Micro USB: scope and prospects


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Now we can talk about the official birth of the micro USB. Its appearance on the market of mobile devices it was easy to predict. In connection with the miniaturization of the previous contact forms of communication are gradually being replaced by more compact. The transition to the new connector serial port I/o is already supported by major companies all over the planet. But why mobile device manufacturers continue to use a seemingly obsolete types of information exchange? After all, there are already contactless data transmission methods, for example, IrDA or Blue Tooth.

Micro USBTo answer these questions it is necessary to consider how the micro-USB connector. It consists of a 5-pin. Two of them – leads to exchange information. Next is nutrition, and protective screen. Compared to its predecessor, it was much smaller, but the principle remains the same.

The Power to this port is performed using a DC voltage (+5V), and the presence of the line reduces the potential interference in the transmission of information. This function performs a protective screen. Moreover, the presence of power allows you to use a micro-USB connector for chargers.

These are the main advantages of micro USB before wireless communication devices. It is primarily a large noise immunity and the ability to use this port as a DC voltage source to recharge the battery.

Working serial port I/o is controlled using a special controller. A good prospect to increase the speed of data exchange is the increase in the clock frequency of the device. That is, miniaturization of the connector – this is not the last step in the development of this type of connection.


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Adapter micro USBCompared to wireless devices, it is necessary to note the fact that the work of the IrDA communication is very sensitive even to direct sunlight or nearby device with a similar principle. Even included a video camera or the TV remote can interfere with its normal operation.

BlueTooth wins in the distance when transmitting data (a few tens of meters) and better protected from noise than its predecessor (IrDA), due to higher operating frequency. But still loses wired connection in noise immunity and speed of data transfer.

To connect mobile device with your personal computer, you can use an adapter micro USB as a rule, they are always available Cord micro USBSpecialized stores. Either he comes with the device. Keep in mind, only the moment, the design of new connectors are available in versions Micro-A and Micro-B. That is, before purchasing, check compatibility.

As a rule, the cord is micro USB has a small length, it is connected with this parameter of immunity. The user must place it away from the network cables or other sources.

Apparently, the new connector has a very good perspectives for a long time “I will survive” on the mobile market. It has good performance, and in some respects ahead of alternative forms of communication.

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