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The Annoying insects can severely impair a summer vacation or just stay outside the city. Mosquitoes do bring a lot of inconvenience, especially to children. After their bites on the skin are unpleasant blisters that are very itchy. It is therefore not surprising that every person asks: "How to protect yourself from mosquitoes?".

how to protect yourself from mosquitoes

Today there are many tools that help get rid of the pesky bloodsuckers. Consider the best of them.

Dangerous mosquitoes?

If to speak about inhabitants of Russia, they shouldn't suffer because of the bites of these insects, as annoying bloodsuckers transmit dangerous disease only in 1% of 100%. Often their bites cause intense itching and redness of the affected skin areas.

However, those who are sent to rest in warm countries should exercise great caution. Will be enough just to figure out how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, you need to understand how dangerous they are.

In North and South America, Australia and Africa there are very dangerous mosquitoes, which carry diseases such as:

  • Zika virus;
  • Malaria;
  • West Nile virus;
  • Dengue fever;
  • Yellow fever.

What attracts mosquitoes?

I'm Sure everyone noticed that some mosquitoes attack more often. There are many theories about what attracts these insects. Some scientists believe that it all depends on blood group, but in fact it is not.

mosquito repeller for street

Mosquitoes react to the following factors:

  • Body odor. These insects literally go crazy from the slightest smell of human sweat glands, so in order to understand how to protect themselves from mosquitoes, it is sufficient to take care of their health;
  • Hormones. In the body of every person contains sex hormones. Changes related to them, occur in some people more and others less. If the human body has increased testosterone levels, as a rule, it will be more “delicious bait" for mosquitoes. Women suffer from the bloodsuckers in the period of ovulation, when levels of the female hormone predominates in their bodies;
  • The smell. Bloodsuckers love the aromas of perfumes and colognes. So do not often be throttled delicious flavors in the summer time.

If we talk about how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, you should understand that today there are many tools that help to ward off the bloodsuckers. Take a closer look.


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The tools appeared on the market recently, and immediately became very popular. Unlike toxic aerosols they deter mosquitoes without harming humans. However, according to tests conducted in Australia, these products are not very effective. The fact that they are able to deter mosquitoes from a distance of several centimeters from the bracelet. This means that your upper body remains unprotected.

mosquito spray

The best is desks for schools, which costs about 300 rubles. However, the sale can be seen and other means.


These products are suitable for use in the home and are excellent mosquito repellents for the outdoors. These candles contains citronella which is flying bloodsuckers can't stand. However, according to recent studies, these candles are able to protect from the bites of only 42%.

More effective repeller you can do with your hands, dropping a little on a normal candle citronella essential oils.


Aerosols are very effective means and are the most popular. Among the best is to provide:

  • Bug Spray Dr. Mercola. This drug is made from natural ingredients, so it is absolutely safe for children. In addition to mosquito spray will eliminate ticks, flies and other flying vermin.
  • Quantum Health. This tool helps not only from the usual mosquitoes, but also on vectors of West Nile virus. Spray protects from bites for 4 hours.
  • Badger Company. The spray has passed clinical trials and is safe for adults and children.

liquid fumigator


This type of repeller is one of the universal tools that help to get rid of any type of insects. Similar devices are sold in almost every store. For example, the Raptor device. To explain how to use ‘Raptor” from mosquitoes, is not necessary, since everything is written in instructions. It is sufficient to set the device into the socket and lock it in a special plate. She soaked in a special remedy that pretty quickly paralyzes and kills the bloodsuckers.

Also, instead of plates quite often used the liquid for the fumigator, which is enough to fill in the appliance and sleep through the night.

If we talk about the best devices of this type, it is necessary to highlight:

  • Thermacell. This tool is suitable for use in the apartment or on the street. It works on the plates that are impregnated with natural insecticide – Albertina. This substance found in chrysanthemums. Therefore, the use of such a composition is absolutely safe for humans.
  • Mosquitall. This liquid fumigator features a miniature fan, so that the device starts to work immediately.

ultrasonic protection from mosquitoes

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes at home?

The cheapest way to get rid of the annoying bloodsuckers in the apartment with the help of several means:

  • Citrus and garlic. Mosquitoes just hate the smell of garlic and citrus fruits. Therefore, in order to get rid of them, it is enough to set fire to the white stem extending from the head odorous plants. Once the smoke fills the room unpleasant for mosquitoes scent, the insects will disappear immediately. However, this smell will not appeal to people. In this case, it is recommended to use citrus. It's enough to make a smoldering orange rind or any other fruit.
  • To prepare on the basis of vanilla cream or a liquid solution, the skin will be fragrant. Mosquitoes will literally run away from the smell. In addition, you can dissolve a packet of vanillin in a liter of water and spray the room with spray. In this case the insects will not even approach the room. However it is not necessary to use vanilla sugar because of its sweet taste will attract mosquitoes.
  • Clove is also a powerful weapon against mosquitoes and other flying insects. If you pour the packet of dry spices a small amount of boiling water and mix the resulting liquid with Cologne, you can get a cheap, safe and effective spray repellent bloodsuckers.

bracelet against mosquitoes gardex

In addition, insects hate the smell of most essential oils, which is enough to add a child or any other cream. This mixture will protect from pests.

Also today, in the market you can find ultrasonic protection from mosquitoes. However, this method of getting rid of bloodsuckers still remains unexplored. Therefore, its effectiveness is not proven.

In an apartment or a house not flew mosquitoes, you should install the Windows and doorways special mosquito nets. You can also hang on the walls of small branches of wormwood, elderberry or juniper.

Methods of protection from mosquitoes on the street

Essential oil is not weathered in the open air, so they can be safely used during a trip to the cottage or in the forest.

The cheapest mosquito repeller for the street is an ordinary fire, which is enough to add spruce and pine cones. The same effect have Valerian, juniper, cherry and Basil, if placed in the fire. The smoke and aroma from such a fire will quickly repel insects.

In the suburban area it is recommended to start to grow my own Basil and tomatoes, as their flavor is also unpleasant for mosquitoes. how to use the Raptor from mosquitoes

It Should be noted that traditional methods of protection from mosquitoes can be used for a long time. If we are talking about aerosols, fumigators and creams that contains chemical components, to use such funds only for a certain time. Otherwise, you may develop allergies or other unpleasant ailments. Therefore, when choosing a mosquito repellent should give preference to the natural ingredients. And cheaper to prepare a protective cream or spray yourself.


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