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The Choice of the motherboard is always a very tricky business. And choose a budget motherboard a hundred times harder. You need to consider many factors. Main from them - possibility to connect to all your modern devices. The type of supported processors is also very important. In this regard, a very attractive motherboard ASUS P5B Plus. Let us examine this product in more detail.

asus p5b plus

What is this fee?

Motherboard is ASUS P5B Plus Xeon - budget solution for weak computers. This Board came out in 2007 and have already become obsolete. The symptom of "old age" of the product - special IDE connector floppy disk drive, which twenty years no one enjoys. However, this motherboard is well suited to generate computer with good multimedia possibilities. But for games this decision does not fit. Only the earliest version you can run.


ASUS P5B Plus is made on a socket LGA 775. Used chip Intel P965. This means that it safely supports the processor type Core 2 Duo. But new-fangled Core is not available for them. The "trick" of the motherboard - in a very high-quality sound chip. Usually manufacturers supply fee is inexpensive and not very high quality chip from Realtek. Here is a more advanced chipset from Analog Devices, which has a high-quality sound. The motherboard supports it in standard 7.1.

asus p5b plus features

Let us Turn to a deeper analysis of ASUS P5B Plus. The features of this motherboard are: CPU - Duo family from Intel and some from AMD, the system bus frequency - 1066 MHz memory type - DDR2, the data transfer speed Ethernet - 1000 Mbps. Features are pretty standard for 2007. The following parameters were common for inexpensive motherboards. Some of them are relevant in our time.


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Interfaces and connectors

Here all not as good as I would like. ASUS P5B Plus has four USB 2.0 connectors. About any "three" and speech cannot be. There are expansion slots PCI Express, and other necessary connectors (including SATA and IDE). By the way, the presence of rudimentary IDE is another indication that the motherboard is really rare. But who knows what? Suddenly he was still useful? For example, someone kept the old hard drive with the right information.

asus p5b plus xeon

Among the other connectors should include SPIDF (optical and coaxial), connectors for connecting individual components of the speaker system of the standard 7.1, PS2 connectors for mouse and keyboard (another indication of the "antiquity" of the Board) and other connectors (e.g., LTP). This set the standard for motherboards. Even modern models have this "wealth". So, is this motherboard still relevant. By the way, she has one intriguing feature: support for FireWire and eSATA. Not every modern motherboard can boast. And therefore this component is preferable to even the many relevant options.

Reviews about the Board

Let us Turn to the owners of ASUS P5B Plus. Everyone who bought this motherboard, there has been rapid and trouble-free operation of all system elements. Most of the users assemble it into office computers that are designed to work and some not so big games. To disperse it no one tried. And what's the point? Still for modern samples it is not stealing performance.

asus p5b plus review

However, there were also those who believe that the motherboard is bad, so it does not pull modern memory. A larger count is hard: you product 2007. What kind of support DDR 3 can we talk? Do not ask the motherboard what it is not designed. And with his work to cope perfectly well. What is particularly pleasing to some users, is the sound quality (the merit of the chipset from Analog Devices) and acceptable quality chips that are installed on the South and North bridges. Work a long time without any problems.


Motherboard is ASUS P5B Plus, a review of which we brought here is a great budget solution for office PCs or home media centres. Special performance this Board can't boast. But it works flawlessly and gives unsurpassed reliability. And in our time is a good combination - a rarity. Most modern motherboards - disposable. So it makes sense to pay attention to this option if you want something cheap and reliable. With their tasks, this motherboard manages to one hundred percent.

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