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Eduard Hodos - Ukrainian public figure, publicist, writer and founder of a unique library with a vast army of readers. How did he do it? The community consists of cells, each of which 15 the agitators, leading educational activities. Thus, only Ukraine has created more than 1,000 branches. The author of this unusual library - Hodos Edward Davidovich.

Hodos Edward Davidovich


He was Born June 6, 1945. According to his autobiography, he graduated from the Kharkov pedagogical Institute. In 1990 Hodos took an active part in the reconstruction of dilapidated Kharkiv choral synagogue. Gradually it settled, it began to hold services and celebrations.

How it all began?

In October 1990, a delegation of representatives of the six largest in the USSR Jewish leaders flew to new York.

During a visit to America guests from the USSR met with financiers and Industrialists, attended the meetings of the Senate, talked with senators and heads of Rabbinate of the United States. These events were widely covered in the press.

Three weeks Hodos Edward was in the USA at the personal invitation of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Schneerson. The man who blessed Hodos to high office. According to the plans of CHABAD, Baron Hodos were to become Governor the former Soviet Union - Jewish Baron. He refused the post, as it was then understood, of what constitutes the organization.

In addition to official meetings, they met daily with the Lubavitcher Rebbe that was put before them certain tasks:

  • Use the potential of the entire Jewish in the Soviet Union in order to dominate in all spheres of life.
  • To Contribute to the revitalization of Jewish life in communities and build local capital. The main goal is to infiltrate the political institutions of the country.

According to the Baron, personally before him was set a specific task: to make the then mayor of Kharkov «their», because according to CHABAD, according to his mother he is a Jew.


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Then, in the US, the charity organization “the Gates of Mercy" of its entry into Kharkov was to be held through the Fund Hodos. The project was obviously empty, its main goal was to come out on top face of the city.

Eduard Hodos


In 1991, Hodos Edward Davidovich was appointed head of the Jewish community in Kharkov. At his invitation the synagogue was visited by the Metropolitan of Kharkov and Bishop Nicodemus. In 1992, the city was visited by the head of security, CHABAD Slonim. From that moment began the serious disagreements between the Rabbi of Kharkov synagogue and the organization.

  • In June 1992, a local newspaper “Time” reported an explosion under the balcony of the apartment, which was registered by Eduard Hodos.
  • In 1993, the same newspaper published an article, which was excerpted from threatening notes addressed to the Baron.
  • A Year later, the newspaper “View” said that under the door of the Chairman of the Jewish community E. Khodos was planted by a shell.
  • In 1995 to the Prosecutor of Kharkiv began to receive materials about the conflict between Eduard Davidovich, who arrived from abroad a representative of the CHABAD M. Moscovici.
  • In 1997 Hodos was attacked.
  • After a year in the Kharkiv synagogue was on fire, and damage was colossal.
  • In 1999, the city government evicted their community. According to Hodos, the threats began after he joined the opposition to CHABAD.

Hodos Edward Davidovich all books

Philosophy of the Baron

According to Hodos, CHABAD – closed cabalistic religious organization. Eduard Davidovich where training was held, but was never a member of this community. Moreover, in his understanding – CHABAD and Jewish concepts are incompatible.

Hodos considers himself Jewish and anti-fascist struggles with Nazi ideology. CHABAD rules the world and causes irreparable damage, says Hodos Edward Davidovich.

All the author's books contain the facts and evidence:

  • 1993 – “does Ukraine Need the Messiah of Brooklyn?”;
  • 1994 – “the power of the werewolf";
  • 1999 – “the Axe above Orthodoxy”; “President Kuchma”, “My struggle";
  • 2000 – “the Coming of Judas";
  • 2001 – “The Jewish syndrome” - 1 and 2 of the book, “Christ – my brother";
  • 2002 – continuation "of the Jewish syndrome-2" and 3, book, “Jewish roulette”;
  • 2003 – “Jewish blow”;
  • 2004 – “When the Jews marching”, “Jewish Nord-OST”;
  • 2005 – “Jewish fascism”, “Choice – 2006»;
  • 2006 – “Team of Chabad”, “the grave";
  • 2007 – “Jewish tornado”.

In the books Hodos Edward Davidovich exposes the organization CHABAD, gives the facts. Argues that the most terrible ritual of the sect is the blessing of the dollar. By the way, its the Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson blessing the two dollars.

Hodos says it is cynical and immoral ritual, in which the presence of Kabbalistic elements. Gives the example that the width of the dollar is 66.6 mm. in Other words, it is encrypted the number of Satan-666. Members of the CHABAD bless them. It is nothing like the worship of the Golden calf.

Hodos Edward dawidowicz argues that in recent time the influence of the CHABAD strengthened. The only Jewish sect that interfere in world politics. Their presence had a negative impact in America and in the countries of the former USSR.

Any recipe to confront this organization Hodos does not. He believes that it plays an educational role. With this purpose was created the Union of «HODOS».

Hodos Edward Davidovich biography

Followers and opponents

In 2005, Eduard Davidovich announced the creation of the program “HODOS” – Christian liberation voluntary-United States. The essence of the program in the title – a struggle with Antichrist and the deliverance from eugenicists yoke. Says the founder of the organization, it is a call in the volunteer army and its goal – to stop fascism in any form.

Hodos many followers. Those who truly believe it “teaching”. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of books and videos on Youtube.

But most of the readers criticized Hodos and accused of spreading myths about the Jewish nation. In addition, many believe that he is trying to spread the ideas of Stalinism in the Orthodox environment, and shifts all the sins and crimes of the powerful of this world at CHABAD.

Hodos Edward Davidovich photo

Where did Eduard Hodos?

This question a few years ago I asked fans of a Rabbi, as evidenced by the entries in the social networks and forums. They were concerned that on the website Hodos for a long time not updated content. After several assassination attempts, unrest is justified. But the long absence of Edward Davidovich due to the fact that he leads an active social life.

In July 2014 Hodos accepted Orthodoxy, which caused public controversy: some argue that this is true; others say that it is impossible, as Hodos – the Rabbi.

But the monk Athanasius, which had come Hodos Eduard Davidovich (pictured above) in September 2015, confirmed that the Baron was baptized full immersion. From the Talmud denied it, and said that Christ was always present in his mind. The evidence showed the monk of Holy mount Athos their notebooks with youthful poems, where Christian motifs. His conversation they recorded, the video was put on Youtube.

In October 2015 Hodos Edward Landau was a candidate for mayor of Kharkiv. 70-year-old independent candidate was the eldest of the candidates. He was supported by Party of Fatherland defenders.

Hodos collects masterpieces of art. At the time of the Union were among the largest collectors. His collection includes several hundred specimens of sculpture, painting, bronze, porcelain, religious icons and thumbnails. This collection was exhibited in the Manege (Moscow).

Eduard Davidovich also continues to engage in educational activities, and calls upon to confront the world of the Hasidic conspiracy. In June 2017 on the Youtube channel a new video with his performances. So the excitement of his supporters were in vain. We wish health and long years of this extraordinary person.


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