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Anglers have long been accustomed to the fact that one of the most popular attachments – Motyl – no need to extract yourself. You can just go to a fishing store and buy it as long as necessary for the short time fishing. And few think about the fact, the form of which insect he is, how he lives and develops in the underwater world and finally falls into the hands of the fisherman.crank it


The Joker – is one of the best baits used by anglers for sport and Amateur fishing. This small, 1-2-cm red worm lives in the bottom mud of lakes, ponds, river channels and bays. The Joker – this is the larva of a mosquito fibre (or Chironomidae, or insect families Chironomidae and Tendipedidae), harmless and not biting, which is in phase adults do not feed. It is not only harmful, but also brings tangible benefits! For what this species of mosquito was awarded even a single monument, which is located in the city of Berdyansk, Ukraine.waders fishing

Bloodworms for fishing

You must have seen fibre. When it comes to heat, these insects start with a thin squeak swarm in quiet places near water. But fishermen is in all respects a remarkable interested in the insect as a fishing lure. The Joker – is the key to success! He has no equal. Especially respect his fans of winter fishing on mormyshka. Here without larvae did not complete. They are on the hook, they are around the hole. Complementary feeding in winter also produced mainly bloodworms. The fishing in open water, along with other lures are also used such as bloodworm, maggot, worm. And much more often than it seems at first glance. To improve the bite, for example, he added kilos in the industrial bait mixture as major sports competitions, and Amateur fishing. Bait application bloodworms are not limited. In the warm season Motyl, a worm often used as the main bait, and as replanting to other lures.


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Some features and specifications

From the tropics to the Arctic lakes settled numerous species of chironomid midges.

worm moth

The Adult form of the insect in this stage may be pale yellow, light green, rarely dark colors. The limbs are much elongated. The males are adorned with feathery mustache-antennas. With their help, the male hears the beating of wings of the Mature females, which oscillate at a speed of 500 strokes per second. One of the life cycles of Chironomidae – familiar bloodworms. This larval stage, the longest. To become a flying insect takes 3 to 9 months, depending on temperature and water depth. Almost all larvae build houses, the construction of which depends on what substrate they develop.

Journey to adulthood

While in the lower part of this structure, the larva makes a wave-like respiratory movements, through which the inside of the house there is a water current that delivers the necessities of life of bloodworms food and oxygen. Larvae actively migrate. Throughout the year, in the spring they climb into smaller areas with heated water, and in the fall go deeper. Before turning into a flying insect, the larva is at the stage of pupation. There is a rearrangement of internal organs. In this period lasting up to two weeks the moth is already not like a larva and an adult insect it is far, although he appear the rudiments of wings and bloodworms

How to get bloodworms alone?

Live bloodworms to clean in the winter. For this purpose, a dredge, a special device sliding on the stick. Usually the average anglers using smaller dredges, because they are harvesting bloodworms in industrial volumes. But, whatever she dredge – small, big, deep, shallow, – the principle of obtaining the moth remains unchanged. The device sinks to the bottom, then scoop up as much of the bottom sludge. The more it will zacarpattya, the greater the amount of bloodworms to get the output. After this, the design rises to the surface. If the volume of the bucket is very large, for lifting of sludge is a small hand winch.


When the stage of production they completed, the second step – his washing. To do this, take a special slotted spoon and begins to wash through the mesh of the bucket. Bottom mud generally consists of very fine particles, and therefore leaches easily. bloodworm maggotWhen the action is almost over, to be washed out of the bucket remains, we still have several times sharply to lower and remove the bucket from the water. Then a few seconds to hold the bucket in the air and slowly dip it back into the water. You can reap the fruits of their labor.

How is the Joker in the home

Here are a few simple recipes save the bloodworms for a long time at home. The easiest way to do it with a plastic cassettes, which are sold in pet stores or supermarkets for anglers. The main drawback of this design: it is designed for small bloodworms, feed. Therefore, it can be upgraded with the help of usual scissors: narrow end razgovarivaem a little holes, do a chamfer to the larger moth could penetrate through this grid. The principle of operation is very simple: we put the larvae on a mesh and fill the cassette with water. And so that the water is shut down completely. Live larvae penetrate through the mesh to the bottom of the cassette, and the dead and debris remain on the grid. This cassette is put in the refrigerator away from the freezer, and every two days about we just take out the grid, dead larvae and debris washed off under the tap. Larvae living is filtered through the mesh. They remain there. Again, fill the mesh with water and put it down in the refrigerator. Thus larvae can store approximately within a month, if not more, although the Joker – it's a pretty perishable item.bloodworms at home

In the newspaper

Plastic cassettes are good for saving small amounts of baits mainly for the nozzle. And when it comes to large quantities of larvae for bait, for example, for bream fishing, it makes sense to do it in some other way. Well, first, bloodworms, store-bought, can be very humid. It to start to dry on the paper. The newspaper need not take fresh from the mailbox, and that which has lain some time, since the printing ink is still toxic – it needs to be dried. Bloodworms are scattered over the surface of the newspaper, dried, and then starts his packing.


After we dried bloodworms to dry media, we take it to the next sheet and turn it in small portions, not more than 100 grams. Remember that the Joker – it is a fragile bait, so not much pressure. Next, take wet newspaper and wrap the parcel. And again – and dry – in the third layer. The point is that now the crank is in the first fold in the dry paper, then wet it coats the shell from completely wet, and all this is covered again with dry newspaper. That is, the moisture does not evaporate too rapidly, at the same time supplied in sufficient quantities to the larvae of mosquito. This bundle is placed in the refrigerator away from the freezer (in the lower compartments, to vegetables, despite the protests of the couple). As such, this popular bait is, in principle, can be stored for about a week. There are other ways of saving the moth, for example, with its frost.


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