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Greenhouse – is a unique environment created for the habitation of plants. This heated greenhouse, thanks to their capacity to retain and dissipate heat throughout, allows you to collect several harvests in one season.

What can you grow in a greenhouse

Greenhouse due to its properties suitable for all plants. It is possible to grow any vegetables and fruit. Due to the fact that plants can bear fruit several times during the season, in the capable hands of a greenhouse can bring a big income. In the opinion of many agronomists in the greenhouse (at industrial scale) should not grow more than one culture. The maximum effect can be achieved only by specializing on a single crop.greenhouse orange

Briefly about the "Orange"

"Orange" – polycarbonate greenhouses domestic production. A greenhouse with a bright name has become one of the latest developments of domestic agronomists. The experience proved that it is one of the most efficient designs, which is freely available today. Greenhouse "Orange", reviews which are mostly positive, every day is gaining popularity with gardeners, displacing older and less efficient design.

What attracts buyers "Orange": the pros

Thanks to new technologies, greenhouse "Orange" combines the two main factors-price and quality. Product quality is confirmed by more than one buyer. One of the main problems of modern greenhouses – the frame. Many domestic manufacturers save on materials, making the design unreliable and fragile. Greenhouse "Orange" has a strong and robust frame that's ready to withstand all required polycarbonate greenhouses


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There are a number of unforeseen circumstances that can interrupt the operation of the "Orange". It does not matter, because when buying a greenhouse from the plant is a long-term guarantee. In case of manufacturing defects or shortcomings, you can always handle the warranty, the owner will return the money or replace the product with a new one. It is important to buy original product and not a fake, otherwise no one owes money will not return.

Since the construction is simple, and the materials are lightweight and durable for a long time to think how to build a greenhouse "Orange" is not necessary. This design differs from the others by its ease of Assembly and installation.

Also, many have noted how the individual plus the availability of swing doors. Greenhouse "Orange", unlike many other designs, you'll be swinging doors that do not impede the passage inside. Because of this, it's easy to ventilate the room, which will improve the welfare of the plants inside.

Compactness during transportation – an important factor, because you need to deliver the entire system on the suburban area of integrity and security. Greenhouse "Orange" is Packed in three flat cardboard boxes that are easily loaded into a car trunk. This greatly facilitates transportation and delivery of to build a greenhouse orange

It is Also worth noting that for all its size greenhouse weighs only seventy pounds, whereas the weight of similar designs and comes to a hundred pounds or more.

Standard "Orange"

The Standard "Orange" in length six metres, a width of three meters and a height of over two meters. These dimensions create a large clear space for planting plants. A greenhouse has the shape of an oblong dome with five transverse arches that hold the entire structure. Arc and the entire frame is made of galvanized rectangular profile twenty to thirty millimeters. The thickness of the metal at this profile zero point seven tenths of a millimeter. The place where you installed swing door and small window for ventilation, and have additional reinforcement to protect them from rapid wear. The greenhouse on request it is possible to strengthen the longitudinal metal bars, which strengthen the entire structure. Also, if you order additional partitions, you can extend the greenhouse next to complete the additional section.greenhouse orange Garant

Model greenhouses "Orange"

Like other common products, teplička "Orange" has a basic (standard) model, as well as a number of different variations. There are modifications like a greenhouse "Sin Garant", "Orange", "Orange Reinforced", "Orange". Of the most common include such models: "Orange Pro" and "Sin Increased".


"Orange" is slightly different from its original predecessor. In its design introduced a few amendments that make life easier for cottagers and increase the efficiency of the greenhouse.

Folded in the box, this greenhouse has following dimensions: in length a little more than two meters wide and fifty centimeters, and the height seven. Such a compact Assembly simplifies the process of transportation of goods by car.greenhouse orange reviews

The Maximum length of the greenhouse "Orange Pro" is eight meters. This model will cover twenty-four square meters of soil, and leave it on only five sheets of polycarbonate.

Among other things, the new greenhouse has a new advanced closed profile, D-type. The greenhouse is reinforced with additional longitudinal axes, can withstand additional load on your wall. Now you do not fear that a strong wind or a big layer of snow which detail will burst or break. Also, the new model is equipped with an additional second door. Now you can enter into not one, as before, by hand, and with the two. Put an extra second window to ventilate the room. Quickly and effectively ventilate plants with "Orange" – this is not a problem. In the new design simplified the Assembly. Now to connect the different elements of the frame have screws, which greatly simplifies the process.

Thus, the greenhouse "Orange" is more comfort and ease of Assembly, which does not have the standard greenhouse "Orange". Manual, which is attached to the designer, in a very detailed way and describes step by step the Assembly process. Why pay extra for Assembly – excess.greenhouse orange manual

Greenhouse "Orange Enhanced"

Greenhouse "Orange Enhanced" is almost indistinguishable from the standard. "Enhanced" version specifically designed for very adverse weather conditions. Special crab joints firm where dock galvanized profiles, making the design more reliable. This greenhouse also rely additional transverse profiles, which also makes the construction more rigid and resistant to vibrations and strong gusts of wind. The greenhouse itself can reach a length of ten meters.

Model of the "Orange-K"

Greenhouse "Orange-K", probably the most successful and useful version of all the previous ones. "Orange" with a mark "K" is the largest greenhouse of the entire range of similar products. It is also very sturdy and very durable (at least so the manufacturer promises).

In this greenhouse as the basis used ordinary galvanized square profile, which is then further covered with paint. This is done specifically so that the water that collects inside, did not cause corrosion of the metal. Also, this greenhouse is equipped with additional reinforcing diagonal bars.


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