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Crocodiles – highly organized reptiles, thanks to the perfect respiratory, circulatory, and nervous system. For the first time animals have appeared more 150 million years ago. Their closest relatives-the dinosaurs.

Crocodile roundnose: description

Osteolaemus tetraspis – this is the only species of the genus tuporylye crocodiles, the smallest in the world. He âŝericeobraznye form body high, compressed from sides a long tail. On the back of the thick limbs of all four fingers, between which there are short drums. On the front – five fingers. Body is covered with Horny shields.

The Crocodile has a short snout, the length of which at the base is somewhat larger than the width. Outer nostrils separated by a bony septum. Upper eyelid ossified, iris reddish color. Irregular shape of the upper temporal lobe of the pit. Eardrum protected by movable valves. Powerful back teeth with mushroom crowns are used to flatten, clam shells and crab shells.

crocodile roundnose photoThe Adults are black-brown in color with dark, almost black spots on the abdomen and flanks on yellowish background. Young – with a wide transverse stripes and black spots on the skin a light brown color. The maximum length of 1.9 m common in males length of females does not exceed 1.2 m. This type of crocodile is harmless to humans.


At the age of 5–6 years the crocodile roundnose ready to continue the progeny. This occurs in may and June, when the rainy season comes. The male slowly approaches the female for mating, fertilizes a few individuals. A few weeks later, the female carefully selects a place to nest, making it from the wet vegetation. Further breeding ground is heated by the process of decay, thereby creates conditions for the development of embryos.


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The Female lays eggs from 11 to 17 pieces measuring 4.5-7.0 cm and she is near the nest to protect it from predators. During this period she hardly eats. The young begin to hatch after 80-100 days. The female gets the egg and puts all born in the jaws of crocodiles to move into the pond. She is a very caring mother and tender care for their babies. However, survival of these, less than half, the rest picked off by the predators: jackals, mongoose, monitor lizards.

roundnose crocodile interesting factsLittle cubs immediately after birth have a length up to 280 mm. Good eating for the year increase by about 300 mm. the Mother takes care of them for up to two years and then leaves.


The roundnose Crocodile, photos of which are presented in the article leads nocturnal and hides in burrows, digging them into the roots of the trees around ponds. crocodile roundnose descriptionIn the morning and the evening crocodiles bask in the sun. Equipping their land, lead a solitary lifestyle. With a shortage of water or excess of food available, there may be close to each other.

To Characterize the dwarf crocodile can be as timid and fearful animal. In the wild can live up to 100 years.


The roundnose Crocodile lives in Central and Western Africa and in Congo (in the North-East).

Prefers small rivers, streams and swamps in forested tropical areas. The crocodiles settled in the period of the wet season, moving into temporary reservoirs.

Animals that live in the Congo, have light skin and long snout.

Roundnose Crocodile: what is a reptile

Consumes small vertebrates, crustaceans, freshwater molluscs, depending on the season. In the rainy season the crocodile, moving away from his pond in search of food, and does not disdain carrion.

crocodile roundnoseGoing out to hunt along streams and in the forest, crocodiles tend to stay near their homes. Being in the water, they lurk and wait for approaching prey, and then suddenly and quickly grabbed her stranglehold.


What else is known roundnose crocodile? Interesting facts about him:

  • Has other names: black, African dwarf, bony crocodile;
  • Maximum speed on land is 17 km/h, that is equal to the average running speed of a person;
  • Lifespan in captivity is 40 to 75 years;
  • The Horny covering of the skin protects the body from predators and sunburn;
  • Can not chew food, rather tear it apart and swallow whole;
  • The ability to reproduce the sort is not limited by age; a well-known fact that the 69-year-old specimen at the Chicago zoo have produced healthy offspring.


The Young offspring and eggs of crocodiles – available prey for larger predators.

Threats to the crocodiles of this species is the reduction of habitat associated with deforestation for the expansion of area under agriculture.

This crocodile species is not sufficiently studied, information on the species ' population is not officially confirmed – these facts explain the complexity of animal welfare.

crocodile roundnose what feedsWidespread hunting of this species. Roundnose crocodile – it is easy prey, which serves as a source of meat for residents of the countries where they live. His skin isn't in demand because of the low quality.

Despite the fact that the roundnose crocodile Listed in the Red book, local residents continue to hunt for him.

Orange crocodile

In Gabon, the system of caves of Abanda was discovered tuporylye crocodiles unusual orange color that eat bats, crickets. Orange crocodiles are fatter than their relatives, in connection with the excess food. Underground tunnels with the water they use for living.

At the entrance to the cave is inhabited by young individuals whose bodies are painted in a darker color. In the depths of – large crocodiles bright red color. Unusual skin color scientists explain the composition of water. Bats emit a significant amount of litter, thereby increasing the alkalinity of the water, which helps restore pigment to the skin of the crocodile.

Due to low temperature inside the caves, the males and females leave to mate to the surface of the earth. The individuals lay eggs in decaying vegetation.

The length of the tunnels of the cave is about five kilometers away. More than a hundred meters, scientists are unable to get in due to the narrowing of the walls. Unlike usual dwarf crocodiles, on orange no one is hunting.

There is an opinion that escaping from predators, crocodiles were nocturnal and stay close to their burrows – it helped them to survive many millions of years ago when the global temperature drop.


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