Hipped roof with their hands. Secrets of installation


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Modern developers strive to create truly original building. Their efforts has no boundaries. Very impressive variety of solutions, which are used in the construction of roofs, but gambrel roof is one of the most reliable designs, well able to protect the building from large wind loads. It is popular nowadays.hipped roof with their handsKey features of the hipped roof.

  1. Structurally, It contains four of the ramp, 2 of them have a trapezoid shape, and 2 short of the slope (“hip”) - oblique triangles.
  2. The roof preferably used in areas where frequent strong winds. If designed and calculated hipped roof with your hands, then you should definitely consider the following initial data:
  • Rainfall intensity;
  • The characteristics of wind (speed and strength);
  • Material that was used for the manufacture of the roof.

how to make a gambrel roof

Gambrel roof truss is a type of hipped roof, which is much more difficult than the Saddleback classic. Because it will have to create a design that consists of four slopes, stacked among themselves and located at right angles.

Many people wonder how to calculate gambrel roof yourself, using a specialized computer program. Design parameters will be:

how to calculate gambrel roof

  • The height of the hipped roof;
  • The angles of the rays.

The Most difficult question associated with how to make a gambrel roof, is a manufacturer of roof system, consisting of the following types of rafters:

  • 1st form- slope (diagonal);
  • The 2nd kind - the ordinary (Central);
  • 3rd form- Narozhnyi (angular, shorter rafters).

Markup roof

In order For the process of marking the roof was made easier, it is recommended that plywood to make a scale stick, the width of which should be 5 cm, and then apply it all sizes. This will speed up the marking process and avoid some errors.


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Hipped roof with their hands: implementation installation of roof system

A layer of waterproofing, you need to install mauerlat and attach it firmly to the walls. Next is the installation of the ridge beam with vertical struts. During installation you need to use a level and plumb. The mounting uprights with the aid of ucoin. Then, when forming the planes of roof slopes, installation of the slope of the rafter. When you run this process should be especially careful. After that installing the intermediate rafters.

Conduct of the installation of lathing

This process is important. In the manufacture of crates, when constructed hipped roof with their hands, it is recommended to use timber that is well dried-this may be a beam of square section (side 50 mm). To the rafters with a staple gun fastened waterproofing layer of film, and after that they stuffed a sparse crate.

Hipped roof with their hands - the final workhipped roof with their handsIn this step, you will install the selected roofing material from the bottom up and overlap subsequent layers to the previous one. From proper works will depend on the tightness of the roof. In conclusion, jobs is performed by padding the underside of the eaves Board, installed gutters and drains.

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