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Bread you can buy in the store, but it is better to bake it at home. The best helper in this matter – bread maker "Kenwood".

The British company Kenwood is engaged in the production of kitchen appliances since 1947. The designers of this company had plenty of time to create and perfect the device for baking bread.

Kenwood bread makerMain models: BM256, BM350, the BM366. Each of these ovens is good in its way.

In order to decide which bread maker "Kenwood" suit you more, consider the possibilities of these basic models. BM256 oven made of brushed stainless steel. This case looks good and is easy to clean.

But looks – this is not all that stands out for bread maker "Kenwood". Reviews about 256-th model say that she knows how to prepare dough for baking in the oven, dough for pasta, French bread, whole-wheat bread, cakes and jams.

The model BM256 12 standard programs. Thanks to an accelerated program this bread maker "Kenwood" can cope with making bread in just one hour. In part, this contributes to power consumption - 480 Watts. After baking is complete the oven will beep and within an hour it heats the bread.

BM256 can Wake you up in the morning by the smell of fresh bread. To do this, the oven is programmed from the evening. By the way, for Breakfast, lunch or dinner oven can bake bread in 500, 750 or pound loaf.

The model of "Kenwood" – a bread maker that will suit most Housewives.

Kenwood bread maker reviewsIf you want to get an oven with more features than BM256, note BM350.

This breadmaker two standard programs more, it is more powerful than the 250-th model at 165 Watts. Another advantage of it is a dispenser for adding ingredients. The dispenser-container in which you can put dried fruit, nuts, or raisins.


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Bread maker "Kenwood" will add these ingredients at the right time. In the model BM256 dispenser no additives you have to put hands, opening the lid after the beep.

The Only advantage of the 256-th model before the 350 – metal case.

Kenwood bread makerKenwood still produces a bread machine with convection. Convection is when the air is forcibly circulated inside the oven. Bread with convection cook faster, better baked through, more lush leaves, with a thin and crispy crust. Bread maker with convection – "Kenwood ВМ366". The models ВМ256 and ВМ350 it also exceeds the availability of the IVF program. This program allows you to bake yeast bread in just 85 minutes. 366-th model features a new heating element. "Kenwood ВМ366" ergonomic metal body and a higher power. 366-I'm losing the models described above, only the number of standard baking programs (11).

You can Buy bread maker "Kenwood" is better in a specialty store. In online store you can find the stove much cheaper. If you choose the second option, it is better not to order delivery and self pick up the goods. In this case, you will have the opportunity to check the operation of the bread machine and require a guarantee with a seal.

Regardless of which model you choose, you can be assured that bread will always delight you with quality bread and serve long.

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