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Analog TV is gradually disappearing into the background. His place faster pace is a free IPTV Rostelecom. And it's really convenient, because digital channels to look better because of better picture, sound. But first you need to clarify some points.

iptv settings Rostelecom

What is free IPTV from "Rostelecom"?

When the user enters into a contract with the company for the provision of digital television services, connects the base rate that includes a set of free and paid programs. However, even after blocking in connection with neplatnou a list of free channels still available to the user.

What channels can I watch for free?

These IPTV channels you can watch free of charge:

  1. NTV.
  2. "Russia 1".
  3. Orth.
  4. "Russia".
  5. "Match TV".
  6. "the Fifth channel".
  7. "Carousel".
  8. "TV Center".
  9. "First channel".
  10. "Russia 24".

Connection rate with a minimum fee will cost 320 rubles a month. This whole month will be available to the 126 channels. Failure to pay will work only 10 channels. This is a free IPTV from "Rostelecom".

It is Worth noting that only a few users are doing just that. But compared to other providers, who immediately cut off access to services if non-payment, Rostelecom acts more humanely. And similar "trick" on their part with conditional free IPTV TV is really nice.

free setup iptv Rostelecom

IPTV Settings from "Rostelecom" through a router

Often users watch IPTV TV on your computer over a Wi-Fi router. This is the easiest, because you don't even need the console and configure accordingly nothing. It is important that your router is supported IGMP Protocol. Almost all modern routers support it.


IGMP is used successfully to support video streaming that the implementation of IPTV is ideal. To directly watch the video, you need to log in your personal account (your account) on the provider's website and select iptv-track (link).

Now install IPTV player. Ideal LVC Player or Ace Stream Player. This is a free program that can be downloaded on the official website of the developer. Install the program, open it. Click "Tools - Preferences - All - Playlist". There will be a line "default Stream". Paste the link with the list of channels that you copied in the personal Cabinet of your account. Now save the changes and restart the program. When you restart the broadcast channels can be switched by pressing the button "Show playlist". There will be displayed the full list is available for viewing IPTV Player-channels. Click the mouse 2 times on any channel, and the show will begin immediately.

IPTV Settings from "Rostelecom" using the console

Setting the prefix in any case involves configuring the router. In the router we need to make a "bridge" between the two ports - LAN and WAN. It is important to note that this feature is not available in all routers, and in some it is called differently. For example, in routers TP-LINK need to enable it in the settings Network - Bridge. The Asus models it is called "Wan Bridge Port". To IPTV channels successfully showed, we need to connect the console to the WAN port. But the default port is busy with cable Internet connection. Therefore, you should build a "bridge" between WAN and LAN port. And the console we will then connect to the LAN port, which thanks to our set up now is the WAN port.

free iptv

Health Check

Directly before the configure IPTV from "Rostelecom" it is necessary to check whether it works at all for IPTV and if there are any errors on the provider side. To do this, connect the PC or laptop to the cable provider directly. To make it easy. The above has described the way how to do it. If the picture appears on the screen, then all is well. You can proceed directly to configure.

Setup router

The First thing to do is to create a bridge between WAN and LAN port. Open the router configuration in menu, select "Network - Bridge". There will be a line, "LAN bridged with WAN port". Here we can choose what port to combine with the main WAN port. Choose, for example, 1. This means that the WAN port will be mapped to LAN1. This is where we need to connect the console.

iptv tv

Important: if you have multiple consoles, IPTV, in the settings you need to choose a bridge between the two LAN ports and WAN. In the drop down menu, there is a corresponding opportunity.

Connect to the console

After configuring the router connect to it (the LAN1 port) console. Now connect the very receiver to the TV. Usually you can use the HDMI cable that should go in the kit to the console itself. If it is an older model, HDMI interface and cable in kit may not be. Then connect the console to the TV with the tulips. Although if you have HDMI, but no cable, better to just buy the cable itself. Through HDMI the picture will look much better.

Therefore, consider this recommendation: choose a console with HDMI interface, even if it will a little expensive. The higher cost will justify itself better picture quality and sound.

iptv Rostelecom

Source Selection

Nowtake the TV remote (not from the router) and choose the menu "Source" (or something like that). Here we need to select "Source" to HDMI, that is the interface, which includes the cable from the box. Usually the key source has the form of a square with an arrow, or words "Source". If the console was connected through the tulips, then select the source "RCA". Chose the source? Great! Waiting for download consoles IPTV TV.

Using the console

Typically, the console loads quickly (ten seconds). If you did everything correctly then at this stage on the TV screen will display a list of TV channels available for viewing. Switch between them using the remote control console and choose your favorite.

If you are watching a channel and want to choose another, then click "OK" on the remote. This button normally activates the channel list. Now choose another channel and again click "OK". So with one button "OK" and arrows you can use almost the full functionality of the console. Then you will understand themselves how to add channels to favorites (they will be shown the first), watch a TV program, etc.

iptv player TV

Problems configuring IPTV from "Rostelecom"

During the configuration process, you may encounter different problems. Following will describe the answers to basic questions.

Problem 1. On the router latest firmware, configured the bridge, but the TV still does not work.

Solution: first, let's test the TV without the prefix. Connect the cable of the provider directly to the computer. Even if therefore will not operate the TV, then the problem is on the provider side. Call technical support and solve the issue with them.

Problem 2. The router doesn't support bridge (Bridge function). TV still works, but suffers from image quality.

This is logical, because without a Bridge function, the load on the router increases substantially, and the quality of the image depends directly on the workload of the router. If the TV is connected using the Bridge, while working on the computer torrent, DC++ and other programs loading data, image quality will suffer. Try to limit the download speed (in the program settings you can set the limit of download speed), it should solve the problem. And in General, to the routers without the support of the Bridge it is better not to connect more than one IPTV set-top box.

Problem 3. You have multiple IPTV STBs to two TVs and a router without Bridge function. Of course, to ensure the normal video stream at once on 2 TVs router not be able. In this case, too, there is a solution - you need to use a simple switch. To it plug-in 2 STBs, the cable provider and the cable from the router WAN port.

Problem 4. If the ISP provides the connection to the console only via cable. Not all users want to carry different cables through the apartment. Particularly acute problem in the case when the TV is in a remote corner of the room, which is difficult to route the wires.

The Solution in this case too, there is - use the access point TL-WA701ND, which will allow you to connect IPTV set-top box and router with Wi-Fi interface. But that access point will have to install special firmware. iptv channels

Nothing happens

If even after the operations you have nothing, then you need to call the provider and ask for support to help you. The phone is also difficult to solve the problem, so the company can send you home specialist. It is usually paid only in case if the problem occurs because of the actions of the client. If you find that this provider is to blame (for example, if he sold you the router is defective), then call and expert help are not paid.

It is possible that the problem may be in hardware consoles. In this case, it is best to turning to the seller or return it under warranty. If the next console you have to enter correct settings for IPTV from "Rostelecom" and it will work, it means that the problem really was in the console itself.

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