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Every football club is competing with others not only by a sports principle, but also the infrastructure. It is no wonder that before going into any club, the player or coach first coming into the stadium, training ground and other club structures. Only after this they decide to bind itself to contractual obligations with the club. "Atletico" (Madrid) it is difficult to compete with other clubs stadiums, but "Vicente Kleroi" is not a reason for shame. The stadium is very modern, holds a decent number of fans and has good acoustics.

Stadium Vicente calderón (Madrid)

If you ask a layman what the stadium is located in Madrid, many people would answer "Santiago Bernabeu", but it's not just him. The Vicente calderón is the home arena of the team "Atletico" (Madrid), who this year reached the final of the Champions League and now compete with the Catalan "Barcelona" and Madrid "real".

The Football facility was built in 1966 year, in the heart of Madrid - the district Arganzuela. The first name of the stadium was selected as the "Manzanares", but later the name was replaced, and now the stadium is named the best President in the history of the "plans" - Estadio Vicente calderón. To date, the bleachers of the football facility can hold about 55,000 fans wishing to see their favorite team. The Vicente calderón - the stadium is top-class UEFA standards.

Vicente Calderon

Stadium History

"Metropolitano" - the old stadium of the club de Madrid has already can not accommodate a sufficient number of fans, so in 1961 year, the Board of Directors it was decided to build a new stadium, which would be more comfortable, safer and roomier. Due to the fact that the construction of the stadium was very expensive, the club managed to take credit for the tidy sum of money, and fees for the loan were made by both the club and fans.


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By 1966, the year the stadium was completed and received its name "Manzanares". Already in 1971 year, the same Board of Directors unanimously decided that it is necessary to rename and give the name of the then club President Vicente calderón, which "plans" has achieved unprecedented success on all fronts.

Vicente calderón stadium

The architecture of the stadium

Architectural features of a structure of this type is very unusual that can be linked with the fact that the club had serious financial difficulties during the construction of the Vicente calderón. Capacity, for example, was originally planned in the area of 60 thousand, and in reality it was only 55. The entire stadium even visually it is easy to divide into 4 parts: Main stand, Side, North and South. The main grandstand was completed only to 1972-th year, the beige 6 years after the debut match of the team against Valencia.

A Distinctive feature of the stadium is that under one of the stands is a highway "M-30". This is connected again with the low financing, because the stadium is located in the Central, but not very affluent area of the capital. The land was bought on the basis of the cash possibilities.

Who is the Vicente calderón stadium?

Mr. Vicente was respected in the whole of Spain businessman who had connections in each of the cities of old Castile and Aragon. When in 1954, the year of the Barroso left the club, leaving the presidential chair and deep economic problems for the club came from directly calderón.

Quite a bit of time it took the newly elected President in order to correct the mistakes of his predecessor and to finish the stadium as soon as possible (just 2 years). When lady Calderone, the club began the era of economic stability and we can say that football has become a business, as it brought a certain income.

In 1980, the year Vicente left the club, but due to the fact that the candidates for his seat and could not share power, he has to go back and edit until his death. He died a great Manager in 1987 year, leaving behind not just a trail, but only yourself in the history of the club of Madrid.

the Stadium "Madrid" Madrid

Maintenance on "Vicente Calderon" and in its vicinity

Despite the fact that such a massive structure is located in a rather quiet residential area, here is what to do and don't need a long walk in search of shelter, drink or food. The stadium is very close to the geographical center of Madrid, but, despite this, the prices are comparatively less, so for a tourist-fan of "Atletico" (Madrid) - this is heaven.

The Area is filled with hostels and small family hotels, also there are small eateries and restaurants where you can eat tasty and inexpensive meal. During a match at the stadium you can buy various fast food as well as beer and juices with water. If the fans going to the match from afar, he can not be afraid for your stay not before the match, not during the game.

Vicente Calderon - capacity

How to buy tickets and get to the stadium?

Tourists from abroad there should be no problem, tickets for the match "Atletico" to get not so difficult. You just have to go to the distributors website and order tickets online. If a fan is planning to watch not only football, but also the city, that he might come for a couple of days before the match and buy tickets at the box office. Prices range from 30 to 80 euros, which is not so bad for teams at this level.

Estadio Vicente calderón - address

Many, however, difficulties may arise with how to find the Vicente calderón. The address structure is as follows: Paseo Virgen del Puerto 67, 28005 Madrid. If you explain more precise, the Vicente calderón is located in the South-Western part of Central Madrid. If you walk along the river Manzanares on the waterfront, definitely not miss this magnificent work of art of the football genre. In General, if someone decided to visit the stadium, it is very good idea.


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