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Modern life is impossible to imagine without a refrigerator. It is an indispensable thing in any home. Their sizes can be different. But many choose compact models. The advantages of small refrigerators in their small size – this unit can be installed in the country, in office and anywhere. You can experience all the benefits of this device and at the same time not to suffer from shortage of free space. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of small refrigerators with freezer without it. But many, when choosing guided by the same characteristics as when purchasing large models – the approach is fundamentally wrong. The fact that these devices are set to different tasks. Let's see what models on the market, how to choose the right.

Features small refrigeration units

The First and most important feature – is the size. This refrigerator is the best choice for small kitchens, cottages and country houses. The unit can be installed even under a standard worktop. small refrigerator freezerThe Second – a high mobility. Fridge you can take with you – it will fit easily in the trunk of any modern car. Weight technology is up to 30 pounds, and the dimensions of the device resembles a table. A small fridge with a freezer or without almost no noise. It can be put even in the bedroom and use as a mini bar. Prices for this group of equipment is more than available. If your budget is limited and a large model difficult to acquire, then this is the right choice. For a reasonable price, you can obtain all the benefits of the refrigerator. Finally, the device of such class, energy-efficient – small appliance will not frighten the bills.


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Volume and dimensions

A Big fridge – it is a distinct advantage, but in the country such amount is not needed, in confined spaces – too. A large amount of Assembly – it is necessarily of large dimensions. The selection of a device should be determined, and it needs a freezer. small refrigerator without freezer priceBecause there are small refrigerators without a freezer. The absence of the freezer – a greater useful volume of the refrigerator.

Two or one camera?

There is a separate freezer – is a plus. But do I have to pay extra money when the refrigerator will be installed in the country? Outside the city is quite small freezer in the composition of the single chamber of the refrigerator.

Small refrigerators with one camera

All existing on the market compact units can be divided into three groups:

  • Large (with maximum volume).
  • Average.
  • Mini models.

We Consider each of them separately.

Large assemblies

Among the devices with the maximum volume you can select multiple models. It "Saratov 451". Its size is 48x59x114. 5 cm. The volume is 150 litres and the freezer – 15. The model is available at a price of 13 thousand rubles and above. small refrigerator without freezerNext, you can select Indesit SD125. Its size – 60x63x125 inches. The volume is equal to 197 liters, and the capacity of the freezer – 28. Price small refrigerator with freezer - 16 thousand rubles. The following model-Samsung MX 2822-80. Its size – 60x66x125 see Volume-190 litre, freezer – 30. Price starts from 16.5 thousand rubles.

Medium model

These models are also widely available on the market of household appliances. Popular models – “Biryusa R108CA”. The unit is compact enough – 48x60,5x86,5, with a volume of 88 litres and the freezer 27. Price starts from 11 rubles.

This model, according to users, is one of the best among all domestic manufacturers. This small refrigerator with a freezer capable of temperatures to -12 degrees. In this long time can store a variety of products. Machine weight is only 36 kg.

The model class energy consumption A. Type of control devices-Electromechanical. It is quite reliable in the operation (for example, in the country with unstable power grids). The refrigerator door can be optionally rotated in the other direction.

Unfreeze the unit will have to manually, but since it's a small fridge with a freezer for the house, it is rather advantage, not a disadvantage.

Another popular and reliable device in its class – Daewoo FN-153 CW. This is a one-part model. Freezer it is missing. Full volume-125 litres. The device is quite compact in size. The unit is able not only to ensure the safety of foods and cooling drinks, but also to decorate the room. Inside this little refrigerator without a freezer illuminated by led light. The shelf is decorated with metal – it is very attractive not only outside but also inside.

The Model has a high level of efficiency – grade a+. It supports a climate class of T, which will cater for its operation in the country. This device is gaining positive feedback of owners of – people like the look, capacity, low noise. small refrigerators to give the freezerThe first And the second model is offered at a quite affordable price. So, for those who want to buy a small refrigerator without a freezer, the price is from 9 to 11 thousand rubles.

Mini model

The small refrigerating unit without freezer is Shivaki SHRF-17TR1. Its size – 38х34х41.5 cm. Useful volume-17 litres. Buy this model at a price of seven thousand.

Despite the small volume, the unit is quite spacious. One regiment, which is in the middle that divides the space inside into two zones. Bottle perfectly inserted in the door shelf. The reviews for this model are positive: it is compact, noiseless and economical. refrigerator with large freezer and small fridgeReviews say that the store in this refrigerator can not only products. He is able to maintain temperature from 5 to 15 degrees and is suitable for cosmetics and medicines. To defrost it is not necessary, and cooling is organized by natural-pressure system.

Fridges “Atlas”, “Biryusa”

It is believed that domestic technology brands – it is unreliable and non-functional devices. This is not so. Modern small fridges with freezer without it from “Atlas” is a versatile and high-quality models. The units are comfortable in small apartments and cottages. Maybe someone will not like too simple design. But this shortcoming kompensiruet price - the reviews say. Mini models can be purchased at a price of nine thousand roubles. small refrigerator with freezer priceThe same can be said about the company's products “Biryusa”. Models fully meet modern standards and have low power consumption. Despite the low price of a small fridge with a freezer, the quality of the mark – the reviews say. On technology three-year warranty. Working machines without noise, and unfreeze them is not necessary - frost inside the refrigerator is not formed. Many domestic units are working without any problems for 5 years or more.

In conclusion

As you can see, the range of compact refrigeration units there, and it's big enough. A good option to choose for both local and foreign brands. Many models have a modern design, large enough for a small, functional, and consume little electrical energy. Of course, buying such a unit, you must know exactly how and why it will be used. If you need a fridge with large freezer and small fridge, then such models will not fit. In this case, you will have to buy a full-sized unit. But to give mini-models will be an ideal acquisition - note reviews.


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