Cold batteries: where to complain and what to do?


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With the arrival of autumn come the cold, the air outside cools, respectively, the cold penetrates into the apartment. Supply of heating in houses carries not only heat, but also causes the inhabitants of new experiences, frustrations and unnecessary problems. If given the heating and the batteries are cold, it is not necessary to wait that all by itself will resolve. There are several options of actions you can take.

the cold battery in the apartment

Search for HOA

First, the question arises: when the batteries are cold, where to complain? To get started is to talk to neighbors and find out how things are going with the heating in their apartments. If you have trouble in common, and the batteries are cold throughout the house, you must contact the management company. The responsibilities of the UK is to monitor the provision of houses all utilities, including heating. The company has a contract on your behalf with contractors providing these services. The essence of the document lies not only in payment of arrears of receipts, but also in the quality of received and paid services. The objective of the HOA is to find out why the contractor did not provide the building with heating in a prescribed period.

A good reason for General heating off

The Reason for cold batteries in the apartment can serve as a major accident on the highway or CHP. In this case, the municipal organizations are forced to turn off the hot water to the site, which is located in your home for renovations.

What should I do with the tenants if the house is cold battery? Where to complain if no one was warned, and did not inform the overlap in the coolant? In connection with a major accident who has violated the provision of heat to all residential building, in addition to the management company should send a collective complaint to the state housing Fund (State housing inspection). This organization takes calls around the clock.


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Dali heating a cold battery

Collective complaint

Any complaints must be submitted in writing. Making a statement from the collective occupants of the house, you have to collect their signatures – the more, the better. The complaint is written simultaneously to the President of the management company and the housing inspection in two copies. The paper describes a problem with the requirement to solve the issue, why give heating, and the battery cold. One copy remains at the company as an inbound e-mail, and the other with a stamp and date on the acceptance and returned to you. It will serve as the confirmation of appeal in the case of missed time measures. Valid sending the complaint by post with delivery notification to the recipient. Written the collective complaint bodies must consider in a period corresponding to the law.

Temperature according to health standards

With the beginning of the heating season residents are often faced with the fact that the battery is half cold or slightly warm. This suggests that supplied water for space heating not fully hot. To verify this, it is enough to determine the room temperature with an ordinary thermometer. Health standards allow that a comfortable daytime temperature in the apartment must be at least 18 OAbove zero with a small excess of 4 degrees.

After the adoption of the complaint is sent to you as an engineer, whose task is to identify the causes of the cold battery. For this, he measures the temperature in each room, fills the form and gives a copy to the owners. If the reading is below the prescribed standards, then the utilities should be taken.

cold battery what to do

Where else can I complain?

It is hoped that after the liquidation of the accident heating in the house will be available. But often the utility, supplying the coolant into the house, ignoring the complaints of insufficient temperature to heat the whole apartment. In this situation, when the house is a little warm or cold battery where to complain about non-Executive management company?

Do Not forget that you have on hand is composed of an engineer, who came from the management organization the act because of the insufficient heat supply. And you have neighbors as witnesses who have the same problem. You need to appeal to all the competent public authorities questions. You should contact the official from the local government, which is responsible for all utilities. You can sign up for a personal appointment or send a complaint via e-mail. Today there is such an opportunity. You can also write the complaint in Rospotrebnadzor. The statement must indicate that you have cold radiators in the apartment, to note the address and name of your management office. After that experts of Rospotrebnadzor sent to UK prescription with the requirement to correct violations of the temperature regime. The requirement will specify the period within which the issue should be fixed. In the case of non-compliance to the management company will be fined.

Last resort, which may prosecute the Director of the criminal code and thereby restore order, – the Prosecutor's office. The management company will be afraid to violate the requirements of law enforcement agencies.

Do Not pay for something not received

Dissatisfied, and hundreds in their apartments tenants have the full right to require recalculation of the cost of heating. The confirmation will serve as a document drawn up by the engineer of the management company, in which the date of the call, when the violation was recorded. Applications are accepted in the Unified information and settlement center. The recalculation must do in the next month. You can also require the payment of penalties for lack of heat. For each day of Nonconformance temperature regime norms will be deducted 3% of the total payment for heating in a month.

It Often happens that the statement of the whole team, unheated home in time to react and correct the problem in time. More difficult situation of those who found that heat was given, and the batteries are cold only in their apartment.

battery half cold

Call Manager

If you are too busy or don't want to find out the cause of their own, fearing to disturb the operation of the heating system, the first thing you call in an emergency-dispatching service of the service provider. The Manager must be, to record your data, noting the date of application and register the application received. Then you will be directed to a plumber, who will determine the cause of the lack of heat, and if it can be done quickly - eliminate breakage.

If you have a serious problem, then you call and have to come the employees of the management company and make a statement in duplicate, to measure the temperature in all rooms. In the absence of UK employees get neighbors who will testify and confirm that your apartment is cold. Together with them, make act arbitrarily and fix the currently available temperature.

Mark the date of the filing of the first application and specify that you do not come. Put together with the signatures and submit the paper in the UK. Signatures act shall not be less than three. After correcting the violations again, an act for the compliance with the temperature standards. The procedure is complete.

cold battery where to complain

Clarify the situation

At the beginning of the article we find out when the apartment is cold battery, where to complain. But it is possible and not to panic and to try to understand the reason for the lack of heating. If you find that the riser is hot and the battery is cold, this suggests that the hot water does not come into it. Check the position of the crane, provide access of coolant to the apartment, not locked it. Maybe you just forgot to open it. Make sure that the riser is not blocked in connection with the work in the basement.

boner hot and cold battery

Threat of air tube

Reasons why the cold battery in the apartment with the onset of the heating season, a few. This problem occurs in many people every year. And in the same apartment building someone with the heating procedure, and someone is still cold. One of the most common situations is the accumulation of air in the system. If the battery hear the gurgling, then it emits an air tube to be released.

Accumulated in the pipes of the air barrier to the free movement of water, which must constantly circulate to heat the room. In addition, the air is not able to conduct heat. This leads to the fact that the riser is hot and the battery is cold. The presence of air clusters reduces the wear of the heating devices causes the formation of rust.

Down the air

Usually in a situation when the batteries are cold in the apartment, the tenants pull the air themselves. For this purpose, the battery is the tap Majewski.

Before opening the valves, you need to first turn off the heating and lay under the battery rags, as air will leak dirty water. The valve opens with a screwdriver, which is inserted into the hole and slowly rotated. The exhaust air from the holes will go with a hiss. When will the air tube should leak fluid. The tap can be closed. With this method, the disturbed circulation is restored. The valve is installed on all...

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