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Jacques Prevert – famous French poet and screenwriter. Jacques is known for his talent in the cinematic sphere. Known songwriter didn't stop and today – creativity prévert remains as popular and relevant as in the twentieth century. The younger generation is still interested in the work of such talented individuals.

Biography of writer, poet and songwriter

Biography of Jacques prévert began in the French town of Neuilly-ser-Seine. Writer born February 4, 1900.

Jacques Prevert

At the age of 15 Jacques Prevert left school and went to Paris. The young man chose the boring school routine to celebrate the Boulevard life of Paris, where life was gaining its momentum. Jacques Prevert lived all those events that took place in Paris, actively participating in all activities of the boulevards.

After the war the country's huge success had surrealistic views. Jacques Prevert has actively supported these sentiments. Then the budding poet and writer struck up a friendship with Picasso, Dali, Ernst and many other artists of the period.

At the same time, Jacques Prevert really bonded with the people that support the Communist movement. The young man has even entered the ranks of the members of pop agitators «October». At this time come the poems of Jacques prévert, songs, scripts, who denounced all the flaws of capitalism.

Trip to the Soviet Union

With all the group «October», a songwriter Jacques Prevert went to the territory of the USSR. The group was invited to a meeting where she was to speak. Pungent poems in French, which opened people's eyes to the former capitalism, gathered full audience. Before leaving the Soviet Union «October» were invited to meet personally with Joseph Stalin to Express my respect and gratitude. Despite the fact that Jacques begged, he never agreed to this meeting. Prevert was a great authority in this group, so all members followed his example.


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poems in French

Political views

The Group «October» actively communicated with the party «left». Special relations established between the group and Louis Aragon, who at the time headed the cultural Department of the CPSU Central Committee. I must say that Aragon wrote poems in French. Despite the fact that all members of the group were in a fiduciary relationship with Louis, Jacques preferred to keep a certain distance. Invitations to join the Communist party Prevert always said that “not want to be put in a jail cell”. The poet was not interested in politics. He has always opposed the rule by a religion. Jacques also spoke against violence, while remaining an ardent hater of the bourgeois class. Dali said about prévert: “He fights the evil like it's a bomb. In fact it is just firecrackers”.

The Trickery

Not to get in the French army for compulsory military service, Jacques was pretending to be crazy. However, even in this Prevert used his innate artistry, always using a pipe or a cigarette.


Jacques was pretending to be a womanizer who suffer stellar disease. In fact, Prevert never suffered from lack of female attention. Among his mistresses can be called famous Actresses, TV stars and movies of the time. This was due to the fact that the poet was a handsome man who is always impeccably looked trendy and suits, lovely and trendy hairstyle. Thus the poet was an amazing talent: every time you breakup with another woman he gets to stay with her friends for many years.

Writers ' activity

Call Jacques prévert became a writer after he started writing scripts for various films. Those movies that were filmed on the scenario of the poet, starred the most famous Directors.

In the work of prévert was one unique feature – the writer managed to nicely combine fine poetry with realism. The most famous movie, filmed on the script by Jacques prévert (France), became a film “Enfants”. The film was named best picture of the twentieth century. Arletty, called Jacques “a brilliant poet of the screen”.

Musical work

The chest was known as a poet, creating great songs. It was created about two hundred audio recordings, the basis of which formed the poem of Jacques. All pop stars had in their repertoire at least one song, whose author was a poet. “leaves” Jacques prévert became a sensation when the poem set to music, performed by Edith Piaf. The song immediately became famous all over the world. Yves Montand in 1954 he received «Golden dial" execution “leaves” by Jacques prévert. The song has been performed by other representatives of the world music stage.

Jacques Prevert poems

I must say that you can meet this name of this music, as “Dead leaves". It's the same piece that “leaves”, only here everything depends on the translation and purport of verse.

Poetic direction

As a poet, Jacques published a collection of “Words” in 1946. For the name of her collection, the poet was severely criticized. Many of his comrades in the field believed that words always eventually be erased and forgotten. The works, which poets and writers left behind, must remain eternal.

Today's edition, consisting of 250 pages, it is known to the whole world. The collection includes all those poems which Prevert wrote exclusively for himself. Three million copies (this edition was printed collection) was sold instantly. About such fame and popularity could possibly dream of every poet and writer.

Jacques Prevert biography

In his works the poet has always been able to show the usual and customary from a completely different side. The writer touched on important human problems. He worried about future generations for their development. All this translates into his lyrics, which were a huge success.

The Most important is that the modern literary public is familiar with the work of prévert.

Criticism of the poet

Many of those who today study the culture of the last century, wondering how Jacques is so quickly managed to achieve such a sudden rise and fame in the whole of France? In addition, it is important to say that today the poet is a very famous person who is not forgotten. Almost every educated person will be able to name at least one work of prévert.

I Want to say that in all the Newspapers of the last century, his poetry was described in different ways: many have strongly criticized his work, many, on the contrary, was praised. The articles, which were devoted to the work of prévert, was a huge amount. Even many other literary figures have reacted differently to the poetry of Jacques. For example, the same Sartre prévert considered a master of his craft, at the same time Camus spoke about the poet, like the lyrical clown.

 Jacques Prevert songwriter

However, it is important to note that Jacques became a reformer in the field of free verse. His poems often did not rhyme, but remained musical. In the works I have always felt a special rhythm. In his poems also lacks any punctuation that already says that Jacques allowed the readers to pause in the places where they desire. Talked about this, and the writer, screenwriter, songwriter and part-time poet.

Reviews modern readers

As is typical of the reader, each in different ways relates to the work of prévert. Many are in love with the lyrical works of Jacques, and others just don't understand why the poet so much talk and talk today.

Do Not forget that Jacques is a representative of the free poetry. What does it mean? Free verse-is poetry that has no rhyme. Most likely, the negative reviews are due to this fact. In the understanding of people very firmly, entrenched the perception of the poems as something that represents a rhyming text. In the work of prévert it is impossible to find.

Moreover, the special rhythm, which appears when the reading is questionable, because the works lack any punctuation. A glance at any poem, you may notice that neither in the lines nor in between, no commas. As he said himself the author, he allowed the reader to choose exactly the tone of what he wants.

 Jacques Prevert script

Positive reviews saying that works are imbued with special longing. A certain romance of such works is that they are able to immerse the reader in languid anguish. It is a sensation that causes poetry, very much appreciated today. Love lyrics, which came from the hands of Jacques, able to charm every reader. The feelings that the author on the paper, you can feel yourself moved at times to tears.

If you do not talk about love lyrics, and other works of the poet-scenes...

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