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Recreation – that certain human actions aimed at restoring and strengthening his physical and spiritual strength in free from work and study time activities. In addition, these activities contribute to overall development of the individual and carried out by natural factors in specially designated areas outside the permanent place of residence.

Recreation is aBasically, recreation is a generalized concept, which includes a variety of activities, excursions and disease prevention. So in a sense it has several meanings. So, this term may further mean a place to stay, vacation, holiday.

To recreational resources include: climate, surface and underground water, landscape, vegetation and many other parts of the environment that are used for therapeutic, socio-cultural and other entertainment needs. For a short and relaxing holiday recreation – Park, museums, fishing, motels, boarding houses, etc. For active recreation is national parks, historical-architectural and other sights. Health territories of the CIS include: the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Carpathians, the individual regions of Central Asia, the Urals and some other places.physical recreationRecreational activities include: travel, sports, Amateur artistic activities, collecting, technical creativity and other activities that involves physical, emotional and intellectual load. It should be noted that this includes a separate physical education - physical recreation, which is quite versatile. It uses sport exercises and games, outdoor recreation, entertainment, get satisfaction from physical activity and distraction from activities that causes a different kind of fatigue.

Physical recreation – this method of solution of educational tasks, formation of morality and prevention of crime among young people. This approach to a healthy lifestyle is a positive motivation for development of positive aesthetic and moral qualities. All the current problems related to alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental retardation – it is the result of lack of attention to sports and entertainment programs for children and adolescents, the lack of public facilities and complexes near their place of residence. As you know, antisocial behavior is associated with the inability to organize their leisure time. Therefore, the main aim of this Wellness programme is to meet the needs and interests of youth, their motivation for active recreation and the proper use of their free time.activitiesTypes of recreation (recreation) is very diverse, and in their functions they are divided into: educational, therapeutic, health, sports and tourism. Each of them is divided further according to seasonal characteristics (winter break, summer vacation), age category (baby games, treatment for pensioners) etc.

Overall, recreation – a variety of activities to relax and regain its strength.

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