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Washing machine “baby” can be considered a real rarity. It can now be found only in families of the elderly. However, this belief is not entirely true. Such models of household appliances are still found on some modern consumer. This is due to several factors. Notable among them are the simplicity of the device and ease of operation.

The Drum unit is absent, and fancy electronics. This demonstrates once again that complex breakdowns with this machine, should arise. And fatal, they can not be. Typically, repair of such units engaged in home masters of their own. If you too are faced with such a need, you should get acquainted with the peculiarities of their elimination.

Holding of showdown

washing machine repair baby

If you have wondered about how to disassemble a washing machine “baby”, you must first remove the cap from the hole, which is located in the rear portion of the housing of the electric motor. Oblong opening of the impeller must be combined with a hole in the casing. Using it introduces a screwdriver in the rotor of the motor. The activator gets out.

In the bore of the body of the activator to insert the key and remove the casing. This will allow you to disconnect the tank. Disassembly of the washing machine “baby” the next stage involves loosening the six screws. Then you can remove the flange and loosen the lock nut, rubber nut. They fix the switch. Now you can remove the washer and remove the screws that pull the two halves of the casing. Under it is the motor and other components.


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Solution of activator

washing machine little repairs on their hands

Part of the problems gives rise to the faulty activator in the car. Leaks can occur due to improper connection of the equipment or of wear of the sealing rings and different rubber bands. But don't get ahead of ourselves. It is important to begin to understand what constitutes the activator.

This is a movable element, due to rotation which is washable. Disorder of mobility entails stopping the process. Sometimes it works thermal relay, and the car simply shut off. Before you do repairs, you should familiarize yourself with the basic problems linked with the activator. You need to understand how to resolve these problems.

So, if the tank is overloaded, when you run the activator will not spin normally. He may stop altogether. The machine will begin to hum, and the solution will become her off. After that you have to wait about 15 minutes and restart. Washing machine repair “baby” can be as easy as removing threads and foreign objects, as well as rags from the shaft. It is part of the activator.

If the machine started to buzz, and then blacked out, the repair is to clean the shaft. Sometimes it happens so that the described node is skewed. He continues to spin, but the clothes after washing is often badly dented or even torn.

When the activator touches the wall of the tank, you will hear a strong buzz. The machine may be switched off for no apparent reason. Solution would be the deployment of the device and removal of the plug. The activator can be turned out, and after the thread is trimmed. The site again is mounted in place until it stops. After that, the device should work properly.

Elimination of leaks

washing machine repair baby replacement seal

Washing machine Repair “baby” may be required in the leak. It happens quite often. You should not ignore the issue by installing the device in the bath. This approach can be dangerous, because leaking from the hose or the tank damaged the electronics. A short circuit occurs, and the user may get an electric shock. Leave the leak unattended not worth it.

The first step is to check the body. Might cause damage to the sealing sleeve or hub flange. In order to determine the location of the leak, you must partially disassemble the structure. Washing machine repair “baby” in this case, is expressed in the dismantling of the activator and the loosening of his body.

The Big rubber band is inspected for damage. It is still called the big o-ring. If defects were found, then the detail changes to the same. When the gum is intact, from the tank, disconnect the cover and the electric drive.

faults and repair the washing machine baby

The Six screws are removed, the casing is disassembled and removed after the flange hub. It should be disassemble and photograph the location details then you can remove the rubber grommet. It should be examined for damage. Small o-ring also should not be ignored. If one of the parts were found damaged, replace them.

An Alternative cause leaks

Repair washing machine “baby” may be required because of a leak, the cause of which is a small snap ring. It is part of the flanged hub. If the ring is not sufficiently tightly compresses the cuff, it should be replaced by more tight or bend. But it does not guarantee that the leak will recur over time.

Fight with leaks when the causes are the fittings or hoses

washing machine baby disassembly

It is Easier to detect and repair leaking fittings or hoses. The first is held by the nut, which you must Unscrew and remove the bushing. Strip in the next stage pulled out.

If you had noticed even the most minor injuries, you should carry out replacement of parts. The hose can get damaged, but over time, substandard products crack, crack and become unusable. This leads to the fact that they are starting to pass water. The way out can be a replacement of the node.

Solution engine fault

how to disassemble a washing machine baby

Faults and repair the washing machine “baby” quite often very simple. This is due to the design features of the described model. You can deal with the fact that the engine began to act up. This may indicate loss of contact of one of the windings of the engine. Rewind economically feasible. Even if you do it yourself, spend a lot of time.

Buying a motor or machine

It is Easier to change the motor on the same or buy a new washing machine “baby”. The latter option is more optimal, because a new motor costs for the price as described equipment. But if you do decide to repair washing machine “baby” with your hands, you should know that the hardware provides asynchronous single-phase engine with two coils.

Replacement seal

The need to replace the seal could indicate a leak. This piece of equipment is located at the junction of the tank and the engine. On the opposite side of the engine there are holes. There you have to insert a screwdriver and remove the activator. It has the blade and is screwed to the threaded shaft. You must watch which way he turns. This will remove the node.

Knowing the design features, you will be able to repair washing machine “baby”. Replacement seal is no exception. Given the device of the described device, it can be noted that the models can have different direction of rotation of the activator. The shaft can be left or right hand thread. When replacing the seal is usually changed and activator. Indeed, sometimes a problem cannot be overcome, only replacing the seal. This is because the activator thread tearing the sleeve, which is screwed to the shaft.


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