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Summer brings us generous gifts in the form of a gentle sun and an abundance of vegetables and fruits. Children have holidays and they can enjoy free time at the cottage. The butterflies, the buzz on colors striped bees. And each child crying, running home and complaining that he was bitten by a wasp. This is a reason to conduct an immediate investigation. These creatures rarely attack on foreign soil. Maybe they already built a nest and now are not allowed to “your” the Apple tree or the wall of the barn.

hornet's nest

First signs

Typically, with the onset of evening in the garden becomes quiet. But near the hornet's nest continues the fuss is about. If you see scurrying the OS, then make no mistake - they decided to establish themselves here. The second feature is the many insects fly to your house. Be sure they're not just passing and live in the immediate vicinity. Yet to think seriously how to get rid of wasps.

Causes of neighborhood

Of Course, you imagine these neighbors were not selected. But for them, your site was very appropriate. On what grounds do they choose a place to nest?

The Units OS choose cozy loopholes, hidden away from prying eyes and wind. They are not too industrious, so are always ready to facilitate a problem, choosing a comfortable spot in the roof. There's no rain and wind, you can safely deduce posterity. The causes of OS is also a food that is in abundance near human habitation. Of course, it's country and the private sector. As you can see, they have every reason not to fly past.

how to get rid of wasps in the country

Peaceful coexistence

Many people associate OS with hard-working bees. So instead of thinking how to get rid of wasps, the human being is that they will catch flies and benefit. Yes, the flies they eat, but with great pleasure will "graze" in the garden.


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Immediately expunged out of your head thinking about peaceful coexistence. It is not those insects. They are dangerous for a number of reasons. Even if you notice that solitary insects began to come back to your site, take measures for their capture and destruction. It's pretty easy to implement with the help of traps. And even more time to put squarely the question "how to get rid of wasps" if they made a nest near to your house.

Causes for immediate launch

There are a number of objective reasons why it is impossible to feel sorry for OS:

  • They destroyed the harvest. Even some adults who have chosen your garden can cause substantial damage to the ripe grapes. They gladly eats the apples and pears that can cripple a Bush of raspberries or gooseberries. Imagine what will be left for you, if you fly a whole family. Most likely, they will simply not come close to the vine for the ripe grenkami.
  • The infection vector. It is considered that this sin just flies. But these striped robbers do not stop the search for sugar-containing products in the garbage, they will not give up to eat a fly or a bee. Then they fly to your house and sit on the table, on the edge of the sugar bowl.
  • This is an extremely aggressive insect. This should be considered when you choose a way to get rid of wasps. Each individual is able to bite more than 5 times in a row. Especially angry they become, if you approach the nest. So you need to think carefully about the remedy.
how to get rid of wasps under the roof

Where to look for a socket

It Happens that the area circling a large number of insects, and the man is well aware that somewhere nearby is a nest. But discover it fails, and the capture of individuals has no effect. Then you need to methodically examine all of the parts that are convenient for the construction of wasp nests. They often build their houses in the hollows of trees, under the protection of dense foliage. Sometimes you can find them in the grass or even in the hole. But in a private home or Villa favorite places OS are:

  • Wooden sheds, toilets and other buildings where they can feel safe;
  • Niche on the roof (a slate);
  • Loggias, balconies and terraces
  • Downpipes;
  • Piled in a heap of boards and other debris;
  • A wide gap between wall and covering.

If you are sure that the territory is a hornet's nest, but I can't find it, it is recommended to resort to the next method. Lay in the shade of fruit trees, a few slices of meat and watch. Stream insects from the nest to the bait will give him the location.

combat wasps

Rules for inferring insect

We must Not forget about the rules of personal safety. If the insects you will notice, it will attack. They do not leave a stinger under the skin and can strike again and again. In rare cases, such meetings end in death. Especially dangerous bites OS for children and people allergic to wasp venom. Make sure there are no Pets and children. To fight you will need:

  • The bag;
  • Ladder;
  • Spray
  • Insect repellent.

So how to get rid of wasps in the country is difficult without close contact, it is necessary to wear protective clothing, a mask on his head, gloves. To deter insects help the smokebreaths. Do not forget that to cope with the wasps is very hard. If you survived species, the striped collection will soon grow again. Therefore, your main task is to destroy homes. Carefully explore all the nooks. It is possible that in the attic above the barn hid another small nest. In this case, will soon have to start all over again.

the anti-OS

Different ways to fight

If you want to get rid of insects forever, then you need to think about their actions. The most effective ways:

  • Burning of the nest;
  • Usage of insecticides
  • The use of poisoned baits;
  • Traps.

Before proceeding into action, you need to think and weigh the pros and cons. In particular, to estimate the location of the nest. Burning is prohibited if it is attached to the wooden structure. It is important to warn all the neighbors that they closed the Windows. The furious swarm may behave unpredictably.

Use insecticides

How to get rid of wasps under the roof? Very effective way will be to use special insecticides. They can be purchased in specialized stores. Most of them produced in the form of concentrated solutions. Before use, you want to dilute them with water.

We Now estimate the dimensions of the slot and pick up a big plastic bag. It must be completely inside a dwelling uninvited neighbors. On the bottom you need to pour about a Cup of solution. Now you need to quickly throw a bag over the socket and tape to fasten it to a wall surface or ceiling. If possible, tighten the neck, preventing the flight of insects. Now we just need to wait 2-3 days. To understand killed the insect or not, knock on bag. If no buzz, then everything is fine. Otherwise make the bag a small hole for the sprinkler spray. Good work valve, the jet from the head is distributed inside the package. Now tie the hole and wait a few more days.

jet from the OS

What is the remedy for the most effective OS

The lack of them today, no. Any store will offer dozens of drugs that will quickly destroy the colony. The most popular and effective are Get total, "Lambda", "Executioner", "Cucaracha" and others. Working with them requires compliance with safety regulations, so please read the instructions on the package.

There are special insecticidal gels, but they work only in the case that wasps ate the bait, spread these funds. This drugs is "absolute", "adamant", which should be applied to the slices of sweet watermelon and leave near the nest. The downside is that the fight is against individuals, not sockets in General.

Use bait

If you fly near the house a lot of wasps, and the nest cannot be found, it is possible to solve the problem at the local level. For this purpose the bait. The above manufacturers offer consumers a special poison that can be diluted in pokkisham jam in saucers to place around the house. It is not necessary to use honey, you will attract bees whose death be in vain.

If you notice a nest nearby, on a hill, place a saucer with this bait. The next day you will find next to him a huge amount of dead wasps. Refresh the bait until, until you notice that it is intact. Periodically, exposing them around the house, you will provide protection from the OS.

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