How you get rid of lice from flowers in a pot folk remedies?


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Flowers are an important decoration of many apartments and houses. Thanks to the huge variety of shapes and colors ornamental plants can be harmoniously combined with design home interior, furniture design, curtains and even Wallpaper.

Moreover, flowers are an additional source of pleasant experiences for his master. They delight the eye, inspire positive emotions help to distract from a hard day's work.

how to bring midges of flowers in a pot

To Care for potted flowers are often nice and easy. However, sometimes houseplants can get sick and wasting away, depressed by their appearance of their owners. Why is it so?

The First thing that comes to mind from an experienced colors – is that in the colors of the flies. How to get rid of these uninvited guests and return Pets to their lovely original condition? This issue will be addressed in this article.

Cause of

Gnats in the colors. What to do? Before to analyze in detail the various methods and tips, let's first examine why this problem occurs.

There are several reasons why the plant appear gnats. They need to know to care for flowers, observing all the ways precaution.

The First reason is that the soil was from the very beginning infected with the larvae of midges. Of course, the past cannot be changed, however the next time you need to remember that prior to planting plants in the soil must be disinfected. In addition, regular preventive treatment of the soil from pests is to prevent the occurrence of parasitic colonies.


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how to get rid of lice at home

Another reason why indoor plants flies can be excessive waterlogging of the soil. This can occur due to frequent and heavy watering. If the weather is dry and hot, there is a temptation to humidify the flowers more than they needed. Because of this, the water in the pot can stagnate and promote the appearance of unwanted insects.

Gnats in the home colors can appear due to the constantly open window, through which they can fly and live in moist soil, or because of the crumbling leaves which begin to rot in the pot, thereby creating a fertile field for the emergence of harmful insects.

As you can see, if you follow all the rules for growing houseplants and regularly disinfected soil, you will never be a question: how you get rid of lice from the flowers in the pot?

What are pests?

Before thinking about getting lice from flowers, let us briefly introduce themselves with insects.

The Most frequent guests of indoor plants are parody – small white gnats, no bigger than one millimeter. They can notice on the surface just watered ground, or at the foot of the flower pot. Parody appearing mainly in the cooler seasons, actively flit from leaf to leaf, and their larvae in the ground, have a negative impact on the root system of the whole plant.

the cure for the midges in the flowers

Clarity – small black insects similar to mosquitoes, plenty of flying not only around the flower, but around the residential premises. The larvae of these pests-translucent worms with a length of up to half an inch. They make the soil dense, inaccessible to the life-giving oxygen, and also affect the root of the plant. Clarity can appear as a result of the use of homemade, organic fertilizers (tea infuser, humus and so on).

The fruit fly – a small red midges are very similar to flies, can also cause irreparable damage to your green pet.

What are the plants most susceptible to the occurrence of pests?

The Most "delicious" flowers

It also all depends on the type of pests. For example, parody love fuchsias and begonias, as their leaves are soft and tender to the touch. Scaredy prefer plants with more dense leaves – violets, rubber plants, azaleas.

how to bring midges of flowers

Chemical solutions

So, how you get rid of lice from the flowers in the pot? First, let's briefly discuss chemical means of pest control, and then talk about the more harmless to humans drugs, compiled with the help of available ingredients.

The Main chemical remedy for fleas in the colors is the usual dichlorvos. This may be a "Raptor", "RAID" or other.

You can Also use special solutions, such as "Thunder-2", "Aggravatin", "Basudin", "Mukhoyed", "Malathion", "Akhtar" and so on.

Using these drugs, you should not forget about personal safety – use rubber gloves, goggles, respirator. Also before use, you should read the instruction below carefully follow the recommendations and tips.

room in the colors of the flies

But how to bring midges of flowers in pot folk remedies? About it – below.

Recommended components

What you need to take in order to prepare a potent agent against harmful insects? First of all, you will need:

  • Garlic;
  • Potassium permanganate;
  • Soap;
  • Wood ashes;
  • Tobacco;
  • Dill
  • Matches;
  • Oranges.

All these ingredients are in effective prescriptions, how to get lice from the flowers in the pot. How do I use them?

The First method. Garlic

According to reviews, the most effective remedy is the infusion of garlic. How to cook it? To do this, take three or four medium cloves, peel them, cut in half and put on top of the soil, can be a little bit deeper. Sometimes it is recommended to prepare a rich garlic solution. To do this, take several heads of garlic (two or three), peeled, cut into small slices and pour a liter of boiling water. After a few hours the solution is ready. It should drain, pour in a spray bottle and spray all affected plants, and water prepared by the composition of the earth.

Gnats in the colors. Folk remedies and recipes

As the next means of dealing with lice you can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate, which is recommended to water the soil as it dries.

An Interesting recipe for how to get rid of lice in home colors is the use of orange peels. They must be cut into wide strips, dry it and stick in the ground.

What else can you use to combat unwanted insects? According to the reviews of experienced growers, pests to be afraid of soap. To do this, twenty grams of detergent should be finely chop or grate on a coarse grater, pour a liter of warm water and dissolve. The resulting composition of the spray as the flowers themselves and the soil in which they grow.

gnats in the colors what to do

Ash is also considered effective method of annoying midges and their larvae. Just sprinkle it on the earth in the pot, slightly spasite the top layer and wait. Pests will be gone in a few days.

What else can help? Tobacco. Twenty grams smoky potions to fill a half-gallon jar of water, let it brew for a couple of days and then add another liter of water. The resulting solution is recommended to spray the ground part of the plant.

Dill – is also an effective method against flying insects. It should be spread on top of the soil and leave for two days. Then change to a new one. So you need to do as long as the lice will not disappear.

A Match. The essence of this method? Uninvited guests are a very afraid of sulfur. Therefore, matches should be deepened into the soil head down, pour water and leave for two or three days, then pull out and stick a new one. According to numerous reviews, gnats and their larvae should be killed in seven days.

The Advantages of folk remedies

As you can see, there are many effective and active people's recipes that can help in the fight against unwanted insects. They are available, easy to prepare, convenient to use, and most importantly, almost safe for humans and animals. Which method will you use – only you can decide, based on their own experiences, views and preferences.

We devoted enough time to what should I do to get rid of gnats in flower pots. Let's briefly talk about how to avoid this difficulty.

The Right fit

So how to prevent a problem is easier than to remove it, below we examine the basic tips and recommendations on correct and error-free care of your green Pets.

First of all, remember that before you start to take care of the flower, store-bought, it should be transplanted into new soil, processed and disinfected by special means. You can use store-bought or made his own fertilizer, or land to be heated up in the oven at one hundred degrees.

Before planting any plants (even seeds) they should be processed carefully with soap and water.

Proper care

The earth in the pots regularly to loosen that she was breathing.

Be careful with the watering. As mentioned above, the flowers do not like excessive moisture. So water does not accumulate in the pot, you should install the drainage. If you water the plant...

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