How to grow strawberries in the pipe?


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All who have a garden or cottage you know how it is difficult to grow large sweet strawberries. We wait all winter, when the long-awaited summer, to feast on berries. But often our expectations are in vain: the summer's cold, no sun, strong rains, the fruits rot. Sometimes the crop is subject to attacks of various insects. Desperate gardeners what are the only ways used to overcome all adversity. Today we look at the most creative method of growing berries. A about this and not heard at all. Try to grow strawberries in a tube. Yes you heard right, that's it. You don't have to drive to the site of the great heavy metal pipe. We need a strong plastic, which we will learn to plant our berries. From the article, you will learn how to plant strawberries and to care for her, and we present the most common varieties of berries that are well get along in these unusual beds. So, everything in order.

to grow strawberries in a tube


Before we begin to deal with you in the main question (how to grow strawberries in plastic tubes), it should tell you about all the benefits of the method. Let's start with the most important.

  1. If your site is small, then this method will suit you best. These ridges take up very little space, and where you used to grow strawberries, you can plant something else.
  2. Design can always be moved from place to place.
  3. You do Not need to process large amounts of soil from the ever-emerging weeds.
  4. Convenient to collect ripe harvest.
  5. Growing berries in your tubes look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. They will please your eyes. Such structures will be the main highlight of the garden and your pride.

It Is necessary to consider in detail what materials are best to prepare to grow strawberries in the pipe.


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Preparing for landing

Should talk about what I need to purchase to implement such ideas. Here is a detailed list.

  1. Need to purchase plastic pipes. Some of them have to have a wide diameter, the other – narrow. Through them will pass the water and it is carried out the feed her to the plant roots.
  2. Plugs.
  3. Drill need to do in the tube hole. It is desirable that the tool you had available a special wide nozzle.
  4. Wizard.
  5. Rope.
  6. Expanded clay. It is necessary for the manufacture of drainage.
  7. Soil for planting.
  8. Berry Seedlings.

how to grow strawberries in a PVC pipe

Make the beds

Now go to manufacture the design that you want to do before I grow strawberries in a PVC pipe. It is clarified that the pipe can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. We will focus on the second of the beds. Start training in the following algorithm.

  1. Cut the pipe to the length that you need for the garden.
  2. With one hand, install the plug. It will help to hold the pipe in the ground.
  3. Now our narrow blank every 10 cm make a small hole using a drill. In total you should have three rows.
  4. The Workpiece, intended for irrigation, fasten with a rope inside a large pipe.
  5. Now in our makeshift bed you need to drill holes in order to located a strawberry in the tube. To grow it you will be here.
  6. At your chosen location you need to install pipe in a vertical position. Will secure it to a strong gust of wind your beds fell.
  7. Now start to fill wide tube.
  8. Most Importantly, set your beds on the Sunny side, to strawberry well matured.

To go to the question of how to grow strawberries in a vertical tube, need to know how to plant, and to do this is to pick a good varieties of berries.

strawberries in the pipe to grow

The Best varieties of berries for planting in the pipes

For this method of cultivation is suitable curly strawberries. Here are the most vivid representatives of this class.

  1. Queen Elizabeth. Refers to the remontant species. You can harvest several times in one summer. From one Bush you can get about 2 kg succulent berries.
  2. Elizabeth the Second. Another representative of the remontant species. Berries are large, bright red color. The first crop can be harvested in mid-may. Over the summer period in total you can get about 12 kg of berries.
  3. Alba. This early maturing variety. Berry tolerates all cooling and freezing. From one Bush can collect approximately 1.5 kg of crop.
  4. Delicious. Remontant strawberries with long stems. With it you can easily harvest. Ripe berries are dark red in color. The first strawberries can be expected in late may.
  5. Ostara. This is the Dutch representative basket of berry varieties. Strawberry grows small size, but with a very sweet taste.

Grow strawberries in a pipe using these varieties, is not difficult. Plants easily take root and you will have all summer to eat the sweet fruits. Here's an interesting variant design of the site – strawberry in the tube. To grow (photo below) it is not difficult. Preparation is everything. We now turn to another equally important issue.

strawberries in the pipe to grow photo

The Right fit

To Raise this method just berries, the main thing to do when planting. First and foremost, take a good ground. You can buy in the store. Another option – prepare the soil yourself. For this garden soil, add peat, wood ash and a little manure. All mix thoroughly and then fill with soil pipe. Experienced gardeners near garden beds planted calendula. It helps to deter insects. Planted strawberry seedlings in a specially prepared hole. Mustache from the berries can be deposited into empty slots. To strawberry well grown, it is necessary to look.

how to grow strawberries in a vertical tube

Care berries

Grow strawberries in the pipe is possible only at observance of the basic conditions – the proper care of the plantings. This includes watering, fertilizing and disease prevention. Make sure that the ground doesn't dry out. Use for fertilizing the fertilizer which is rich in nutrients and trace elements. Watch out for the bushes. For disease prevention and control, use special tools that are sprayed berries.

Collection and storage

If you chose the way of planting strawberries in plastic tubes, you never know what a rotten berries, which lay on the ground. To harvest, so you will be much simpler and easier. Don't need half a day to kneel in the garden and pick strawberries in the countryside. Here you can simply take a container – and you can safely go to the harvest. Storage of strawberries depends on the cultivar. There are species that are ideal for making jam. Some varieties of berries are suitable for fresh consumption.

how to grow strawberries in plastic tubes

In conclusion

We'll examine a very interesting method of planting and now know what a strawberry in the tube. Grow it easily, and sometimes even easier than the normal way. Now you will collect a huge amount of harvest and forget about what bad berries. Using our master class, you can easily collect the needed design, armed with the appropriate materials, tools and new ideas. If you are not attracted to vertical beds, you can arrange them in a horizontal position. Then additionally install them on special legs. In this case, you can collect the strawberries at the level of his growth and not lean at all. It all depends on your imagination and the amount of free space. If you crunch here, hang plastic pipe, and open space plant whatever your heart desires.


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