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If the gardens roses are the most common flowers, potted roses are much rarer. This is very simple, these flowers are not able steadily to bloom indoors. But in our time, there were varieties of miniature roses, which are quite well feel indoors. Room rose fully like their garden cousins, however, their flowers are much smaller, but have a pleasant smell and a variety of colors. If these plants properly, they will please you with its colors from early spring to the end of the summer.

Potted roses when growing indoors have one feature: they need to create conditions resembling the conditions of open ground. This means that you will have to arrange good lighting and a constant flow of fresh air. Also potted roses like high humidity in the room and require abundant watering. To prolong the flowering period need to constantly remove the flowers that are withered.

Room rose – grade

These plants are fully similar to their garden counterparts. They have the same flowers, leaves, they have a very pleasant smell and the a variety of colors. For growing indoors you need to choose varieties that have a height of about 30 centimeters. The best of these are:

- Judy Fischer, is a shrub height of about 22 cm, flowers which have a pink color and almost no smell.

- Baby Darling also virtually odourless, but with a height of about 30 cm Flowers have orange-pink color;

- Yellow Doll reaches a height of 25 cm, the flowers are light yellow, have a pleasant smell;

- Starina is also very fragrant, has bright red flowers.

- Angela Rippon - has Carmine-pink color, the pleasant smell of flowers and a height of about 30 cm,

Rose - house plant, and for its full and proper development is necessary to create certain conditions:

- the plant is very light, so positioning it must be from the South-West and South-East sides, on the South side in summer, the flowers will rapidly crumble. Being on the Northern side, Bush will not bloom due to lack of sunlight. In summer, the room rose feel very well in the garden, where they can easily tolerate heat and sun;


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- as with all houseplants, rose love fresh air, so as soon as weather conditions permit, you need to open the Windows in the apartment. In summer they are generally better to make a terrace or a balcony, and the best option is to heel them in the garden. The plant, which is located in a stuffy and dark room, it will be very slow to grow and bloom poorly;

- although potted roses require abundant irrigation, they do not tolerate waterlogged soil. They better not enough water, than strain. You must use only the pooled water. In summer, plants need abundant moisture, and closer to autumn watering should be reduced. Typically, the reduction in irrigation is carried out immediately after flowering.

- so like a rose does not like dry air, it should be regularly sprayed in the summer 2 times a day. But remember that the plant that dwells in the sun, spray impossible to not get sunburn.

Care of roses in winter

Rose must have a rest period. This period occurs approximately from October to February. At this time plants need to create suitable temperature conditions (about 8 degrees, at this temperature they feel comfortable). If you leave roses on the windowsill, then be sure to create a glass barrier to the establishment of the plant a more comfortable environment. In winter potted roses watered infrequently and do not spend them spraying.

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