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Is There any girl who wouldn't want to flaunt in the summer in short shorts or mini skirt? In the winter time jeans to slim the thighs also look much better than raspavshihsya. Meanwhile, this part of the body trainers fitness clubs think is most problematic in women. After 25 years of several metabolic processes slows down and the fat begins to be deposited, even for those women who are by nature inclined to leanness. It buttocks and thighs get fat in the first place. If you go on a diet, it does not guarantee that after a special meal plan this part of the body will become a model. In this post we will show you how to pump up thighs quickly and to build thigh

Why you want to work on thighs

The Question of how to build thigh at home or in the gym, is the most frequently asked among women. If we take as an example the average man aged 25 years and older, the problem is often the stomach. Women usually complain about blurred thighs and buttocks.

It is not a coincidence. Fat attack those areas first of all to purely natural and physiological reasons. Nature tries to isolate the female reproductive system from hypothermia, so any excess fat reserves sends to the location of the genitals. Thus, women and girls are often interested in how to build thigh, the skin was supple, the muscles toned and the fat was absent.

Is it Possible to get rid of fat in problem areas

It so Happens that the entire figure is a girl happy, but the hips seem to be full. How to build thigh so that not losing weight where it does not interfere? No one wants to lose weight breast or weight loss floppy skin in the stomach area.


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pumped inner thigh

But so is the human body, that to lose weight in any particular area without affecting the body in General, is impossible. As soon as you go on a diet or begin to engage intensively in sports, you will immediately lose face and chest. And at last the body will give fat stores in the hips and abdomen. And do it very reluctantly. With this unfortunate natural remiss not to fight, you can only accept. However, performing special exercises will help to put in order the hips quickly and effectively.

About nutrition

Answering the question of how to build the girl thighs, it is impossible to bypass the topic of proper nutrition. It would seem, where is the connection? In fact, the sports load and proper nutrition are fully correlated. Even if you kill yourself in the gym, but after to make up for the energy loss sweets, you will not see any result. Sometimes people, started in the gym, even gain weight. This is because muscle mass increases and body fat, meanwhile, is not particularly reduced.

Do I Need to diet?

Forget the word, if you want to have a beautiful figure and a couple of days after a grueling starvation. But definitely worth it to review your meal plan, if you have extra fat stores. Most likely, you are getting more calories than you spend. In addition, even if you consume not as many calories, perhaps most of your diet consists of harmful carbohydrates like sweets, pastries, soda.

The Second bomb to the body that the explosion will add you extra pounds, – it is a mixture of carbohydrates to fats. Therefore, fast food, cakes, and also traditional meals like potatoes with cutlets to change to a more rational food. People who are always in the form that is not hungry. But in their diet many vegetables, chicken, fish. Sweets, of course, also possible. That's just prefer useful kastam like fresh and dried fruit instead of sweets and biscuits.

Keeping these basics in nutrition, you will not wonder how to build muscle the thighs or lose weight in the stomach. Do not study hard in the gym, in any time of the year you will be able to boast a good figure.

Tip lazy — buy a gym membership

You can Do at home or in the gym? For each response, but if you know that he is not averse to be lazy and lie on the couch, then I strongly advise you to buy a gym membership. It would seem, where is the logic? In fact, if you want to learn how to pump up muscles of hips, breast and belly, anywhere you can't explain it better than the gym.

how to build thighBut this is not the main reason for this recommendation. The fact is that to force yourself to do at home very difficult. But if the person is prone to laziness, it is virtually impossible. At the same time, if you give a certain amount of money for the opportunity to visit gym, then you will be simply unpleasant to understand that you have a home subscription, but it is not in use.

Superprestige for hips

As mentioned above, it is impossible to lose weight specifically in the thighs. Therefore in this part of the body, you will adjust and other areas. Undoubtedly, this is an advantage because, making various kinds of just one exercise, you will be able to tone up the whole body.

So, how to build thigh at home or in the gym? There is only one exercise that will effectively cope with this part of the body, and also will lead in order to the abdominals, back, buttocks and legs. It – squats. Squats are a basic exercise, since they involve up to 70 % of large muscles. This exercise is done by everyone who wants to have beautiful feet, well-decorated buttocks and slim hips. In fact, when you work on the legs, all that you need – perform squats in several types.

how to build thigh home

Regular squats

If you're new to training, in order to pump up the inner thigh at home or in the gym, you don't need handy tools. Learn the proper technique of squats. Legs need to put on width of shoulders, socks breed apart.

Doing squats, ensure that the back was straight, and the knees went beyond the toes. Crouch is not difficult, and so you can supply for yourself a plan to increase the number of sit-UPS daily for 20 times. Do 30 squats today, 50 tomorrow, the next day 70, and so on. Learn to do 300 sit-UPS a day, then can not be added in quantity. Don't have to do this exercise in one breath. Make at once as much as you can and then take rest. Even if you only do some squats, not diversity, this exercise will give your thighs and buttocks in only a to build thigh at homeYou can increase the load, if put on the shoulders bodybar or vulture. The more weight you take additionally, the more effective the exercise. However, don't chase after the weights, because this can hurt the technique of the exercise. At home you can certainly not turn out to be vulture. Buy a dumbbell. To complicate squats, take it with both hands, with squat dumbbells touch the floor. Another option complications – to get water in a two liter bottle and engaged with such a makeshift dumbbell.

Plie Squat

This – one of the varieties of squats, which repeats the exercise, plie dancers. For this divorce legs a little wider. When performing exercises, your knees should be at 90 degree angle. Do plies 20 times a day and pumped the inner thigh at the same time.

how to build muscle thighshow to build thigh girlThe Bends of the feet to the side or back

Surely you know the exercise in which you need to lie on the floor on his side, a hand to rest on the floor, and lift legs up at a time. This exercise cannot be called effective, as you lie spent and with little energy. But you will make my thighs huge favor, if more it will mutate.

pump up the inner thigh at home

To do this, spread your feet shoulder-width apart and do regular squats. Erect, pull the leg back. Repeat the squat, but do have the withdrawal of the other leg.

how to build thigh

Legs can take both backwards and to the side. You will engage internal and external thighs. Repeat this exercise 30 times a day each leg.


The Attacks – this is the second super exercise in order to make beautiful thighs, and buttocks round. Lunges can be done with additional weight, and without it. This exercise activates the gluteus Medius, inner and outer thighs. Lunges can be dynamic: position feet shoulder width apart, you take a step forward, bend your knee at an angle of 90 degrees, lowering the pelvis to the floor. Is the static lunges: while standing still, you pick up the case.

 pumped inner thigh

What exercises ineffective

All athletes of the world recognize the squat...

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