treatment plants, manual, reviews are presented in a comprehensive number. Users converge in one: in some cases, the rejection of the use of the drug can lead to certain death of the garden. Mention more effective tool in the fight against pests in reviews no.

Recommended Networks

Those who still dare to use it and wants to know about how is carried out using fungicide “DNOC” treatment plants manual should be carefully studied.

· Growers are recommended to avoid toxicity to the microflora of the soil before treatment, cover it with plastic wrap. So saved the life of bacteria, microbes, worms and other beneficial inhabitants of the soil, stimulating the formation of humus and improve the fertility of the land.

DNOC instruction

· Some reviewers dispute this method, due to the fact that the place of wintering spores of many fungal diseases is the top layer of soil, and suggest to replace the "DNOC" drug “In” or iron and copper sulfate.

· Users also mentioned about the new drug – insectoacaricides-fungicide “Brunca”, the equivalent of "DECA", which is approved for use in gardens and suburban areas in the CIS countries.

DNOC treatment plants manual reviews

According to reviews, "DNOC" effectively helps against pests and diseases of trees. Gardeners talk about how was conducted using the "DNOC" processing plants. How to build a tool? Will definitely consider it, but a little later. And now let's talk about the time and ways of treatment.

· you Have to mix the fungicide and “the Drug No. 30" - a mixture for a long time will not be washed off by rainfall that helps in the fight against scab and scale insects.

DNOC reviews

· Apply "DNOC" in the autumn after leaf fall.

· Seen that the use of nitrogen compounds in the processing plant in the fall reduces their resistance to frost. Applying the same preparation in the spring, it is possible to obtain the effect of generous feeding with nitrogen fertilizers. The gardeners noticed that all the power plants are not pests, and the development of leaves and shoots. Therefore, users are recommended to first process the plant “Fufanonom” or ash solution “Plus actar”. After the fall of the leaves treated with urea, and the use of means “DNOC” and “Drug No. 30” to postpone to spring.

DNOC treatment

· Suggest also handle urea fallen leaves, bury it in the trench, the depth of half a bayonet. With the arrival of spring to apply the "DNOC" together in ‘Drug No. 30”, and urea – in the spring of next year.

Staunch supporters of the drug

Some gardeners are adamantly on the use of the drug-those which have experienced significant crop losses from pests. They are willing to share information about how passed using the "DNOC" processing plants. The instruction in this case was studied very carefully. For this category of users there is no alternative. As an argument in his favour they put forward the assertion that the composition of fertilizers is much more harmful to the health of both children and adults.

Even more categorical reviews contain the belief of the authors that with this tool no other can not be compared at all-its effect on pests and pathogens they characterize as eradicating. Regarding toxicity, the authors suggest the doubters to look around and pay attention to household chemicals that you use in each bath and the kitchen, and ask about the composition and characteristics effects on the human body. The authors recommend that users carefully consider the information about how the fungicide "DNOC" processing plants. Instruction (fall or spring is used a tool – no matter) contains detailed information about the process. If you use toxic the drug should observe the necessary precautions.


Practice has shown that the "DNOC" is one of the most effective drugs to ensure the full protection of vineyards and fruit crops from pests, diseases, fungal diseases, mites, etc. the Use of 1% concentration of the drug in the period of Bud swelling does not affect the annual increase, no adverse effect on the condition of the leaves, does not cause subsidence of the ovaries and berries. Used for treatment of trees and vineyards in early spring and autumn.

The start Time of exposure to the drug – 3-4 days after spraying. The protective effect lasts for 30 days.

Chemical composition, properties

· Formula fungicide "DNOC" – C7H6N205.

· active ingredient is 4,6-dinitro-o-cresol.

· Is a potent broad-spectrum pesticide, is endowed with insecticidal, fungicidal and herbicidal properties.

· Highly effective with long lasting effects (application 1 spraying of trees and shrubs capable of 3 years to provide comprehensive protection).

· Poorly soluble in water, so for his breeding use of organic solvents.

· comes in a cardboard winding drums equipped with polyethylene liners. Weight – 20.

· Packaged for retail in packs of 0.5 g.

· the filler mixture using a sodium sulfate or ammonium.

DNOC treatment plants manual BE:








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