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Swype in its field of application is the best, although not the most used method of entering text messages. It is intended solely for touch screens. The main advantage of this attachment to your smartphone, tablet is a feature that allows you to type words without lifting your fingers from the display device.

The app Works easily and simply: you just need to slide your finger from letter to letter, and the words themselves will seem on the screen. Remove your finger it should be only in order to make a space between the words. To this method of entering information has become the most effective producers used a technology called Swype. This program has a unique algorithm is the introduction of signs, as well as bug fixes. The app is called Swype-keyboard. The program is in great demand all over the world. And now more details about what the swipe.

what is a swipe

Swype technology

Let us Consider this question in detail. What is the swipe of interest to many people, because the program is quite new, and few people knew about her all the details.

The Language of the so-called standard input, which in people has been called T9, shared with newfangled technology literate typing. This feature is that the program tries to predict the word that will be written by the first entered letters. Our new technology allows not only easy and simply type a text message, but do it very quickly on every kind of display. Due to this new technology even the most advanced in this matter people will be able to type about 45 words per minute through simple finger movements on the keyboard of your smartphone. The application of this type designed for mobile phones, various game gadgets, TVs and other devices with touch control.


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It is not strange that it is this type of technology is the fastest among its peers. And all thanks to the intelligence, which is embedded in the system and helps to predict words.

Simon swipe

The Benefits of new technology

What a swipe is, we understand, next, we consider its immediate advantages:

  • You can enter words on their device more than 40 per minute. This will allow you to save time when typing messages and to interact with other people.
  • This method is the most convenient for a variety of tablets and personal computers.
  • Technology allows you to use multiple fonts.
  • Can Also support the standard keyboard layout.
  • Misspelled word, you can easily and quickly edit.
  • Text you can enter as a finger, and a stylus.
  • Display gets quite a lot of sensitivity.

Detailed description "Simon Swipe"

Is the game in electronic format. The app is designed well-known company Hasbro. The rules of the game simple and accessible to everyone.

The Gamer must repeat an earlier sound and light signals and to press the corresponding buttons. Each time the game goes up a notch, thus becoming increasingly difficult. The transition to a new level is accompanied by a special signal. The appearance of the red signal and a sharp sound means a loss. "Simon Swipe" contributes to the development of the child's attention, but to abuse them is not worth it.

Fun fascinates not only children but also grown people. The toy is powered by three batteries type AA standard package included the game itself.

To purchase electronic game "Simon Swipe" at a low price, you should use Internet resources. Usually they can be delivered in any point of Russia by courier or by mail. Also often possible to send to other countries.


As usual, many of the keyboard, it's not bad, but compared to the ideal, a new type, it is still to grow and grow. That is why all developers are trying to implement a standard means something new and interesting.

For example, a swipe keyboard is an alternative keyboard for Android and iOS.

Artificial intelligence application allows you to create a unique so-called language model on your smartphone or any other gadget. The many functions of the application allow you to quickly enter not only words, but also any other characters. Thanks to the built-in dictionary when typing the keyboard will "suggest" possible options.

swipe keyboard


As the cost of the smartphone "Samsung galaxy note 5" is pretty high, he needs extra protection case and screen. This is especially true of unwanted encounters with hard surfaces, water, dirt and dust. To ensure phone good preservation can only swipe cover. It is produced of genuine leather and will last a long time.

cover swipe

In this article you learned what swipe in its several guises, as well as met with new technology.

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