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The Cellular operator "Tele2" stands out among other mobile providers a fair policy and a relatively low terms of service. But even inexpensive communication does not mean that subscribers always have the means to communicate and will never have any difficulties with the replenishment of balance of mobile phone in the absence of payment terminals and offices. For urgent replenishment of the account in emergency situations, the user should know how to take credit for "Tele2".

What is an emergency refill for the subscribers of "Tele2"?

Fast payment accounts for mobile users "Tele2" is called "Promised payment" in absentia connected to all subscribers. But the activation of the service occurs only when dialing USSD-command and is available to all clients.

To Disable (lock) the service is not, but the automatic recharge without the participation of the client is not going to happen (although some "honest" subscribers assure operators on the hotline that they have not activated the service does not know how to take credit for "Tele2" and the money came automatically).

This Service can be provided repeatedly, at intervals of from 1 to 8 days (depending on the speed of repayment of the "loan trust" by the subscribers and the remainder balance of the phone).

Category of subscribers that can replenish the balance of "Tele2" in debt

"Tele2" trusts "Promised payment" to customers who connect to the cell provider 30-180 days ago (varies according to the geographical criterion). The rest of the users of a loan from "Tele2" will only be available with time.


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how to take out a loan to Tele2

There is a limit on the size of the balance of the balance of the mobile phone. To activate the service "Trust loan" from "Tele2" the caller should not be on the account more than 30 rubles, and 10 rubles less. Otherwise, the balance will remain the same, and you will receive an SMS-notification about the impossibility of achieving the "Promised payment".

How to take credit for "Tele2": the room, the conditions, the Commission

This service has its own nuances. Before asking how to take credit for "Tele2", the team of experts contact center encourages you to review the rules for providing services and charge a fee for using. Like any creditor, the operator reserves the right to charge a fee for this service.

To See the service credit for "Tele2" and learn all about "Promised payment" can be a toll-free number *122#.

how to take out a loan to Tele2 room

Information about this and other useful suggestions cellular operator presented in other numbers:

  1. 637 (activation and conditions of the loan);
  2. *105# - to know the current balance on the account;
  3. *153# - all paid services "Tele2", available to subscribers.

How to take credit for "Tele2" 300 rubles, 200, 100 or 50?

The Amount provided by the ISP "Tele2", do not depend on the solvency of the subscriber (as the lending banks), and the term "friendship" with the owner of the SIM card. The longer the client is an active user "Tele2", the more he give a loan to the conversations.

how to take out a loan to Tele2 team

The Maximum loan amount that the service provider offers as fiduciary for users is 300 rubles. Various coverage regions gives customers the opportunity to use these funds in 5 to 7 days will be charged 15-20 rubles for the service at the end of the validity period.

What do the subscribers who are interested in certain amount of the Deposit? How to take credit for "Tele2" (on the phone) 50 rubles?

The Room in this case will not change, but the operator will automatically transfer to the account of the user the maximum possible limit of funds.

To put money on the phone borrow from "Tele2", you need to call the number *122*1#.

Immediately after the activation of the account of the subscriber receives an amount of 50-300 rubles and a warning about the period of the loan. Tools for conversation and sending SMS notifications are available and can be used in a minute of income on the balance sheet. The Commission will be charged on the date of repayment, and in the absence of the positive balance of the subscriber will go in the negative.

Why verified subscribers may be denied service

The Second prerequisite, after a minimum 30-day period for the use of service "Tele2" is the prepaid billing: when subscribers first pay for the connection, and then use it.

Users of postpaid tariff may not even be wondering how to take out a loan "Tele2" - the number of the service (637) Immediately clarifies about the impossibility of achieving credit for those who "pay later".

how to take the credit for Tele2 phone 50 rubles room

But the proportion of payers into the conversation is only 5% of the total number of subscribers, and this type of connection is most customers Tele2 (and other mobile operators) has been recognized as disadvantageous - losing control over the amount of talk that leads to big bills at the end of the month.

Those who lack of money has caught, it is easier to take a loan from the provider. The interest for the use of the service constitute only 5 to 20 rubles (depending on the package and regions) and to justify the convenience and speed of the service.

How many days you can talk to the duty on "Tele2"?

Honest operator openly declares that the use ofloyalty and money of the company subscribers from 1 to 7 days, if committed at expiration to redeem the wasted minutes and SMS + Commission.

how to take the credit for Tele2 300 rubles

Those who know how to take credit for "Tele2", but does not want to return the debt at risk to see your room number is locked to the operator it is unprofitable to serve customers not interested in payment. In some regions there is a limitation in terms of minimum balance of funds for the provision of services, namely that the balance cannot be negative.

"Sleep mode" for more than six months (account, conversation, and sending messages) can lead to the resale of the rooms or it is disabled.

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