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Present to your attention a program from Google - Android Device Manager. To find a phone with it is quite simple. Recently, this program was renamed the Find my device (download the update in the Play Store). Similar app designed to find lost or stolen Android devices with a small set of required functions.

A Little about functions

The Software supports functions:

  • Ring;
  • Lock the phone;
  • Full erase information from the device remotely;
  • Device discovery.

android device manager to find the phone if the gadget was lost, not stolen, the alternative of blocking a much nicer complete Erasure of information. However, in case of theft, data cleaning may prove to be more than ever. Configuring and running the application is pretty simple.

Program Installation

As the app is official, you can simply click “Install” in Play Market and it will be installed. If you have a Google account on your device logged, the application of Buda installed automatically after you confirm the use of location data. After this procedure will start to load the map.

The Approximate location of your device will be displayed next to its description. On the map it is reflected by a single point. Also, if you pull with two fingers on the map in different directions, you can zoom the map for more detailed mapping of the location of your device. The accuracy varies depending on the location of the device at the moment. Usually it does not exceed 20 m.

android device managerIf you have multiple Android devices has the ability to switch between them. To do this, in the description phone you must click on the triangle under his name and select the gadget.

If one of the devices used more frequently than others, then you can rename them in an easier to read form. Determination of the location of the phone is not enough to determine where exactly is the lost gadget. To do this, you must use the “Ring”. This procedure does not require prior configuration. When you click this button, the phone will ring for 5 minutes without switching off at maximum volume. To turn off the call just by clicking on the "Red button" will fail. Will require a full shutdown of the device.

Setting up full cleaning and blocking devices

In order to have on your device appeared allow remote locking and cleaning, you need to configure it. google android device managerHow to do it? In case if your device is not installed Android Device Manager, there are two types of installation and configuration. Or send a query from web interface, and then just click on it in the notification bar of your gadget to start the setup process, or go to Settings->Security->device Administrators, then activate and enable the application.

So you can run on most Android platforms. After that, you will have access to such features as “Delete all the data”, “to Change the password for the lock screen” and “Lock screen”. Even if you have already enabled the password and pin-code, Android Device Manager will require you to enter your. android device manager to download to your computerIt is Advisable to use a new code which is different from the rest and write it down somewhere to not forget.

In the case of loss or theft, if someone unlocked your phone before you lock it, you have in advance will set the password to lock. When you click “Block” press the menu in which you want to specify a new password. Will also be sent a message that you can offer to return the gadget to the owner for a fee or without. Besides in the menu there is a line to specify the phone number that you can call without unlocking the phone.

Privacy considerations

Very often the user cares about privacy of its data, and on many Internet forums and other sites often write about what information can be used at the discretion of the creators or something like device manager If to consider this question technically, then, indeed, the possibility of continuously monitoring your location has. But do not forget that Google is officially registered legal entity. This suggests that the company declaresperform its functions to the appropriate organization for control. In this regard, it officially announces how it collects and uses information about the location.

It is from Google! Android Device Manager doesn't collect a history and do a background report on the location. The approximate location of your device is determined when you first logged in. This data is deleted after you exit from Device Manager. If the device is turned off or in mode "offline”, Google is not reporting its location.

When you need to find your lost or stolen phone, the last thing you will worry about the data that will be used to determine its location. Simply exit the application and information will be deleted.


Very often, the user thinks that he has nothing to hide on your phone and puts a lock without thinking about the fact that he can easily lose the phone. Thereby he endangers all the people who are in his contact list and easing the problem of theft of their data to attackers. Lock screen will help you to avoid unnecessary problems associated with breaking your gadget or calls your family from intruders with requests to put money into the account.

Web interface and install on the computer

You Need to explain to owners of personal computers that Android device manager to download to your computer. The program has a web interface that runs in your browser. To find your device using this application, you need to go in “the Android device Manager ”. If you have multiple faces to choose from the drop-down list of lost gadget, and click on “Target”. After the GPS determines the position of your device, it will appear on the map.


Summing up to all aforesaid, it is worth noting the changes to the best applications from Google because of the simplicity and ease of use Android Device device manager it Should be noted that most people in our world have long been using phones, tablets and other devices and know that to determine the location of the device is impossible, if it is disabled. This fact greatly reduces the ability to detect the stolen gadget. It is not necessary to hope that the device will be for the inexperienced user, and it will not shut down. To date, there are other apps for Android devices. Some of them are much more than in the ADM. Basically it is the function of Internet security. As for the possibility of detection, Android Device Manager is quite successful with it.

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