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Air conditioning equipment on the market in different variations, in terms of the functions performed. Traditional air conditioners are mainly focused on cooling the air in summer, but with the development of equipment manufacturers has increased and the lower limit operating temperature. Especially effective as a universal AirCon a split system for heating and cooling. In winter it cannot be considered as full-fledged heating equipment, but as a corrector of the indicators of domestic climate this option is fine.

Split systems

Unlike air conditioners split systems are formed by two blocks, one of which is indoors, and the second brought out. But not every model of such equipment suitable to perform the function of heating. Such modifications usually are equipped with special devices, including pressure switches. With the help of this Adjuster the user can adjust space heating split-system through the frequency control operation of the fan. Also the installation is not complete without the heating element, which is complemented by a compressor. This device is normally supplied with the sensor, based on the values that the system can perform the automatic climate control.

a split system for heating

The Feature “winter” split systems is the availability of Ten, carrying out the heating of the drainage. In freezing temperatures the pipe drain output may freeze, causing water from the internal segment will flow into the room. Therefore, to prevent such situations, a split system for heating and shall be equipped with safety devices. They are not designed for providing warm flows in the room and on the tasks of technological protection of communications of the air conditioner.


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Main features split-system heating

As with any HVAC equipment, split systems primarily are characterized by the power. In this case, you should rely on the power capacity of the indoor unit, which depending on design can vary from 1.5 to 20 kW. Minimum possess domestic wall model, the power limit usually show channel and floor-to-ceiling modification.

split systems for heating

The second parameter indicates the temperature range which can operate a split system for heating in a particular execution. On average, the equipment management allows you to set the temperature mode from 16 to 30 °C in the upper range. For comfortable operation it is useful to pay attention to the noise figure. The indoor unit usually operates in the range 24-26 dB, but some contemporary models show high values because effective sound insulation.

Exploitation of a split system in the winter

The Possibility of heating of the room air conditioning is not something outlandish. However, most of the models are calculated and if this function, in autumn and spring time. Winter heating support only selected configuration of such installations. This is the first point to consider when starting up a unit at sub-zero temperatures on the street.

a split system for heating the house in winter

Now we should answer the question of how to enable split-system heating at a temperature lower than -5 °C. the fact that this threshold for the vast majority of models – for specified temperature boundary technique is not recommended for use even in cooling mode. But if the installation has a dedicated set for winter start, you can turn even at -25 °C. the Control electronics is the same as high summer temperatures.

Maintenance of split systems

Before using the equipment in conditions of negative temperatures, i.e. in winter, you should perform a few preparatory activities. First you need to check your filters and if necessary clean or replace. Next, check the antifreeze. From its quality depend on the efficiency of the system and its durability. If the split system for heating will not be used in winter, you should take care of removal of moisture from the heat exchanger. This equipment should be put in the mode of operation of the fan for about 3 hours.

Manufacturers of split systems with heating

Leaders of the General segment of air conditioners are Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Daikin. Very high quality and functional technique also goes under the names of LG and Panasonic, but the aforementioned manufacturers regularly offer users new features, including the supply models option of heating. Mitsubishi, for example, produces ergonomic split systems for heating, provided an intelligent control system. Some versions of this line are successfully integrated into the infrastructure of “smart” house. As for Daikin and Toshiba, the developers of these companies develop technique in structural terms, offering the best solutions in the form of multi-functional systems.

space heating split system

How to choose model for heating?

Still rely when choosing the first thing on the form factor and connectivity. A suitable design will make possible the installation of equipment in a particular place – it can be wall, floor, cassette or column model.

how to enable a split system for heating

Next, the selected performance parameters. As practice shows, domestic service, small space is enough for 2.4 kW. Modern plants efficiently use energy, which makes it possible to use the power returns. For example, instructions on how to put a split-system for heating, increasingly, special modes of operation. Typically, this optional program operation, which are initially set optimal settings performance with the expectation of external conditions and user requirements.


Versatile and multi-tasking appliances with all the ease of use is not always pleasing to users the quality of the executions of its functions. Especially if we are talking about the opposite task – the cooling and heating. Nevertheless the expectations from such air conditioners are justified by a substantial proportion of users.

how to put a split system for heating

First, a split system for heating the house in winter in terms of power consumption does not exceed the heating equipment. This means that you can count on savings in the operation of equipment. Secondly, such modifications of split systems as correctors of temperature regime show their best qualities. Of course, full operation of the equipment for heating the house should not count.


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