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Fishing in Anapa-it is the most popular form of recreation for local residents and for visiting tourists. Here you can go fishing in the river, estuary, open sea or shore. This is a great way to relax from the noisy companies, sultry beaches and just spend some time in peace and quiet. For this lesson at this resort, oddly enough, you can see not only men but also women. Therefore, arriving on rest in these places, it is better not to miss the opportunity and try to get a good catch. Believe me, it will be an unforgettable vacation.

Fishing the sea

Geographically, the resort is near the Black sea, and around him a large number of different bodies of water. Therefore, for those who like to spend their leisure time with a fishing rod in hand, there is always place.

fishing in Anapa

Sea fishing in Anapa the most popular with tourists from all over the world. Fans of fishing are local authorities allowed to fish from a variety of places, such as: piers, bridges, shore and from boats or standing in rubber boots knee-deep in water. Everywhere I look, and see the fishermen with spinning rods or fishing rods. Those who know best can come here before the sun comes up, and in silence wait for a good bite.

Fishing in Anapa in the sea can be arranged by any tour agencies in the resort, you can also go fishing on their own. Locals also rent all the necessary gear, bait and boat. Trophies sea fishing can be: black sea herring, mackerel, Bubyr, sea breams, gobies, ruff and many other representatives of the underwater world. At greater depths it is likely to catch sturgeon or Beluga. The biggest catch usually falls on September. And also you can not go out in the open sea, as the fishing in Anapa Bank allowed the local authorities. This can be done with the help of spinning.


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River catch

This resort is Anapka and Kuban. They found a huge number of freshwater fish, so river fishing in Anapa guarantee a large catch. These trophies can be carp, carp, carp, perch, roach, bream, carp, pike, carp, and in the warm time of the year here swims even the so-iny mullet and mullet.

In the autumn months In the river better not to go alone, because at this time of year are often heavy rains, respectively, the road is severely blurred. In this case, you must use the services provided by various tour Desk.

fishing in Anapa Bank

Other types of fishing

For those who are just mastering the skills zakidyvaniya rods, fishing in Anapa from the shore just fine. There is nothing better than to sit here spinning in peace and quiet. The best place where you can catch a lot of fish right from the shore, is the village of Maliy Utrish near Anapa.

In Addition, fishing in Anapa can be not just a Amateur, and professional. In this case, organized a boat with a sounder, which takes on Board your group of two to four people. Tourists, who had gone to fish in this way, they say that a great catch in any case is guaranteed, because even if one school of fish goes, they can instantly find another.

fishing in Anapa in July

Advice from experienced fishermen

According to many fans of fishing, which is much more trophies you can catch if fishing with small vessels, capital of catamarans, yachts. From avid fishermen will also tell you that the largest fish is found at depth, so there can catch a good catch even those who only recently learned to hold the fishing rod in his hands.

Experienced travelers advise to take such vessels are not alone and best with friends – so it turns out cheaper. For fishing it is best to choose as a gain of shrimp.

In the summer time it is best to choose the court with the sounder, as in these months the water is too warm, and the shoals of fish scattered. Therefore, to fishing in Anapa in July is failed, you need marine inhabitants even to look good.

fishing in Anapa prices


Many travelers say that the resort is able to catch many varieties of fish. In Anapa even found the red mullet, which can be seen in many expensive cafes and restaurants. According to experienced fishermen, it is best to catch a worm or ordinary bread. Jack mackerel is likely to catch in these places even a simple spinning, especially from late summer until the beginning of September.

Also in Anapa, many come for the bull, because in such numbers as here, it is no longer anywhere. It will appeal to fans of fishing and in November, when the water off the coast cools down, respectively, lifted the fish from the deep.

Tour Cost

Coming to this resort for trophies, use the services of agencies through which the well will be fishing in Anapa. Prices depend on this fishery and the number of hours.

For Example, a summer option that includes one more ride on the boat and swimming in the open sea, can start from 1000 rubles per person for three hours of such pleasure. Ordinary fishing, which lasts more than two hours with the preparation of the catch on Board the vessel, starts from 700 rubles (depending on time of year).

Professional sea hunt for trophies on a boat with an echo sounder will cost 1500 rubles per person for three hours.

sea fishing in AnapaThere is Also the possibility of individual fishing when the company goes into the open sea and on Board all that you wish. The cost of such trips will depend on the type of vessel.

True fans of fishing will surely appreciate this service, as a VIP fishing trip. In this case the ship captain goes to a depth of thirty meters and trophies can be a catamaran or sea-Fox. Such a pleasure will cost 3000 rubles per person for six hours of fishing.

Anapa is famous for fishing in all parts of Russia, as it can give a lot of fantastic and truly enjoyable moments with a fishing rod or spinning rod in hand. So all year round here you can see ardent fans or just lovers of fishing, come to these places from all over the country.


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