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The Output is as popular and visible devices, like another smartphone from Apple, never goes unnoticed. The world in all media, in various related and a huge number of other media content information appears about the device, information about how to purchase the machine and other details. It is not surprising that demand for the smartphone reaches the incredible heights of the devices have sold in their millions.

However, in addition to advertising campaigns and brand awareness, “Apple giant” there are a few more advantages. Most noticeable are the attractive design, as well as stable operation. And if competitors of the company (which can record virtually all other smartphone manufacturers) the functionality of the iPhone remains somewhat of a closed and unavailable, the device can be easily copied and transferred to other devices. Despite the ban of the law, which States about inadmissibility to use the product of others ' intellectual labor, the producers of “storm” copy the design, releasing its own, most often Chinese, "iPhone 6". The price of this machine is not so great when you consider the low quality of materials and the lack of advertising costs (borne by the California company). This, in turn, creates a demand for copies of the budget flagships, and thereby earn such producers.

Who does?

Chinese "iPhone 6" on "Android" reviews

Of Course, companies manufacturing fake products will be punished in any civilized country in the world. That is why the role of the plagiarist took the Chinese developers. In the market of China to use someone else's design is considered normal for a long time: starting with the first models of Apple and Samsung, the Chinese sell their devices with “rip” appearance.

If to speak not about belonging to a country, and on the specific brand, you need to mention Lenovo, Meizu, Elephone, and others, not counting the so-called nameless developers who even conceal the information about who produced them the Chinese copy of the iPhone 6.


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How to do?

In Addition to listing brands, does not shrink from fakes, also it would be nice to clarify the quality of such products. It is not necessary to hope that it will remain the same as in the case of a real “Apple”. Most often Chinese iPhone 6 "Android" (reviews confirm this) is executed ten times worse than the original. This can be judged from the cheap materials and lousy Assembly, slow hardware. Another important point, which we mentioned in passing is the Android operating system. Due to the fact that this iOS is not available to anyone but Apple, plagiarists use a public platform that can be used on most other devices. Given all that, expect to get a Chinese phone the iPhone 6 with the same characteristics and qualities, what are American, it would be a naive.

One copy

To demonstrate how a significant difference between the copy and the original, we will make a small review. Of course, there is not one company-the developer, the lineup of which is Chinese iPhone 6 "Android". Customer reviews show at least a dozen manufacturers producing copies. To trace the differences between all will not work because of the volume of information that must be collected.

Chinese "iPhone 6" price

So we'll take one of the most famous fakes - the Lenovo S90. Of course, the company does not specify, that before us is a Chinese copy of iPhone 6. However, you do not need to be a specialist, so in General terms a smartphone, its body and size, color scheme not to mention a very high level of similarity between phones.

Moreover, the device from Lenovo is likely to have a more or less acceptable build quality. In fact, compared to some noname-models (included in time), this product has the official support by the experts Lenovo.


So, consider first the material from which made our duplicate and compare it with what would show a real iPhone. Manufacturers from China claim that it also employs the alloy of aluminium (which is identical to the material characteristics on the iPhone 6). However, the practical test Chinese iPhone 6 "Android" (reviews confirm this) is not passed. Scratch the Apple product is not so easy; whereas in the case of Lenovo is not the case - the top layer of paint comes off very easily, with the result that laid bare the texture of the metal. It is impractical, especially if wearing a smartphone without a case or bumper.

Dimensions S90 a few more than the original, but notice it is not so easy, not having at hand the “Apple” smartphone.


Chinese copy of "iPhone 6"

Displays mentioned in the review of models also have many differences. If the one installed on the original, has not only the ability to transmit a wide range of colors at maximum brightness, but a high level of protection, then say the same thing about the Lenovo does not. The latter seems, however, not bad, but in practice the screen is easily scratched. And it showed not only our review, describing Chinese iPhone 6 "Android". Reviews of people who have used the smartphone for a certain period of time, confirmed this. Strength of glass iPhone and fakes to compare simply impossible. To say for sure what the reason for this is the high technological effectiveness of the coating of the Apple, or, on the contrary, in the oversight of Chinese manufacturers is impossible. But the fact remains so.


The Device, produced by Apple, known for its performance, and in fact the perfect response. Despite the fact that the smartphone iPhone 6 is not the most powerful processor available in the technological world today, together with a properly optimized operating system it can deliver dramatic results while maintaining the normal level of flow of charge and not overheating.

best Chinese "iPhone 6"

A slightly different picture can be observed in the case of Lenovo S90 (despite the fact that it's actually the best Chinese iPhone 6). The machine did not hang - it Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 410 with 4 cores with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz is too powerful. No, we are talking about how it shows the phone as a whole: in the process, it can significantly heat up, which rapidly decreases the level of battery charge. According to some reviews, firmware Chinese iPhone 6 to a newer version of Android in some cases, can save the situation - but to count on it especially should not be.


Another key indicator of the quality of the smartphone is, of course, pictures taken with its camera. In the case of the original iPhone complaints can not be - the device is known due to its great pictures and videos that can be obtained even in conditions with poor lighting.

The Camera on the Lenovo S90 is not bad - it's a decent sample, if we talk about Android smartphones. But alas, the Chinese iPhone 6 "Android" (feedback which we will post next) was to have the best hardware, capable of more. However, we did not notice. In good conditions the photos are of good quality, but in a poorly lit room, everything changes. Honestly, does not help even a flash.


Chinese "iPhone 6" cheap

In Order to make a factor of objectivity in the review, take a look at the reviews left by to described copies. Many of them praised the design of the device ("lapped" with Apple-products), how it fits in the hand and behaves in practice. While there are complaints of users on the endurance of the battery, display quality, camera capabilities. Buyers often negatively evaluate and stability of the operating system of the smartphone (which, of course, more remote from the original Chinese iPhone 6).

In Moscow (and Russia in General), there are plenty of stores offering replicas of an iPhone - and many of them left typical comments: pleased with the design but disappointing functionality and usability of the smartphone, published on the image of Apple. This only confirms the fact that to replace the original phone is Chinese copy is impossible, whatever the technical parameters of the latter did not possess.


Well, about the cost of the devices need to maintain a separate conversation. The purpose of buying fakes - saving. As a rule, people who buy a copy, don't want to pay for the original unit.

firmware Chinese "iPhone 6"

We describe Chinese iPhone 6 price, however, not so low - it is about 17 thousand rubles. For such money it is possible to find the original, though used, phone is an older version. The new iPhone 6 will cost 3 times more expensive.

For those looking For a more budget option, forgery for the 10 and even 7 thousand rubles. To find them is not work...

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