How to get rid of maple on the site?


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Anyone who has at least a small plot of land, are familiar with the problem of proliferation of unnecessary trees. It can be plum, cherry, American maple, acacia. They do not benefit, allow them to grow other plants. How can you get rid of the maple? To make it easy. However, some ways still exist.

Where are the “excess” the trees?

Unbidden the trees appear on the site in several ways. Some grow from seed introduced by wind, birds or the other way. Such trees usually do not happen a lot, except that if you do not appear on the site for several years.

Worse, if growth appears from the roots of plants growing nearby. How to get rid of maple in this case?

how to get rid of maple

The easiest way to cut off her braid. Part of the processes is lost forever. But in most cases they begin to grow, and instead of a single stalk appears a Bush.

If Mature tree for some reason, it was unnecessary for the plot, it is usually cut, leaving a stump. Interfere in the future maybe the stump, but most of the root system is located within a radius of several meters from the trunk, or root growth from it.

Deletion of the same age

If you remove the small shoots in the first year of their life, they are easy to clean even by hand. And closer to the fall to make it more complicated. You have to take a shovel or other tool. It is easier to remove these germs on the treated soil: the garden, the flowerbed, dug up the plot. On virgin soil, the lawn, the path you need to put more effort.

If you miss this tree, the root system will get stronger and stronger it will resist deleting. How to get rid of maple in this case? Dig it with a shovel will not be difficult. You can use the axe, podrubaev the stem as low as possible in the ground.


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Removing root seedlings

How to get rid of the maple in the garden? The suppression of root shoots of maple is necessary to conduct in several directions. Nice to destroy the tree, from roots of which the plot moving processes. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes such a tree growing at a neighbor, which it somehow does not prevent. In this case we have to deal with growth.

The tree Removal does not always lead to a quick solution. Because the cut is usually the trunk, but the root remains. Feeling the approach of death, he begins to actively produce root shoots, hoping to leave offspring. The same reaction occurs in old, dying trees, living the last years.

 how to get rid of the maple plot

If the tree is thick or thin, cut at ground level without leaving a stump, the probability of growth of shoots is greatly reduced. Sometimes a thick wood to cut so hard. Especially if you do it with a hand saw, popularly referred to as the «Friendship 2”. Gardeners with experience say that the stump will quickly disappear if you sprinkle it with earth.

You Can go the other way and apkopoti stump so that around it formed a pit. The roots are thus exposed, cut. Then pour the salt solution (1 pack - in a bucket of water), pour kerosene, overlaid with dry branches and set on fire. It is also not very eco-friendly way.

If the young shoots continues to grow, you need to periodically terminate them. Enough to do it once a month.

Digging processes

How to get rid of the maple in the garden? One of the easiest and time consuming way is digging root seedlings by hand. If the old tree had been removed, work could succeed. Every year the shoots will become less.

how to get rid of American maple

How to get rid of the maple forever?

The Most reliable way – to plough the land with a tractor. Then collect all the branches with roots from the site. Of course, in subsequent shoots may again infiltrate from neighboring areas.

Using table salt

How to get rid of American maple, if the area is wide stump of a cut tree, and uprooted it has neither the strength nor the time? You can try to get rid of it with chemical substances. The easiest is sprinkling stump salt. To do this, a chainsaw or a regular saw make propyl Cres pattern. The deeper it is, the better.

Take table salt and poured the resulting cuts. Leave salt on the surface of the stump.

how to get rid of the maple in the garden

As a result of such action, the tree will soon wither and not produce new shoots. But that may not happen. All depends on the strength of the root system. Salt, of course, do not really need soil. But the number is usually small, and to put in place of the stump of potatoes hardly soon will manage.

Use packages

How to get rid of maple in the area, if trees are there so many?

For the growth of trees need warmth and sunshine. To make the temperature at a single site minus fail. And here to deprive of light a small piece of territory. If you remove the light access to the stump, it will stop producing shoots.

First cut the trees at some distance above the ground. Take dark strong bags and put them on cut trees. Securely attach them with tape or other available means. This is to ensure that the packages are not demolished by the wind. Because to remain on the stumps they have for a long time.

The Disadvantage of this method is that processing a large area is quite difficult. If stumps many, the process of putting the packages can take a lot of time and effort. If you need to get rid of a few stumps, it is quite possible to apply. It is an environmentally friendly way. Of course, if the packages are eventually removed and disposed of.

If the tree is cut at the root, you can bind the package more difficult.


How to get rid of maple on the site, if stumps and seedlings, and the time to cover their packages, no?

You Need to seek the assistance of herbicides – drugs that are created to destroy certain types of plants. Some of them have a selective effect, acting only on certain types of grass. Others burn at the site of application.

 how to get rid of the maple forever

Herbicide “Arsenal of the VC”, which is manufactured by BASF, is used by railway workers to remove all vegetation within a certain distance from the tracks. The same effect is herbicide “Grader VGR”. Sold in canisters of 20 l. Usually this number of stumps in the garden, no one. Therefore, most of the owners of land on which grow maple trees, trying to find people related to the railroad.

How to get rid of maple without damaging the surrounding trees? When using such tools it is necessary to accurately observe the proportions. If you make the concentration too strong, the abyss can not only unnecessary maples, and all vegetation at a distance of several meters from the site of application.

Available In small packaging, you can buy herbicides “Tornado 500ВР” and “roundup VP”. Experts recommend to remove root growth drugs “Hurricane Forte BP”. It is sold packaged in 350 ml. of user Reviews saying that “roundup” helps the poor to cope with the problem. That's why they use it in combination with other operations: cutting bark on the trunk, cutting away the available roots, uprooting of stumps.

how to get rid of the maple in the garden

If you need to remove unnecessary tree and shoots him, cut the barrel, drill bore deep holes closer to the edge of stump (cambium layer). Periodically fill in the holes “roundup”, diluted three parts water. After the procedure, cover the stump with black package. The following year the stump will disappear, will cease to appear and processes.

Use «Baikal»

Reviews of gardeners say that a good effect is the treatment of stumps undiluted «Baikal». A half-liter of money spent on spilling 3 dozen small stumps. If you handle them so in the autumn, then in spring they podgniet not give seedlings and they can be easily removed with a crowbar or an axe.

how to get rid of the maple

Making a decision about how to get rid of the maple in the garden or in the garden, evaluate the affected area. Look how quickly it needs to be done: this year, if it grows in the garden, or for several years, if the boundary of the site. Assess the risk of herbicide into the water.


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