Electric water heaters for villas: reviews and tips for choosing. How to choose electric storage water heaters for villas


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Today, people are quite heavily dependent on public services who are engaged in the supply of hot water in the house. As you know, planned works on the pipeline occur frequently, and highways completely overlapped. All this only brings inconvenience to the house.

In addition to this we must add the various accidents which sometimes eliminates a very long time. The Central highway from the holiday villages are far away, so the repair becomes much more complicated. In our time, a problem with the hot water can be solved quite simply. Help cottagers conventional storage water heaters that operate on electricity.

water heaters electric for giving feedback

How to decide on a purchase?

Now, water heater tankless (electric). Which is better for summer? In answering this question, first we should define the dimensions of the device. If the family in the country is going big, it is best to give preference to cumulative models. In size they are quite large, however, the performance of them is good. In addition, these electric heaters to give less consume electricity. If we consider a compact model for household needs, flow-through devices are more priorities. First and foremost it is worth noting their low cost.

They are easy to manage, because to understand them is capable of that. The installation of such systems is not difficult. The average power of the device should be in the region of 15 kW. However, the performance depends on the type of water heater. On average the figure is around 6 liters per minute. The power source of the heater is the network with a voltage of 220 V. the Deviation of the maximum shall be 20 V. Additionally, the manufacturer specifies the frequency of the equipment. This parameter determines the stability of the heating element. This indicator is measured in Hz. For water heater with a capacity of 15 kW the rate limiting frequency must be at 40 Hz. Maximum water temperature 50 degree is welcome. The protection class of the device is indicated by a marking on the product.


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Most likely to be found on the package the inscription: ИП25. It tells the buyer that the water heater is protected against leaks, and provides a system that monitors all of the fault. This is extremely important because if the heating element fails, the model must be switched off. The same applies to water flow. When the tank is not filled, the water heater required work protection.

electric water heaters for villas reviews

Feedback about the models "Electrolux"

These water heaters (electric) for giving feedback are varied. To the buyer it is important to know that the products of this company today is very much in demand. Control system for water heaters are usually provided by hydraulic. Overall performance is acceptable, but if you compare with other companies, it is interesting models not so much.

The Majority of buyers choose products of this brand because of cost. To install electric water heaters for the garden simple, and eyeliner in the kit is included standard. The average system pressure kept at 5 MPa. Some models of the temperature maximum can score of 60 degrees. Disadvantages of consumers say the high price of goods. This is especially true of models where there are fairly large displays.

electric water heater for summer how to choose

How to choose a good water heater "Electrolux"?

The Company "Electrolux" how to choose storage water heaters (electric) to testify? In answering this question, it is important to understand that the performance of the models is quite different. The first series are characterized by their versatility, but they have no thermal fuse. As a result, the mechanism breaks down quite often, and it gives the owner a lot of trouble.

Thus, it is better to choose to give the model of the new devices. Fuses are installed pretty high quality, complaints about them have been reported. Cylinders, typically copper. Size selection of the model is not particularly difficult, and the design in General, storage water heaters (electric) have to give interesting. Management it is best to choose a simple modification with a small display. Usually the company sets the control units on two modes.

tankless electric water heater which is better for summer

Opinion of the consumers about the devices "Termeks"

Brand "Termeks" storage water heaters (electric) for giving feedback are good. First model of this company is known for its versatility. They are suitable for functional parts for nearly all. Of the shortcomings can be identified only some problems with the cable clamp. It breaks down quite often, but it is more related to failures in the network. To solve this problem, if I have to do to install a network filter.

Thermal fuses heaters are quality. Cylinders in many models are installed in copper. If we consider outdated electric water heaters for the house, and there they were used stainless steel and its reliability were not allocated. Inlets for cold water produced with protection. Pressure switch the system has, therefore, a large pressure mechanism, not afraid. Pad in the device is usually installed in terminal. As a result, to control the temperature only in leaps and bounds.

how to choose storage water heaters (electric) to testify

Choosing the right water heater "Termex"

The Company "Termeks" how to choose storage water heaters (electric) to testify? To answer this question, we need to fairly accurately weigh the need volumes of hot water. Compared with other manufacturers, this company is able to offer a variety of budget options. At the same time and the device characteristics are acceptable. If talking specifically, then the average performance of the models of the series RS is 2 liters per minute. In turn, the capacity of the devices is around 5 kW.

According to the installation models are divided into vertical and horizontal. By design they are quite similar, so in this regard, the consumer is limited. Power supply for all water heaters is carried out from the network with voltage of 220 V. the Maximum deviation of the models of the series RS is 20 V. the maximum frequency of the system is around 30 Hz. Mechanisms of display are set. A good model maximum pressure shall withstand not less than 5 MPa. Also check the water heater manual switch. The protection system must be ИП25.

storage water heaters (electric) to testify

What they say about models "Vailant"?

The Company "Vaillant" electric water heaters for villas reviews get are mostly positive. Many buyers prefer models of the company because of the high degree of protection. First and foremost, note the automatic system of temperature. The power device can be selected manually. To the plastic tubing electric water heaters for villas there is the possibility to connect without any problems, and that is good news.

Control flow of water, many models have a built-in type. Housing in versions of the last series made by the manufacturer shock resistant. Cable to the water pipe are connected via an airtight box, so leaks occur very rarely. In General, the pipe-laying can be done openly or hidden. Thus, it is possible to plan the system connections.

Water Heaters "Vaillant" to give

The Company "Vaillant" electric water heater for summer how to choose? This question bothers many people, and it requires careful consideration. Experts advise to choose a model with a high limit temperature of about 55 degrees. Additionally, the buyer should pay attention to the heating water. System temperature maintenance is required to be installed. If we consider a budget model, it is better to give preference to devices that have manual controls. The protection system is welcome in most cases ИП26.

electric water heaters for villas

Tips for selecting a model of the firm "AEG"

Directly to the tank inside should be made with a corrosion-resistant layer. The management node from the experts welcome e-type. If the water in the country is served is of poor quality, you need to learn more about the filtration system in the water heater.

Today for the cleaning of tubes, there are many tools. As a rule, at the exit of the nozzles are installed with special strainers. These items can significantly extend the service life of the heater. Pricing should be approached individually. If the ISP...

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