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Louise Sabitova – the wife of a famous biathlete Anton Shipulin. About the biography of the girl there are not a lot of information, because her childhood was spent in the small village of andra (the Khanty-Mansi Okrug). About a girl started talking only after she put their joint photo with the athlete, the winner of the Olympic games. In this article we will try to find out interesting facts about the life of this beauty before marriage, find out the history and details of a Grand wedding with Shipulin.

Sabitova personal photo

Childhood, youth, maturity

A biography of Louise Sabitova before meeting with Anton Shipulin, little is known. She was born June 7, 1988 in the small village of andra. From childhood, she was cheerful and quite active. She had a lot of girlfriends and friends with whom she easily found a common language.

The Girl always dreamed to live in another place. After all, the village of andra is pretty small to get to it only by ferry. About entertainment, large stores, theaters and other benefits of civilization, there can not speak.

Louise studied well. After high school she went to Tyumen, enrolled in the local College, choosing a specialty «management». But the profession did not entice the girl, because she always dreamed about the role of the housewife.

Biography of Louise Sabitova had not shown interest, if not for her acquaintance with the famous biathlete Shipulin. The girl herself admits that since their first meeting, her life changed dramatically.

History turning

Introducing Louise Sabitova and Anton Shipulin was not romantic. Being at another training camp, the guy watched the social network, and suddenly came across a page attractive girls from Tyumen. Between them correspondence was fastened, then it was communication via Skype and Viber.


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chipulina with the son

In a few months, Anton has arrived to Tyumen to personally meet with Louise. The girl is so captivated journalist that he firmly decided her not to leave.

The Young people spent the summer months together, and then Anton decided to introduce her with his family. The girl was welcomed with open arms, blessed the couple in love marriage.

But Shipulin was in no hurry to make an offer. Three years, Anton and Louise Sabitova met, living in a civil marriage. The guy took his beloved with him to training camp. For example, in Austria they spent six months.

Anton even taught Louise to ski. The social network got pictures with their workouts. Initially the girl went to coach Ivan Alypov and learned to ride in a classic style. After Sabitova know how to stand on skis, Louise undertook to train himself Shipulin. He taught her quite a difficult style “skate”.

Young people together spent a lot of time. In interviews they have repeatedly stated that a quiet holiday is not for them. They prefer the extreme, like when in the blood increases the adrenaline. Dream lovers – a trip to lake Baikal.

Proposal of marriage

Louise Sabitova and Anton Shipulin met 3 years, after which she announced that she was pregnant. The young man glowed with happiness, 've long dreamed about family and children.

The Proposal of marriage to Anton made a rather unusual. It happened in the theater "cinema Park". The young people came to the premiere of the film “the dawns here are quiet”. Before displaying a picture on the screen appeared different commercials, which succeeded each other.

Sabitova wedding

Suddenly, Louise saw Anton. On the screen showed footage of Amateur footage, photographs of lovers, it tells the story of their acquaintance. Sabitova knew nothing about the surprise so watched a mini-movie about himself and wept.

When the video ended, Anton entered the room with a huge bouquet of flowers, got down on his knee and made Louise an offer she gave his consent.

Elegant wedding

Wedding of Anton Shipulin and Louise Sabitova took place on 20 June 2015. This celebration was not much time, but the event was perfect.

The Young people decided to celebrate a wedding on the shore of lake Shartash. The ceremony took place on a floating platform, which was the couple and the Registrar.

The‘Island of love” was decorated with a beautiful arch of flowers. The Banquet was held in tents, which are also drowned in roses and orchids. The wedding was attended by many famous athletes, close friends of Anton. Led the ceremony the artists of the show «Ural dumplings”, so guests do not get bored.

The Honeymoon couple decided to move, because the next day after the wedding Anton flew to another meeting in Minsk.

Life after marriage

6 months after painting Louisa the Shipulina (Sabitova) was born. The boy was called Dimitri.

Shipulin does offer

In social networks from time to time there are interesting family pictures. They Shipulina look truly happy.

Many fans of the couple say that Anton and Louise are perfect for each other. They love outdoor activities, preferring free time to spend with health benefits.

We wish Anton Shipulin delighted their fans with new achievements in sport, and Louisa with son was always there with her beloved dad, supporting him in all undertakings.


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