The tale of Antony Pogorelsky "Black hen or Underground inhabitants": a review of the contents, main characters


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The Tale called “Black hen or Underground residents” was written by a Russian writer Anton Pogorelsky in 1829. But the work has not lost its relevance today. The tale will be of interest to many students, and for some, can serve as a veritable source of wisdom.

black hen or underground residents feedback

How to create book

Many students liking the fairy tale “Black hen or Underground residents”. Reviews about this book from readers are very positive. However, not everyone knows for what purpose was created the tale originally. This work was a gift from A. Tolstoy, which Pogorelsky replaced the father. Alexei Tolstoy was a relative of Paternal great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. It is known that with time Alexey also became a popular writer and even contributed to the creation of the famous image of Kozma prutkov.

However, it is expected only in the future while That servant brought a lot of difficulties Pogorelskogo for That did not want to learn. That is why the Pogorelsky I decided to tell a story which would have prompted his students to work in Study. Over time, the book has found a All in popularity, and every student to form your opinion. “Black hen or Underground residents” has become a classic for each student. Perhaps fans of the tale will be interested to know that the name is Pogorelsky is actually an alias. In fact, the writer's name was Alex A. Cooper.

fairy tale black hen, or underground inhabitants

The protagonist of the tale, the scene

The Main character “Black chicken, or Underground inhabitants” - boy Alesha. The tale begins with narration about the main character. Boy studying in a private school and often suffer from loneliness. He is tormented with longing for the parents who, Paying tuition, living their worries away from St. Petersburg. The void in my heart and dealing with other people Alyosha replace books. Fantasy Child transports him to a far country where he imagines himself a valiant knight. The other kids parents on weekends and holidays. But for Alyosha, the only consolation are books. The scene of this tale, it was said, – a small private Guesthouse in St. Petersburg, where parents send the children to learn. Paying money for training his child for a few years, Forward, they are, in fact, disappear from his life completely.


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black hen or underground residents of the main characters

Origin story

The Main characters of “Black hen, or Underground inhabitants” is boy Alesha and Nigella – the character with which Alyosha met in the poultry yard. It was there that the boy spends much of his free time. He loves to observe live birds. In particular, he liked the chicken Nigella. Alyosha seems that Nigella silently trying to say something and has a meaningful glance. Once Alyosha wakes up from the cries of Ringlets and saves a chicken from the hands of the cook. And this act, the boy discovers an unusual fantasy world. So begins a magical tale «the little Black hen or Underground residents” Anthony Pogorelsky.

black hen or underground inhabitants main idea

Introduction to the underground world

Night Nigella comes to the boy and starts talking to him in a human voice. Alesha was very surprised, But decided to go after the Blacktop in a magical underground world where live little people. The king of this extraordinary people offers Alyosha any reward for what he managed to save from the death of their Minister – the Blacktop. But Alyosha couldn't invent better than to ask the king a magical ability – to be able to correctly answer any lesson even without preparation. King of the underground inhabitantsnot liking this idea, because she was talking about laziness and negligence of Alyosha.

Antony Pogorelsky the black hen or the underground inhabitants

The Dream of the lazy student

However, the word is the word, and he had to run My promise. Alesha received a special hemp Seed, which had always to carry with them to answer homework. Goodbye Alesha was told not to tell anyone about what he saw in the underworld. Otherwise, it is the residents of Have to leave their seats to go forever, and start to build a life in unknown lands. Alesha swore that I wouldn't break that promise.

Since then, the hero of the tale “Black hen or Underground residents” became the best student in the All St. Petersburg. First, he was embarrassed because the teacher praised his Completely uncalled for. But soon Alyosha and he starts to believe that is the chosen and exclusive. He starts to be proud of, often naughty. His character is getting worse and worse. Alesha All more Lazy, becoming angry, showing impudence.

black hen or underground residents content

The story

It is not Enough to read the synopsis “Black chicken, or Underground inhabitants”. This book is a must read, because it contains a lot of useful ideas and It the plot will be of interest to everyone. The teacher tries not to praise Alyosha, and Vice versa, seeks to educate. And Sets him to memorize as many as 20 pages of text. However, Alyosha loses its magic Seed, and therefore can not meet for class. Lock him in the bedroom as long as it does not comply with the instructions of the teacher. Lazy but his memory is not so fast To make this work. Night reappears blacktop and gives him a precious gift underground king. Nigella also asks him to correct and Else times reminds us that we should be silent about the magic Kingdom. Alyosha promises to fulfill both.

The next day, the protagonist of the fairy tale “Black hen or Underground residents” Anthony's Pogorelsky brilliantly answers the lesson. But instead of praise for his pupil, the teacher starts to dopytyvat him when he managed to learn the set. If Alyosha can't tell everything, he will be flogged. Fear Alesha had forgotten about all his promises and told about Your familiarity with the realm of the underground inhabitants, their King and Blacktop. But no one believed him, and still he was punished. At this stage you can understand the main idea “Black chicken, or Underground inhabitants”. Alyosha betrayed his friends, but the main fault which was the cause of all his troubles, was a simple sloth.

what does a black chicken or underground inhabitants

End of history

The Inhabitants of the underworld had to leave their homes, Minister Blacktop, shackled, and magic Seed disappeared forever. Due to the painful feeling of guilt Alyosha fell ill with fever and for six weeks did not get out of bed. After recovery, the protagonist becomes again obedient and kind. His relationship with his teacher and teammates become like before. Alyosha becomes a diligent student, though not the best. This is the ending of the fairy tale “Black hen or Underground residents”.

The Main ideas of fairy tales

Nigella Gives Alyosha few tips, by which he could save himself, not to become the evil and lazy. Minister of the underworld warns him that from vices to escape not so easy – after all, vices “walk in the door, and go through a Crack”. It should be noted that the tips of the Ringlets coincide with those conclusions, which makes the school teacher Alesha. Work, Says and master, and Black chicken – basedmorality and inner beauty of any person. Idleness, on the contrary, only corrupts – resembles the Pogorelsky in the novel “Black hen or Underground residents”. The main idea of a fabulous story – the goodness is in every man, But to make it manifest, you need to make efforts to try to develop and demonstrate. Otherwise, no way. If this is not done, misfortune may befall not only the individual but also to those near and dear to him people who are close to him.

Lessons of the story

Fairy Tale Pogorelsky interesting not only for its magical storyline, but that morality, which tried to convey to his pupil Pogorelsky. From the literary heritage of the writer there are very few, and that is why you should listen to the ideas, which can be found in extant Times works. Taught by “Black hen or Underground residents” and who are these lessons useful? They will be useful to every student, regardless of his academic achievement. After all, they each learn to be better. First and foremost, do not attempt to put yourself above other people, even if possess any outstanding talents and abilities.

Book that will appeal to everyone

Reviews of “Black the hen or Underground residents” the majority of people is the Warm. Undoubtedly, this story will not leave anyone indifferent student. It was a combination of magic and reality, life lessons and Tragic plot. Review of “Black the hen or the Underground inhabitants" of each student can write on your own. However, it is necessary to mention the main lessons learned after reading this book. The story reminds us that all the forces should try to develop his modesty, sense of duty, honesty and hard work – in short, the best quality, which is only possible to overcome vices. Else one lesson, which is presented in work: you need to be hard on yourself.

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