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From a puncture or cut tires not insured by any one owner. A nail, broken glass, sharp curb or a rail can damage the tire at any time. Of course, if you have a spare wheel or tire nearby, then the problem is solved quickly. But if the driver is on the track, what he must do?

glue for tubeless tire repair harnesses

Methods of repairing tires

Damage to tires are of three types: cuts, punctures, and blisters. If the first two can be fixed, the bloating ("hernia" or "roll") is beyond repair. Further operation may result in explosion of the wheel.

Repairs tubeless tires with their hands can be done in three ways, depending on the size of the puncture or cut.

The Most used tools are a sealant and a set of harnesses. They are designed to repair punctures and cuts, with a diameter of 5 mm. the More serious "wounds" are treated special patches.

Of Course, all these techniques are not a panacea. They only serve to ensure that the driver was able to get to the nearest tire store or tire shop.

Repair with sealant

The easiest way to repair tubeless tires is the application of sealant. Regardless of where the puncture is on the sidewall or on the treadmill. Application of sealant to repair a tubeless tire looks like this:

  1. Get the cause of the puncture of the rubber (if she left).
  2. Scroll wheel so that the puncture was at the top.
  3. Unscrew the cap from the nipple.
  4. Bleed remaining air.
  5. Using a special tube connected the container with sealant, push the valve of the container.
  6. Waiting for the tire to take the necessary form. You can remove the sealant and go.
  7. A couple of kilometres measure the tire pressure and bring it to work.

repairs tubeless tires with their hands


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How to choose a sealant for your tires

In Order to choose the right sealant, it is necessary to consider some criteria. Because sealers can be designed for both car tires, motorcycle or Bicycle.

The Packaging, which sells this part, are also different: the spray is designed not only for pouring an adhesive, but for swap camera. While plastic bottles only injected sealant.

There are compositions that are applicable only in the repair of tubeless tires with their hands, but there are also universal sealants, which can be glued and the wheel with the camera.

It is worth to pay attention to wheel diameter specified on the package. Also need to be familiar with different storage temperature and the use of various sealants. Most of them lose their properties already at 0°C.

Repair tire using bundles

Another popular, but more energy-consuming way to repair puncture tubeless tires is the use of harnesses. They are sold complete with an awl, file and special glue.

kit for tyre repair tubeless wheels

This approach is not less effective than repair sealant, however, will require more time and, possibly, the dismantling of the wheels.

Repair Kits tubeless tires with their hands different brands have the same equipment. In rare cases add a knife for cutting wire harnesses. Since this set can be used repeatedly, then some owners can sometimes be such a nuisance: for the first time opened the kit, used the glue and after a while it dried up. Fortunately, manufacturers have foreseen this problem. Glue to repair tubeless tire with cables sold as a set or as separate unit.

How to repair wiring harness

Repair Kit for tubeless tire wheel is not designed to work with the chamber lid. Therefore, before the procedure just in case should make sure that the tyre is still tubeless.

repair of the lateral cut tubeless tire

Next, act as follows:

  1. Extracted the foreign object from the tyre.
  2. Note the location of the puncture (chalk).
  3. Clean the rubber from the mud.
  4. Lowers the pressure in the wheel to 1/2 ATM. to avoid damaging cord.
  5. With a file piggable puncture. You need to get a hole that can fit the repair harness.
  6. Take the wiring, coat it with glue and put in the hole of the awl (as thread a needle).
  7. Now carefully stick the awl into the puncture by about 2/3. Then slowly get it. Loop the harness must stay inside and ends outside.
  8. Pump up the wheel and check, if not poisoning the air. If the leak remains, then add another harness.

puncture repair tubeless tyres

When managed to achieve a complete seal, you can trim the protruding tails of the wiring and go to the nearest tire.

Side cut

Perhaps the most dangerous and in many cases repair is not subject - is the side cut. Tires for passenger cars there is a permissible limit of the cut, where it is possible to patch the tire. Longitudinal cut - not more than 35 mm, the cross - no more than 25 mm For large sizes repair lateral cut tubeless tire becomes irrelevant, as the number of damaged cords is too large, so that the wheel can maintain stability on the road.

Also irrelevant the repair of a cut that is too close to the edge of the tyre or on the edge. The patch will not stand the turns of the wheel and fall off.


To repair the cuts using special adhesive. Before you begin sealing and latania, the tire must be thoroughly cleaned from dirt and measure the cut. Then remove the tire from the disk:

  1. Using a drill we clean the place for the patch.
  2. Cut the overlay a thin layer of rubber and solder it. All propeica should be evenly distributed over the surface, not only around the cut, but on the stripped area.
  3. After rubber privatise, again grind it so that it follows the shape of the wheel.
  4. You Can flash soldered rubber nylon thread. It's a little to strengthen the tire.
  5. The Repaired surface degrease.
  6. Apply a layer of glue-activator and wait, when it will become matte (dry).
  7. Then apply another thin layer and already imposed a special patch (patch cord).
  8. Carefully press the patch, smoothing it from the center to the edges.

sealant for tubeless tire repair

Repair the side cut tubeless tires over. Of course, such a wheel can only be used as a spare.

A Little about Corda

The Bus is full, the suspension member which bears the weight of the car, resists the roughness of the roads, emergency braking and turns. Her duty to preserve the stability of the machine and the contact with the road.

Only thanks to cord (textile or metal) tire capable of withstanding loads. And due to a cut, as a rule, torn and cord. You cannot restore it. There is no such device that would be implanted in the new camera thread.

Where torn cord, the tyre becomes unstable and loses its rigidity. Even if the wheel to patch the tire professionals, no one can guarantee that the wheel will not explode at high loads. In addition, begin to suffer all suspension components.

Let the wheel and balanced, the lack of rigidity in one point breaks the synchronicity in the work of the hubs and levers, steering rack. Typically, the first signal comes from the wheel bearing with the patched wheel. He systematically breaks down. Then the remaining suspension slowly begins to require replacement.

Repair puncture tubeless tire and its further operation is acceptable, unlike the bus with the cut.

In conclusion

To keep in the trunk of the sealant or repair kit tubeless tires with their hands is the same necessity as the spare wheel. At least once in their life, but will have to deal with a punctured tire where the tire is not available.


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