Plastic doors: repair and adjustment. Repair of plastic balcony doors: manual and recommendations


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Today, plastic doors and Windows can be seen everywhere-in offices and shops, schools and public buildings. Appreciate the advantages of these constructions, the owners of apartments and houses – no dust and noise, handsome appearance, easy maintenance, affordable price.

But over time can break down plastic door. Repairing them is possible in some cases to spend their own hands.plastic door repairs

Where you might want to repair?

Even the most high-quality the product of plastic after a certain time of operation will need repair (or adjustment). Quite often, the repair of plastic Windows and doors may be required before the manufacturer's deadline, for example, in the case when they are installed in the first year after the commissioning of the building to sink. In this case, you can experience misalignment of the profile.

Repair of plastic entrance doors, typically require less, but subject to certain conditions. For the front door is especially important as its installation. Even just unskilled and inexperienced installers, not knowing all the details of this process can prevent many serious errors.the repair of plastic balcony doors

In addition, unscrupulous manufacturers often use poor quality, cheap accessories. The result of such savings is a gap between the wall and the door is sagging it, the curvature of the opening, and a loose fit of the sash.

Entrance door

Interior doors such models differ in the thickness of the glazing and profile, but the loop is similar. From the balcony of models characterized by the absence of the folding mechanism, the type of loops.

On the entrance doors usually have three hinges. They may vary in design and clamping mechanism, and therefore, the method of adjustment.the repair of plastic entrance doors

Bias the door

Consider the case when twisted plastic door. The repair must begin with removal of the trim strips on the hinge, which is mounted on the canvas. Initially, the door open and twisting the screw that holds the bar. After that, the door closed and removed the bar. Under it you will see six mounting screws (under the screwdriver) and one adjusting screw (hex). Twisting or trying it, you can adjust the offset of the door relative to the vertical by 5 mm (in any direction).


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How to lower or raise the sash?

Sometimes eventually start to like to hang the plastic door sill. Repair in this case involves the raising of the sash. To do this, use the adjustment screw (turn key) located in the lower end of the loop.

It's covered by the decorative strip, which is easily “removed”. Thus, it is possible to raise the door at four millimeters or lowered by one of plastic Windows and doors

How to adjust the down pressure?

There are two types of such adjustments:

  • Fine adjustment. It is carried out within one and a half millimeters, with the screw located in the upper end of the loop.
  • Rough adjustment. In this case, the door removed from the hinges, and then part of the loop installed on the box, adjust screw.

Repair of plastic balcony doors

Problems of this type of door is similar to problems of the input models. Over time they can warp, that has more to do with the temperature difference (especially when the balcony is not glazed and not insulated). Therefore, the repair of plastic balcony doors are conducted on the same principle.

Different manufacturers of hardware may have some differences in the setting, but mostly they are similar. Horizontal adjustment left or right is held by two screws that are at the top or bottom of the loop. Opening the shutter two screws are clearly visible. The bottom is the supporting part of the hinge located on the and adjustment of plastic Windows and doors

The vertical adjustment is carried out using a screw which can be seen in the bottom of the loop. It is closed with a decorative strap. When unscrewing or tightening it, the door can be raised or lowered. The clamp is adjustable by turning the eccentrics, which are in the end (vertical) the door leaf.

Common fault

Repair and adjustment of plastic Windows and doors have quite a lot in common. The most common failure of plastic doors is:

  • Breakage of the handle;
  • Breakage of the rod;
  • Sagging hinges;
  • Problems with the door closer.

Take a closer look.

Repair pen

This is the main problem of plastic doors. If you came across it, we recommend you to replace it. To make it easy. Turn ninety degrees to the plate (decorative), located at the base of the handle. Then with a screwdriver Unscrew all the screws and instead of the broken handle install new one.

Now the question arises: whether in all cases the need to replace the whole mechanism? No, not at all. When the handle is intact, but it's too hard cranks enough to handle special grease all moving and adjustment of plastic Windows and doors

Sagging door

Consumers are often faced with sagging doors. With this problem easily. First adjust the position of the door. You will need Allen hex key. Insert it into the lower hinge and rotate clockwise. So you can easily and quickly raise the door leaf in the desired position.

Repair rod

This is a common problem faced by people who have plastic doors. The fixation rod of the lever is not always possible on their own. As a rule, owners are faced with it bending, breaking, jamming in the joints or damage to the mounting locations. You must know that without the help of professionals you will be able to repair some damage to the rod. Usually in these cases, using welding. If you understand that you will not be able to cope with this problem, contact the company, which is engaged in repair of plastic Windows.

Repair of door closer

There is an outage of and door closers. This small movement ensures quiet, smooth closing of the door. To fix it yourself. But often this malfunction can cause leakage of the working fluid from him. Often this happens in the cold season after depressurization of seals. As a result, the door loses its smoothness when opening and closing. You need to be very careful - closers does not provide for the showdown, so in this case it is better to replace the machine entirely.


We told you about the repair of plastic doors. Repair of Windows is similar. But there are some features.

Quite often, in the plastic Windows over time wears out the rubber gasket located around the perimeter of the sash. This violates the tightness of the window, deteriorating soundproofing, the design begins to leak air. repair of plastic Windows and doors

Sealing can compromise the influence of thermal deformation. It therefore should periodically adjust the window. When closing the sash, to enhance the sealing, turn trunnion (acting cylinder with a rounded shape). It is located in the slots of the metal plugs. Turn it to the inside of the window. If you need to decrease the seal, then rotate this element should be to the outside.


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