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Swiss Oak – the famous Swiss watch brand. The company produces the goods for the house and rest of high quality materials. She strives to make people's lives comfortable and modern. Great popularity in the domestic market was won by the Swiss Oak utensils. Reviews about it will be presented in our article.

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What offer?

Collection of Swiss kitchen utensils is called Pietra Nera. It's made of three-millimeter extruded aluminium. Main feature – a non-stick coating from Ilag®Granitec. It is resistant to scratches and corrosion. It is applied to products of a premium level and designed to withstand intensive use. In addition, has a heat storage bottom cookware Swiss Oak. Reviews of it show that it can be used on all types of plates. Stick products are made of high quality bakelite. They are very comfortable and do not slip in the hands. All pots and pans line Pietra Nera is equipped with temperature sensors to control the level of heating the surface of the product. When ware is heated, the indicator turns red. Variety of goods limited to: pots, pans and lids for them.

swiss oak cookware reviews

Grill Pan: stylish and heavy

Swiss Oak – utensils reviews, which are of interest to many. Grill pan from this brand like the lovers of modern and qualitative products. They note that the capacity of warms up evenly and retains heat for a long time. In addition, she has a strong bottom in a non-stick coating. The corrugated surface of the pan mimics the grill bars. It forms on the food a savory crust. Vegetables and meat are wonderful cooked through on it. Crockery looks stylish. Especially good handle with an indicator of the heating capacity. The size of the product – 27 x 27 inches. On this dish you can prepare memorable meals.


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Swiss swiss dishes oak reviews

Pan WOK: roomy and comfortable

Renowned for their practicality cookware Swiss Oak. Reviews about WOK pan from this manufacturer the most enthusiastic. First of all, consumers noted its spaciousness. It is possible to make the pilaf, saute the vegetables and boil the soup. Thanks to a special coating in the pan does not burn anything. In addition, capacity is evenly heated, so the food is cooked in it quickly. The frying pan is quite heavy, but to take her in my arms very comfortable. Handle of heavy-duty plastic does not overheat. The indicator allows to understand, ready-made container for cooking or not. Many people like that the cookware is made of durable and safe materials. Dishes prepared in it are not only tasty, but also useful.

Volume pot: cook with pleasure

People like the Swiss dishes, Swiss Oak. It will make you think about why it is still there in your kitchen? Like all pans from this manufacturer with a thick bottom, a protective coating and comfortable handles. Durable, resistant to mechanical damage, reliable, they allow you to cook with minimal fat that will appreciate the proponents of a healthy diet. Pans-cookware universal. If desired, they can even fry vegetables, however, it is best to they make nourishing soups. Borscht, rassolnik, soup, stew – all these dishes are dishes from the Swiss brand makes is just amazing. Buyers say that such quality products is not a pity any money. In the sale of products of different sizes: pan with a diameter of 24 cm and a volume of 4.5 liters and a tank with a diameter of 16 inches and a capacity of 1.56 liters. The smaller models include a single handle, more – two.

cookware swiss oak Gazprom pan reviews

Where to buy?

Available to any buyer cookware Swiss Oak. Reviews say that it has the best combination of price and quality. Products can be ordered online on the official website of the manufacturer. Delivery is via courier service in Moscow and cod on the territory of the Russian Federation. Accepts cash, money transfers, payment cards Visa, MasterCard and Maestro via the Internet-purses of system Pay2Pay. Security and privacy guaranteed.

Initially spread through the network of petrol stations crockery Swiss Oak (Gazprom). Frying pan reviews which are very positive, could be bought by regular customers of the company «Gazprom Neft” on the stock. Half the cost was proposed to be paid in cash, the remaining part – chips for regular purchase of gasoline at the gas station. Many took advantage of this offer and have not regretted it.

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Swiss Home: who is the manufacturer?

It is Difficult to say who made the dishes Swiss Home. Customer reviews are very different. Some believe that the quality of these products speaks for itself, others argue that it is impossible to buy products from an unknown brand. Besides, it is distributed almost clandestinely, with owner, at a bargain price. On the Internet a lot of funny stories about how he went to various people for this cookware. However, many tried and were not disappointed. Consumers now call the biggest drawback of the product the absence of the manufacturer and the method of sale. Everything else – on top.

Range of Swiss Home

Despite the fact that the names of the brands of Swiss Oak and Swiss Home similar a assortment of them are a little different. The second offer buyers a set of 17 items. It includes three saucepans, pressure cooker, bowl, frying pan, ladle, lid, and two glass coasters. Products made of stainless steel. Handles are made of durable plastic. In the box with the utensils are brochures and a recipe book. Unknown manufacturer guarantees 30 years of successful operation. At the bottom of all containers is a logo of the company on the side walls – level.

swiss home cookware reviews and prices

National recognition

Many unsuspecting buyers had a chance to know what cookware Swiss Home. Reviews and prices for this product are equally positive. According to rumors, some had to pay for a set of pots and pans to 50 000 rubles. However, the average price of the products – 10 000. Kitchen utensils in a normal shop is unlikely to be cheaper.

Buyers say that the suspicious origin of the dish does not affect its quality. Dishes in it to be tender and delicious. The containers are easy to clean and keep decent appearance. On a glossy surface does not remain fingerprints and annoying scratches. Some people don't like the original cover. However, they can be easily replaced by other, already existing in the house. For a set it is easy to find a place in the kitchen – if it is properly folded it is very compact. Buying a Swiss Home for many was an unexpected purchase, but they do not regret about the made choice. Even vigilant women who are jealous of their farm and do not allow ill-advised acquisitions, take this utensil and speak well of it.


To Buy or not products and Oak Swiss Swiss Home, only you can decide. It might be better to think about what the alloys are different, some of them harmful to one's health, so without certificates of quality metal or steel kitchenware not worth taking. However, some risk buying used in the kitchen and achieve great results in cooking. Note that Swiss Oak - cookware reviews, which are trusted more, because they are placed on the official website. At Swiss Home and private electronic resource, and the origin of the brand is unknown. However, online reviews also have a weight, and for the most part they are positive. Many take responsibility and recommend this dish to their friends and acquaintances. Therefore, the question of whether to buy or not, is very controversial. In any case, wish you shopping practical and successful experiments in the kitchen.


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